Foods That Make You Fart

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81 Chicken Chicken The chicken is a type of domesticated fowl, a subspecies of the red junglefowl. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals, with a population of more than 19 billion as of 2011.

Ugh after this chicken I couldn't stop farting my grandparents. Told me to leave the room!

A chicken a day hey no fart in my way

Chicken always makes me blow!

Any way chicken is cooked has my husband and daughter doing machine gun farts. Sooo loud and sooo smelly

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82 Hot Sauce

Ring of fire!
Spicy foods lead to spicy farts!
Especially if that's all youve eaten

83 Sugar free gum
84 Sprite V 1 Comment
85 Goat Cheese

Had goat cheese today for the first time and farted for hours. I normally eat cheese now and than, in a moderate consumption rate and have not experienced such a reaction. I find low quality cheese or large portions cause gas, I don't believe this goat was low quality.

86 Coffee

I drink black coffee and I find I can't stop afterwards... I stand in front of the fan at work and watch peoples faces as they walk through :P

Coffee and, more so, cigarettes is the deadly combination that my wife likes to use to crank out a few, what she likes to call, 'smeller girls' into my otherwise unprotected nostril cavities. It's the whole sucking air in at one end and squeezing it out at the other that makes it such a deadly combination. Kind of like a deadly, air intake manifold, or something.

Tastes good but gives you gas

I had an ice cafe that I made and after I drank it I started farting so much, I knew it wasent the milk it was the coffee

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87 Blueberries

Little blue bitches

88 Okra
89 Split Pea Soup

About as good as it gets if you want to rip farts all day long

90 Coleslaw

Don't give me farts, but anyhow I don't like coleslaw.

91 Chips

Too much chips and you'll be farting

All fast food chips incl homemade ones are a no for me
...even just 2/3 sticks and everybody's nostrils are done for! Never used to be a problem then suddenly it's run for your lives. I whittle it down to potatoes...why me :(

92 Kale
93 Water

This makes no since

I fart when I drink water

94 Coca-Cola

Nope but this kinda makes me burp or hiccup but I can do it very quiet and privately or not at all - lol2016

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95 Sugar

You'll probably end up getting cancer if you eat too much sugar.

I love sugar, can't go a day without all the types of sugar. I am always proofin gas

I have been farting a lot last few weeks wich isn't like me, just came across this page wondering why I was farting a lot and it's chocolate.. Must be because iv been pigging out on the stuff lately. No more choccy for me ha

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96 Waffles
97 Lay's Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips

Made all four of us fart after eating them. Five year old said they made her booty hurt. Made mine hurt the next morning too.

98 White Bread

Every time I eat white bread I'm gassy. And two weeks ago I ate white bread and I farted so bad I was even kicked out of the bathroom. Love the taste hate they way it makes you toot

Apparently due to Chorely quick bake method, rather than traditional methods

99 Jell-O
100 Sweet Potato

I ate 10 sweet potatoes and probably gave my wife 50 dutch ovens

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