Foods That Make You Fart

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61 Reese's Pieces

I let out a 20 second fart after eating a king size bag of these.

I love Reese's pieces but they don't make me fart

62 Coke

I drink coke before I play a football game. Perfect for a caffeine buzz but when you're blocking another player and you get hit in the stomach you're going to belch really loud. I play fullback and the only job I have is to be a blocking back and believe me I belch several times a game - Grossdude

Gymnast- I recommend not drinking coke before you vault, because when you hit the board it's hard to hold it in.

This make me burp more than what they make me fart, but none the less, it makes me fart

Duh! Coke IS a soda. :(

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63 Mountain Dew

It doesn't make me fart but gives me the burps. Don't chug it before a game. Imagine playing fullback in a football game whIle blocking players while you had a case of the burps. It also gave me a really bad case of the hiccups the whole game. As I was blocking all everyone heard the entire game was my hiccups then a big burp as I was throwing my blocks - Grossdude

Love the stuff. It hates me though. Add pizza to the mix and I am emitting biological warfare of the WORST kind for 4-6 hours straight.

I always drink Mountain Dew and I fart so much I have to go to my room and lock the Door until it doesn't smell anymore

Every sip every fart

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64 Stuffing

Why does stuffing make your tummy feel so bad shame cause I love it.

Thyme and lemon stuffing is the worst, especially with chicken - the gas is really bad!

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65 Nuts

Nuts and seeds! Even popcorn, I guess because it's because kernels are seeds. :'(

Man those knots make my butt go nuts man it's like farting up a storm y'all - Teddy101

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66 Skittles

I once at a skittle then farted the RaInBoW

Lol farting site

They once made me burp before - MeaganSaysHI

OK, person who burped once, that's very nice, but did you happen to notice that this is a farting site, NOT a burping site?

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67 Burrito
68 Lentils

Whenever I eat lentils I end up on a farting frenzy for the next half hour! It's super stinky too and one was even more than a fart! That was a butt explosion that sprayed does it happen to all or is it just disagreeing with me?

My wife made Dahl and I had the worst farts. Totally uncontrollable. The kind with a stench that lingers in the room. I crop dusted my mother in law who is quite the proper lady and it was so bad that I had blame the baby. She knew though because the reeking farts lasted two days. Dutch oven hell for my wife. It was so bad I was even grossed out☺️

69 Oatmeal V 1 Comment
70 Potato Sticks

As in French Fries?

It is good foods

71 Cheesecake

I love cheesecake but the bad thing is it always make you fart

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72 Corn Chowder

When my marriage was on the rocks and the ex-wife and I got into some heated arguments I shared a secret out of my hoilishment. I started eating corn chowder at work and summoning up the illest smelling farts you could imagine. I'd come home and as she started nagging I started ripping tailfeathers. She got teary eyed after a half dozen and stopped her complaining. My farts may not have ended the marriage but they made the house smell indefinitely and I finally got rid of that wench. I super love my corn chowder farts.

73 Asparagus V 3 Comments
74 Oranges

Actually, I don't fart will eating these. Looks like you're the odd person, since nobody else commented yet. :(

So much farting don't eat these

I fart from these I think

75 Grapes

Every time I eat them it makes me fart!

I ate a whole basket and I have been vigurously holding it in for the past 6 hours, infront of my boyfriend. Kill me now.

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76 Pancakes

I ate pancakes for breakfast and all through the day I was farting up a storm!

77 Spam
78 Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears

My boy friend and I eat gummie bears all the time and we both are expressing it with farts!

79 Stuffed Clams

My sister ate this last night, I couldn't sleep

I farted so much that I flew across the room. - Pie-Running

80 Chicken Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.

Ugh after this chicken I couldn't stop farting my grandparents. Told me to leave the room!

A chicken a day hey no fart in my way

Chicken always makes me blow!

Any way chicken is cooked has my husband and daughter doing machine gun farts. Sooo loud and sooo smelly

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