Foods That Make You Fart

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41 Lemon Tea

It makes you full and you have to let it out

Uhh yeah, once I had diahoreah on my scout captain whilst drinking lemon tea

42 Beer

Any kind of beer will give you the farts... Must have something to do with the fizz... My personal pick would be a nice strong lager or dark ale... Can make for some really stinky ones too especially next morning!

Never fart in the shower after a big night on Guinness. Nearly gassed myself!

Agree with the previous comments, I find Big Rock McNalleys Ale really revs me up

43 Fried Dumplings

Run for it! The stench it is definitely unbearable

44 Apples

These juicy little gas bombs make me bloat and then I'm ripping unholy butt-thunder in to my poor, poor car seat on my way to work.

Ate a apple, can stop farting now.

When I ate two apples I farted for whole two weeks


45 Bologna

Dunno what it is, but if I eat bologna sandwiches for lunch, folks are gagging all around me within the hour

I'm farting just reading this!

Yeah! Good old red bull

Love the stuff, even though I know what will happen

46 Cranberry

Drank half a carton of pure cranberry juice and sulphur smell is terrible

Drank half a quart of cranberry juice and I'm stinking the place up

Ate a whole bag of dried cranberries and farted when skyping My boy friend

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47 Prunes

Worst gas producing food for me for sure!

My dad farts a lot like 10 times or more a day after eating prunes.

48 Vimto
49 Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake give me the world's worst farting ration the world like so bad like all the wetness and or things like sharking. - Teddy101

50 Yogurt

It starts straight after until it's left my body completely

All milk products make me fart

I fart at least 2 times if I eat yogurt

51 Pork

If I eat roast pork I am farting before Mom even clears the table. It's such great family fun.

Yes it is pork for me too! We had chilli pork on rice and wow wee every 5 minutes rotten loud lengthy farts! Lucky everyone is asleep!

Pork is bad. Especially spare ribs!

52 Spring Mix Lettuce

Love it eat it a lot, but man-it just makes me do those silent farts that are hot & reek! I mean, it's beyond offensive & it's not even the kind you can hold in. I feel bad for people sitting behind me on the train.

I just cleared the bedroom of my girlfriend and daughter with the nastiest streak of rippers from a tasty spring mix and seared chicken salad. It was tops and now I have the bed to my stank self.

Farts on the train or bus are the best!

53 Canned Tuna

It makes my wife fart and they smell lol

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54 Lamb

Every time I eat it I can fart for England and they always smell like dog food! Yum!

Wind for days and my burps snell worse than my farts

Why not any other country? Every country farts!

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55 Bacon

Bacon always adds a nice bouquet

I noticed after a certain meal I often have that I am gassy the whole day after. Today, after having four strips of bacon for breakfast this morning, I found that it was not the potatoes and eggs as I thought (although they likely contribute) but the bacon. I have had frequent, audible, smelly farts. This is a horrible combination.

I do not know why but every time I have bacon even 1 piece it rips my gut up like something is trying to chew its way out and gives me very bad gas that smells.. And for a lady this is not cool.

Me and bacon are best frenemies

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56 Wendy's Chocolate Frosty

After I have a frosty, I become a fart rocket!

Am I the only one who believes they are king when it comes to flatulence?

Order not for taste, but for hours of stupendous flatulence filled fun.

One of the worst offenders.

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57 Green Peppers

The worst farts as far as I am concerned. Thank goodness I don't mind the stink of my own farts. In fact, I kind of like it.

Every time I have peppers in my dinner I fart all nite long

Me to every time I eat green pepers I fart a lot

The guy that said "Me to every time I eat green peppers I fart a lot" Should have put a double "O" on the "To"
-Grammar Critic

58 Fries Fries French fries are served hot, either soft or crispy, and are generally eaten as part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack, and they commonly appear on the menus of fast food restaurants. Fries in America are generally salted and are often served with ketchup; in many countries they are topped more.

Today me and my family went to TGI Friday and I ate some fries. Man when I got home I was running straight to my room and locked the door after I finished farting I couldn't breath

Cause e of smelly farts. Personal experience

All fast food chips/fries are a no for me
...even just 2/3 sticks and everybody's nostrils are done for! Never used to be a problem then suddenly it's run for your lives. I whittle it down to potatoes...but why me :(

59 Ice Cream

Nothing says "I love you" like warming up the bed And blankets on a cold winter's night for the wife... Just grab a late night bowl of some full dairy ice cream and you will have all the fuel you need to heat up that dutch oven!

"Geez every time I eat this something smells horrible through my butthole"

A bowl a day keeps the wife away! Lol.

Ice cream make me fart bad.

60 Iced Tea

Weird... I too fart too after drinking Lipton. I got here by searching "Why does Lipton Iced tea make me fart"

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