Top Ten Foods That Want to Make You Throw Up


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1 Spinach

What... I love spinach - benhos

Spinach is actually great in salads and sandwiches

How is spinach on the top?! It is so good especially on sandwiches! - Tiptron

I love spinach dipped in ranch but not plain yuck! - Derp_88

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2 Brussel Sprouts

My grandpa wanted me to try one of these stupid greens balls of death at Thanksgiving and I tried it and almost threw up - Derp_88

Brussel Sprouts should be illegal everywhere in the world. - RickyReeves

Brussel sprouts aren't that bad with vinegar and salt.


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3 Coconut

I never liked coconuts. Also their smell is not nice and it just wanna make you throw up

You must have drank some sort of spoiled one because Coconuts are delicious.
Coconut milk
And the white nuts inside (If you break the coconut. )
So delicious but don't eat all at the same time
That can make you throw up.

You must have bad coconut experiences. Try coconut chips. Then you may change your mind.

I like coconuts. Maybe you ate a spoiled one?

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4 Asparagus

You are right about this one

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5 Peanut Butter

I hate the smell and taste of peanut butter so much but so many people love peanut butter - Ajkloth

I love peanut butter! I don't like straight peanuts too much but this stuff is the best

I only like peanuts with the butter nasty


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6 Creamed Corn
7 Prune Juice

Sorry to say, but it's so disgusting! - BettyBoopFan58

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8 Mushrooms

Just the texture. Either slimy or paper that never absorbs water. First hand I did throw up

Oh yeah! But almost everything in the top ten are awesome. What is wrong with you guys!?!? - istooduptoabully

Mushrooms are disgusting. They smell bad. They look gross

They make me...(throwing up) - SamuiNeko

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9 Squash Soup

This soup is so nasty why it smells bad

10 Limburger Cheese

To be honest all cheese, I HATE. My least favourite food, I'd be more willing to eat a cooked bug than a block of cheese again (and I'm not exaggerating, I'm serious! ). I hate all types of cheese including this one. Even ate a cheese flavoured biscuit and threw up...

Fudge u cheese is good. - Extractinator04

I hate cheese, any kind of cheese. How can you eat somthing that looks like a booger and smells like puke

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11 Fruitcake
12 Yams

THEY'RE GOOD. - Extractinator04

13 Beets
14 Peanut Butter Cookies

What you talking bout, these is dang yummy

I think peanut butter cookies are delicious.

But they're cookies!

15 Pecan Pie

I have an aunt who makes this very good. It depends on where you get it from!

16 Green Bean Casserole
17 Green Peppers
18 Pork

It has little worms in its even when it is cooked

You can get tapeworms from pork. - Haumea

19 Cooked Carrots
20 Cheesecake

I hate it but to be honest, I hate it only because of the cheese... The texture and the airy and puffy feel in your mouth is angelic.

I love cheesecake. Cheesecake is my favorite type of cake.

I love cheesecake!

GTFO cheesecake is better than you! - Extractinator04

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