Foods That Make You Fart

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101 Sweet Potato

I ate 10 sweet potatoes and probably gave my wife 50 dutch ovens

102 Rice

I find eating a good amount of rice makes me release up to 10 to 15 mins worth of gas.

103 Cranberries

I love cranberries! One time I was in a class room taking a test, then boom! It was silent until then. This one kid looked at me then I shrugged my shoulders and looked the other direction. Extremely embarassing! 😬

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104 Popcorn
105 Mac and Cheese

This does not make me fart

I say *barf* - Cobra-Kraken

106 Pickled Ramps
107 Green Juice Smoothie
108 Pizza Rolls

Because when I eat them I couldn't stop farting

109 Lollypops

Man the lollipops with my mommy wanted to do whatever's think she's going to die. - Teddy101

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110 Jerk Pork
111 Apple Strudel

It is so delicious, but you have to fart after it

112 Garlic Bread

I ate garlic It was like a gun

113 Snapple Peach Tea

Man I'm farting like crazy

114 Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs bought from supermarkets the extra air inside from where the pork is made round creates extra gas in your stomach.

115 Bread
116 Molasses

My dad used to always eat a few tablespoons full of molasses and a couple of hardboiled eggs whenever he wanted to make his wife leave for the night. The combo was so awful, it really would send her packing... :O

117 Shawarma

Not sure if it is the garlic sauce or something else in shawarma, but I get mad gas after eating them. Still delicious doe

118 Dried Apricots V 1 Comment
119 Frozen Yogurt
120 Avocado V 1 Comment
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