Top Ten Foods That Seem Healthy But Aren't

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1 Fat free dairy

Those fats are actually healthy but are removed replaced with a bunch of sugar and chemicals that's worse go for full fat dairy

Thank goodness because fat-free dairy is disgusting. Or... Less disgusting. I'm not a fan of milk in general.

2 Diet soda

They take out sugar replace it with artificial sweeteners that's even worse than refined sugar and can cause confusing sugar reactions that cause diabetes use regular soda instead or no soda

What are you talking about? It is obvious why would you think it's healthy

3 Fruit juice

Most aren't even made from real fruit even ones with fruit barely have any nutritional value juice your own foods at home

Only drink it in moderation and don't always rely on it.

Most of the time they just have added sugar

My life is a lie!

4 Protein bars

They are just candy with protein supplements just make DIY protein bars at home

There's sugar in it

5 Veggie patties

Most of them are processed make a black bean patties its has good protein and tastes awesome

6 Reduced fat peanut butter

The fats in peanut butter can reduce your risk of heart diseases reduced fat and regular have roughly the same calories because the good fats are replaced with bad sugar use all natural peanut butter

7 Subway subs

They advertise them as healthy, but they really aren't

8 Sports drinks

Sports drinks. Either there's too much sugar for your body to remain in healthy workout condition, or too little for you to make use of the energy.

There not good they are processed and have stupid sugar in them use some natural water

9 Sushi

First its high in calories even worse it has parasites because its raw unless the parasite is killed parasites can cause really bad damage use cooked fish its full of protein

The rice has sugar in it

It actually is healthy

10 Smoothies

They mostly aren't natural make one at home without sugar most have added sugar in the drink

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11 Multi grain bread

Seems like a lot of healthy grains but all of them are refined

12 Breakfast cereal
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