Top Ten Foods With the Worst Flavor


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1 Mushrooms

Don't hate me but I love mushrooms. They taste good actually. - cosmo

Mushrooms are lovely. Don't understand you people!

Mushrooms are the bad one. Peppers are 1,000,000 times better than stupid and gross Mushrooms. - TopTenJackson

But...mushrooms? yum yum? - Mariomaster63

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2 Peppers

Normally, I wouldn't try a pepper because they are spicy, but I will do it for a dare. - Pegasister12

How is Peppers bad? It's a great topping for pizza! - TopTenJackson

Peppers are delicious. I disagree

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3 Onions

Raw onions right? Because eithee cooked onions, onions in dishes, or even slightly burnt onion taste GREAT! But raw onions are a big no-no.

Cooked onions are great, but not raw onions. Raw onions make you cry and they smell bad and make your breath smell bad as well - DogeFan132

They also make your breath smell really bad - Ajkloth

Onions should be 1st they taste terrible raw

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4 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes taste great with butter and cinnamon - AaronCoolness

Nasty little things - CameronBinder

If you have never tried this, then don't do it in the future neither! :S

Sweet Potatos are Good

5 Beets

Why would you hate beets? - Kiteretsunu

Cause they taste bad

Beets are so nasty.

6 Cabbage

I hate cabbages because they taste like crap

Wow.. just.. "It smells like fart"

It smells like fart

7 Brussels Sprouts

I love it in fact I love all vegetables its healthy and good just give it a try

These nasty little cabbages bring an instant downer to Christmas

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8 Bananas

Bananas are great! Until they get brown spots

Good! Put it higher now! - RockStarr

I hate them. I literally hate them. - Kiteretsunu


9 Sprouts
10 Cow Tongue

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? Hot Dog Hot Dog A hot dog is a cooked sausage, traditionally grilled or steamed and served in a sliced bun as a sandwich.

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11 Broccoli

Warm it up, add butter, and they are fine

Eat it with water in your mouth. It will taste better

12 Salami
13 Salad

I actually enjoy eating salad. - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

I Don't see how people don't like salad

14 Cheese

I love cheese :( - SamuiNeko

15 Butter
16 Bacon-Flavored Milk
17 Liver
18 Tofu

Everyone in my family eats it but me,it tastes so weird X( - SamuiNeko

I like tofu. - mayamanga

19 Coconut Oil
20 Eggplant

It tastes sooo disgusting
I never knew that people don't like butter!

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21 Kidneys
22 Oranges
23 Peas

Peas are terrible! I actually like salad (depending on what it's made of), butter (at least with other foods), mushrooms, onions, peppers, and broccoli is awesome!

24 Caviar
25 Mayonnaise
26 Cockle
27 Tomatoes

I hate these except in sauce form - PianoQueen

28 Pepperoni
29 Carrots Carrots
30 Pears
31 Ant Larvae

Who put this on here? Lol. In some countries, these are a delicacy.. - MusicalPony

32 Stevia
33 Kale
34 Anchovies
35 Balut
36 Peanut Butter

I'm deathly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, so I can't have this. - mayamanga

Peanut butter is disgusting! Even the smell is enough to make me gag!

37 Durian
38 Mare's Milk
39 Celery
40 Tuna
41 Beans

Beans are so gas industry and nasty

42 Rice Cakes

There pointless. They are stupid and I hope that they all die

43 Sweet Corn
44 Mashed Potatoes

Hey they taste great expecially with cheese! - Chaotixhero

45 Seaweed

I like dried seaweed - mayamanga

46 Syrup

But but...I love Syrup on my waffles. - Chaotixhero

47 Frog Legs
48 Brain
49 Pig Feet
50 Pig Snouts
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