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21 Cauliflower

It feels so good to fart it's the best thing ever I do it 24/7 like I can do it any time I want the people in the school know me for farting a lot

Hands down, cauliflower can cause some of the worse gas. Funky!

I ate cauliflower and I farted a lot I went out with friends and they were all unhappy. I love farting, it feels good.

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22 Beef Stew

Why do my farts smell so bad? Oh yeah, two bowls of beef stew last night!

Have you seen Benchwarmers? If you have you understand why Beef Stew will make you rip!

Bet it smells like a third bowl ah

I also poop stew the next day - terrible!

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23 Peanut Butter

Ok this proves Peanut Butter will make you fart every min. and it is miserable. Anyway I had my friend sleepover and we are fans of Peanut butter so we ate probably the whole thing. Yet in the morning I felt like I was going to puke, my friend was suggesting ways to get rid of it yet couldn't talk because of the stench that filled the room. Then I farted and when I did I gaged at the stench then puked. Just because of the stench! It literally smelt like popcorn yet mixed with rotten eggs and a firecracker! I totally messed up that night!

We put peanut butter in biscuit to catch field mice in our house and wondered what the popping sound was! I bet it was the mice after they ate the peanut butter. I daren't eat the stuff - peanut butter toots are yuk!

The strange thing about peanut butter is that it's almost instantaneous. You eat, then you fart. PB never used to affect me, but now it's my go to if I want to cloud up a room.

I farted for 30 seconds. - Imyourstalker

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24 Sausage

Sausage gives me a serious dose of the old rumble guts. First I get a slow gurgling sensation which works its way south until it reaches my bum, it feels like its wet, heavy and toxic, and that's BEFORE it is birthed... When it seeps out, dear god it is awful, the heat generated is tremendous and the smell... Atrocious, worst of all is the humid feeling in my pants and the constant burning sensation around my ring - piece. I usually check my trousers in the mirror to look for damp spots and never wear khaki's or chinos just in case.
I think this is where they got the idea for napalm.

I love sausage rolls so much but I swear every time I eat them the next few days is appalling they are just loud heavy farts and the smell well my labourer has now decided to drive himself to work rather than me pick him up can someone recommend a non toxic sausage roll

Good Lord the British certainly know how to put words together. I vote this is the funniest one

Ah damn! I just slipped down the stairs and the sausages I brought fell out #cabbagesquad2016

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25 Chili

I own a cleaning service and one night I had to clean bathrooms at a restaurant after they closed. Since I knew it was going to be a late night I had dinner later in the evening and I had made veggie chili. When I do a job I work by myself. By the time I got to the restaurant the gas was starting. As I was cleaning the first stall I ripped a huge fart it stunk really bad. I pretty much tooted the whole time I was cleaning. And the toots smelled pretty much like what I ate and the smell lingered - Grossdude

I had chili for lunch before I went outside to saw some wood. I was working for a few minutes before it kicked in. My girl came out to see how I was doing. The first thing that happened was I felt a good belch coming up so I let it rip and then another belch came up and then it was all farts after that. And they smelled real bad! - Grossdude

A sorority wanted to find a guy who had the loudest and worst smelling farts so I went over for the contest. I had vegetarian chili so I could definitely win. I won easily so they used my butt one night. I ate a ton of it and all the new pledges had to see how long they could sniff my ass while I farted constantly and stink up the room. believe me most of the girls were so grossed out by how bad they stunk

I had nachos with chili on them and I've had farts and gas all evening. still tooting hours later. could be the beans in the chili

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26 Fruit

Satsumas - I can never just eat one which is probably the problem. Poop Poop goes mummy!

Apples and pears especially. has to do with the fiber and pectin in the fruits. I fart hardcore after eating apples. And would someone tell me why it is I have to fart more than usual when I'm at work?

I bet some fruits make you fart though.

Its not fruit ok fruits do not make you fart! 11 gosh

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28 Raisins

A big bowl of rasin bran, stew for a few hours, and let fly!

Raisins will definitely make you fart your ass off.

I've eaten raisins for the past few days... And oh my God!

Makes me rumble in class. been going on for half a year and I've just realised...

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29 Bell Peppers

I am banned from eating these in my house. Even my cat looks at me, pins her ears back, and runs for the back door. The smell wakes me and my husband from a dead sleep. No more. Ever.

The farts smell exactly like peppers.

I love raw bell peppers but when I eat to much, they totally make my fart smell just like a bell pepper lmao

i agree

30 Fiber One Bars

They had a special going at the store for a box of 48. I decided to try them and they were so good I ate 3. I think there could be a chance to turn my farts into rocket fuel because I not only felt I was going to take-off but my family made me take off out the door. The box disappeared mysteriously.

They taste like candy bars, but you will feel like your stomach will burst every 15 minutes!

I had fiber one bars and my butt was like a firecracker. Tasty yet you might want a different snack especially if your going somewhere public.

Friend ate an entire box of FOB's for lunch one day... Never. Again.

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31 Peas

I ate pea soup today... I think my husband will be sorry I did! Poor guy:/

I love pea soup! I made a large pot yesterday and ate a couple of yummy bowlfuls:) YUM! Anyway, I can't get to sleep right now because I am busy stinking up the bedroom.

Good Lord I don't remember pea soup causing farts like this before but I have been farting my head off. long rippers

Fried Peas as a snack make me fart, but not stinky, just very gassy!

Peas certainly don't make ME fart!

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32 Bean Burrito

Being a college student means you don't make the best dietary decisions. I was constipated and I thought having a couple of bean burritos would do the trick. I was wrong. It did give me gas and throughout the whole jazz band concert the bari sax wasn't the only thing making noise. While I was playing I could feel my tummy rumble and then feel the fart blast out and I could smell how bad it was. I continued playing and farting the entire time. My girlfriend was playing next to me. When I got home I was still farting like crazy and my girl was like seriously. - Grossdude

My girl made these for dinner last night, and soon as I started cleaning they kicked in. This is what she heard as I was cleaning the bathroom. Toot toot toot. She was like you have gas already?! Yeah I did and they smell! - Grossdude

Since my job now at college is to make a sororities pledges smell my farts I load up on taco bell bean burritos. last night a couple of sorority sisters asked me what qualifies as a good fart so being a guy I showed them. I was gassy so I rocked back, ripped a loud one and waved it towards my nose to see if it stinks. it did so I waved it their direction and they were pretty grossed out when the smell came their way

My girlfriend and I went out to dinner last night and it was all you can eat bean burritos at the local Mexican restaurant. I was starving so I chowed down. you probably know what happened next. I had gas and was farting up a storm. my farts stink when I don't eat beans and they were stinking big time. we were getting ready to go to sleep and I was still blasting them and my girlfriend was grossed out by how bad they stunk hours later

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33 Sour Patch Kids Sour Patch Kids

I can't stop farting

I agree! Those little children make me fart up a storm.

Same and it is silent but deadly in my case

1 small bag of these and my house smells like the great depression for the next 4 hours. It's almost instantaneous.

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34 Goldfish Crackers

When I eat goldfish, I can't stop... So excessive amounts of goldfish will you give you the worst smelling gas you have ever had.

One time I ate the hole bag and I farted so much every ware I went my pets left the room.

Goldfish = major farts the really stinky ones too!

Yes I experienced similar devastating gas

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35 Chocolate

My brother ate some chocolate and when it's bed time my brother farts like a machine gun.. The bathroom smelled like...

Hade some dark chocolate can't stop fart ing

I fart when I eat chocolate


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36 Stuffing With Sausage Meat

Stuffing makes me issue forth like a guilty dog. My girlfriend is threatening to have my bum removed.

Uh ohh christmas time is lethal

As soon as I've ate it, it's straight out the other end in gas form


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37 Pinto Beans and Yellow Hominy

Man I went to the buffet discovered hominy now its 2 am and blowing deadlyhorns what

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38 Salmon

I had salmon for dinner and the flatulence makes me question how something that's supposed to be healthy, can have such a violent effect on my insides. I think it's the omega 3 because I don't just get explosive flatulence from salmon but also from omega 3 or fish oil capsules. It smells bad but it's downright deadly in the shower.

I just ate salmon and I haven't farted.

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39 Beef Jerky

I'm surprised Jerkey doesn't rate higher, it is one of my "go to" foods when I need to seek revenge on someone. Results are fast, and never disappoint!

I am honestly not even able to stand my own farts after beef jerky

The good thing about it though is that your farts smells the same coming out as the jerky did going in...

Unfortunately that means that when I fart my mouth starts to water...

Macho Man busts in and says Oh Yeah here's the SlimJims

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40 Pickles

I noticed that I farted much less when I stopped eating pickles

My mom always has the worst farts after eating pickles at the movie theatre

I fart in bed with my wife after eating pickles

Find it funny that when I have an argument a pickle always seems The need to get involved
🍵 #cabbagesquad2016

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