Refried Beans


I ate my leftover refried beans for dinner last night. Just that nothing else. A few minutes later I started hearing gassy rumbles in my tummy then I ripped a loud fart. It was the start of many farts that night. I was farting up a storm while cleaning the bathroom. My girlfriend was sitting in the family room yelling heard that one and then saying I smelled that. She was coughing a lot from the smell of my farts. She has said she never dated anyone whose farts have smelled worse than mine.

After a day of classes at college, my girlfriend and I went out for dinner for a date night. We had a great meal at a local Mexican restaurant. When we got back to our room being a musician I started praticing on my instrument. As I was playing I could hear my tummy rumble and then I hear my ass rip a huge fart. My girl walked in and she was hit by the fart cloud and her face wrinkled at the smell. It wasn't the only monster one I ripped. When I finished one of my songs she was like you have gas don't you. I told her what I ate did give me gas. I have gas issues and having a big butt for a guy that's going to happen a lot. I'm going to have really big farts when I have to toot

Last night was another toot night at the sorority for me. So I loaded up on gassy refried beans, put on a pair of very colorful yoga pants and headed over so a bunch of pledges could sniff my butt all night. I was hoping that all the farts stunk so bad that they were coughing from the smell. I pass all kinds. Loud long ones, juicy ones and some where the stink lingers for a while. I would say the loud long ones and the stinky ones are my favorite type of fart to make.

My girlfriend went out last night for a girls night out of eating and hitting a couple of bars near our college campus. I heard her come in pretty late because I could her hiccuping happily. As she crawled into bed she let out a huge fart and it smelled like what she ate and beer. She was like I have hiccups and gas. I was like it's alright babe. So all night she spent hiccuping and farting in her sleep. Her big ass did stink pretty bad from the gas she was passing

I had baked beans for lunch and then went out to dinner and had refried beans with my meal. I was gassy after lunch and what I ate for dinner made me a toot machine. All night I was farting up a storm. I went to a sorority and my farts were smelling so bad that the sisters were like just to torture them we want you to fart in their face. So one by one they put their nose by my butt crack and got farts blasted in their face by me

My girl went out partying and out to eat with her friends. She came back later drunk and gassy. She said she drank a lot of beer and then ate Mexican food and she hadn't farted at all while out. So she was like my huge ass will be stinking all day. She crawled into bed and soon fell asleep. I was rubbing her belly when I hear it rumble and then a really long loud fart came out and it stunk really bad. It was one of many stinky blasts from her bug butt

I just finished a nice Mexican meal with my girlfriend and now I'm starting to get have gas from what I ate. I was in a store and I just let a big one rip and I think people walking down the aisle we're in are about to walk into my fart cloud and it's going to stink. And my gas issues are just starting. I'm going to be farting for a while and there's a good chance they are going to smell like what I ate.

My girl and I own a bathroom cleaning service. We had a mexican food before we went to clean bathrooms at a restaurant after they closed. The food gave us both gas but my girlfriend had it worse. I was looking at her big ass in tight pants jiggle as she was scrubbing a toilet and then the next thing I hear is a huge fart come from her. It started a series of monster farts that stunk that came from her huge booty

The worst smelling farts a human could produce. I try to get vegeterian refried they don't make me pass gas, it's the traditional refried that do it. I just blew one out I can't take the smell myself I mean the vapor trail is hot and smells intoxicating.. broccoli gets me also but not as bad..

Every time I eat Mexican food and I pick refried beans it's guaranteed that I am going to have gas the rest of the day.. I don't mind because my butt is used by a sorority to fart in the pledges faces. That's part of their hazing initiaton. They place their nose right on my butt and I blast my stink right in their face and most of them cough and gag because the farts smell really bad. I'm a guy so it's a badge of honor. I always wave them up to my nose after I fart to make sure they stink.

I had Mexican food before my jazz band concert and it didn't take long for the gas to start. I started rumbling while warming up for the concert and by the time it was to start there was music coming out from both ends. The big difference was that everyone could smell my butt music because it reeked so bad

Before the basketball game yesterday I grabbed some lunch. Obviously I ate at the Mexican restaurant. So me and the band are warming up and as I'm playing I feel my tummy rumbling and then I feel this really big fart leave my butt. It did stink and everyone looked at me like you farted. That was only the first one. There was a lot more during the game. Not only did I have gas but performing at a women's game made my dick hard for almost the entire game

Being a band geek with a farting problem has it perks. I had Mexican food and I picked a vegetarian platter and refried beans. I knew that combo would have me farting pretty quickly. So I'm playing uptown funk on my bari sax and I could smell some uptown funk coming out of my ass. Everyone around me was like dude your farts stink. And I had to poop the whole game. So the farts going through the poop in my colon made them even louder and more stinky

The Mexican I ate last night didn't agree with my tummy and I had horrible gas all night. Mexican food makes me gassy anyway but all night I was burping and farting. Several times I farted really loud in bed and ended up rolling into my own fart cloud and they really stunk

So my girlfriend and I were at the mall and we had some lunch. We were walking around and I told her I have gas. She was like burps? I told her it was the other type so she just rolls her eyes and was like so everyone will be smelling what you ate as it passes out your butt. All the guys in my family have gas problems. When we fart they're always loud and they smell. We were there so long that we ate there twice. So I had gas from the cheesesteak and onion rings I had for lunch and the Mexican we had for dinner. So everyone there smelled my cheesesteak gas and my Mexican food gas.

I had refried beans yesterday for lunch and dinner. The goal was to see if I could have gas all day. It worked so every time I farted I recorded it. So my phone has videos of the sounds of my farts for the day. So when I want to hear my really loud farts I just play the videos

It's going to be football season in a few months and I'm going to do the same thing I always do. Eat refried beans before the game so as I'm blocking someone I'll be farting up a storm. I'm a fullback but in my career I have no carries or catches. I just block and rip smelly farts and I'm good with that.

My girl and I are cleaning bathrooms right now at a restaurant and the refried beans gas has kicked in for her. I can hear her farting a couple of stalls away. My phone is videotaping her big ass as she farts as she's scrubbing the toilet. I can smell them and they are raunchy

I just ate a veggie burrito and a double order of refried beans so I could fart on purpose as I walk around the mall. The gas has started rumbling and I'm about to let one rip. It's gonna stink. Lunch also gave me the hiccups so I'm going to be hiccuping and farting all day

Being a guy in college it's ok to doing things to embarrass your girlfriend lol. We were at the mall and we ate at our favorite Mexican place. I'm trying to eat healthier so I got a vegetarian platter. With all those veggies you probably know what happened. After a few minutes I started having gas and when we in a store I had to fart so I let out a huge fart. I saw people looking around trying to find out where it came from then the smell started to go through the store. So yhe the afternoon was filled with the sound and smell of farts.

My girl and I went to a Mexican restaurant near where we go to college yesterday. When we got back I started having gas while I was playing my bari sax for her. We were bored so I was practicing and giving her a concert from both ends. Music was coming from the saxophone and my ass. My ass music did stink pretty bad yesterday. But hey when they stink it's a badge of honor for me.

I've loaded up on refried beans and have started farting already. I'll be farting all day and I'll be the dude wearing a ski cap and long hair sitting in the pep band playing and stinking up the area with my gas

Refried beans and fried eggs for breakfast is not a good idea, my parents made me leave the living room before I made the whole room smell.

My girl went out partying and out to eat with her home girls. Later that night she came home drunk and announced she had gas. She had drank beer and after the party they went and ate really bad Mexican food and she

I ate a couple of helpings of refried beans yesterday and it gave me gas all day. I was a tooting machine. I spent the whole day farting and every time I farted I would check to see if it smells then I would wave it towards my girlfriend so she could get a whiff of it. she was pretty grossed out because most of them stunk.