Top Ten Foods To Help You Sleep


The Top Ten

1 Milk

Milk does help you sleep, but this is not a food. - TopTenJackson

Especially if it's warm

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2 Cottage Cheese
3 Cheese
4 Oatmeal

It's delicious! Brown sugar is good on it, but they won't help you sleep...

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5 Toast

My number one around-the-house food, whether for sleep or not

6 Turkey Sandwich
7 Banana

Bananas are well known to contain the sleep inducing ingredient, tryptophan. Same thing as turkey, and warm milk. They should all be a 3 way tie!

Yummy! But aren't bananas used by athletes to help prepare for a game?

8 Cherries

Oh My Gosh. Now I have an excuse to eat cherries thank you so much this is awesome.

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9 Cereal
10 Tea

Yum! It's great with MILK and honey.

The Contenders

11 Bread

Sort of like a lamer version of toast. Plus who eats just boring, lonely bread?

12 Turkey
13 Strawberries
14 Soup
15 Eggs
16 Herbal Tea

Chamomile with fennel really hits the spot before bed and is an extraordinarily useful way to conserve energy.

17 Candy
18 Pancakes
19 Watermelon
20 Rice
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