Top Ten Foods You Either Love or Hate

There's those foods which you either love or you hate. There's no in between it almost seems. You don't hear somebody saying that Marmite is just okay. That is a thing you never hear.

The Top Ten Foods You Either Love or Hate

1 Marmite

There's an old British saying we have around. Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. This isn't far from the truth. Marmite is an good example of an acquired taste, in other words some British people like it but the rest don't and it's unlikely for foreigners to like it either. - Cazaam

I adore this stuff, and I find it hard to imagine someone who wouldn't. But this is allegedly the case. - PositronWildhawk

I'm an average American... But I love me Some Marmite!

No... just no

2 Olive

Olives are something which you'll almost never hear somebody say "eh it's alright..." Most likely they will be spat out in an instant but there is that minority of people which seem to love the combination of oil, bitterness and saltiness.
I've never tried olives but it would be pretty safe to say I hate them as I'm more of a sweet tooth. - Cazaam

Damn, I love olives! When I hear the combination of bitterness and oil, I would decline it, but something about olives gets me. - PeterG99

Olives are my least favorite food, but I know so many people who love them. I've heard a few people claim they don't taste like anything... which is crazy.

I really hate the taste of olives (though love olive oil) while other members of my family love it

3 Licorice

Some people can't seem to get enough of it, others like me just want to stay away as far as we can. - Cazaam

All or nothing wife loves it I hate it

Saltier the better

This only applies to black licorice. Also, this is a spot on list! Great job Cazaam!

4 Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese lover are stupid,dumb,and have a problem in their heads.Blue cheese is obviously just Molded Cheese

It's literally mouldy cheese. That's the short answer. The longer answer is it's a specific type of mould called Penicillium which give this classification of cheese its distinctive blue spores. Only people who are used to it will like it, most others will hate it. - Cazaam

It's good if its on a salad or ate with buffalo wings. If we're talking eating it alone, you may as well eat a package of crayons. - BlackMetalHoundoom

Blue cheese is disgustingly gross. Gag!

5 Anchovy

Most people see and smell disgusting fish. There is a few though who seem to view it as a delicacy though. - Cazaam

I love how salty and sometimes vinegary anchovies are

6 Mayonnaise

Just about all the people I know seem to love mayo. I'm the odd one out, I can't stand it. - Cazaam

If you makes it feel better, half the people I know of hates mayonnaise and I am American. You probably come from a place where people like it more - DrayTopTens

I want to like it, but its either you can or you can't

Yup, love or hate. Just below mushrooms%

Mayo taste gross! My sister and brother make something called metchup which is ketchup and MAYO which is DISGUSTING!

7 Marzipan

The first one on the list I actually like. As I said before I'm a hell of a sweet tooth so I suggest if you're not into sweet stuff, you won't like it. Still I wouldn't eat too much because it can be incredibly sickly. - Cazaam

8 Green Pepper

I could eat a green pepper like an apple; red and yellow are the inferior peppers.

Red peppers are nice and sweet, green are not. Because of this, I hate green peppers. Not that I know anybody who loves them, it's more of a like it or hate it. Close enough I guess? - Cazaam

Oddly, I like Green Peppers more than Red Peppers. - Kiteretsunu

I personally like Green Peppers more than Red or Yellow. - benhos

9 Brussels Sprouts

I know. Half of the people I know love them so much and the other half think they are absolutely putrid.

10 Coleslaw

I hate it but some people love it

The Contenders

11 Habanero
12 Curry

I tried curry and not to be racist but it smelled and tasted horrible.

Depends on what type of curry.

I want to try it - blackflower

13 Noodles

I just love it! I don't think I've ever come across a person who hates noodles. - Kiteretsunu

No way I'm hating noodles, I really love it!

I love them, but my dad absolutely hates them

14 Prawn

Some people like this. I don't see how they could it's awful.

15 Raw oyster

Never tried it myself but looking around the internet I can tell that people mainly hate them with a few lovers here and there. - Cazaam

16 Guacamole

I love it but some people call it the devil's vomit

17 Durian

The most rancid smelling fruit in the world. However the people who live around them can seem to not only get near them but also eat them. How? - Cazaam

I don't like the smell of Durian fruit, but my mother sure does like to eat them. Specifically in the form of wafer bars(yes, there are such things as Durian fruit wafer bars). - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 Hawaiian Pizza

This is SUPER good! It creates a variety of flavor in your mouth! - 0w0uwu

Only the greatest pizza flavour ever, but too many people these days hate it...


19 Cockle
20 Macaroni and Cheese

No I disagree. Everybody loves Mac and cheese expect for me. I am the only one living in the world who hates it. - DrayTopTens

I know a lot of people like this food, but all of my friends get surprised when I say I hate Macaroni and cheese

Mac is awesome so awesome I want to stuff my face in it.

This is good, too. Cheese...

21 Avocado

Love it

22 Candy Corn Candy corn is a candy most often found in the United States and Canada, popular primarily around Halloween.

It's good ;3 - 0w0uwu

I like it - blackflower

23 Sweet Potato
24 Onion

Only cooked - blackflower

25 Pineapple

Yum - blackflower

26 Celery

Personally I dislike celery but I know a lot of my other friends LOVE it. I think celery is another love or hate food.

27 Jacket Potato
28 Yam
29 Vinegar Crisps
30 Wasabi
31 Mushroom

Loving it, can't understand why my sis hate this lovely softness specie. ' Why people eat fungi, for goodness sake It's fungi! ' she went, but it's full of nutrient and the the texture... just melt in your mouth. Will keep eating it, especially when my sis comes round for dinner.

32 Coffee

Coffee tastes gross to me. Only rarely is it good. Starbucks mocha I enjoy but I'm not sure if it's coffee or not. - 0w0uwu

I hate coffee

I love coffee and can't survive a day without it!
Please try coffee! Don't be scared

33 Pickles
34 Salmiakki

I (and most of us Finns) absolutely love it, but everyone else just nearly vomits when they eat this. >_<

35 Raisins
36 Chips and Curry Sauce

I personally love this, a lot of people dislike this too. Share your opinions!

37 Tomatoes
38 Rice cakes

They are absolutely the best food ever!

Jk they are disgusting

39 Tea
40 Eggs
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