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121 Parviz Booroomand
122 Marc-André ter Stegen

He is very good and starts on my favorite team... Barcelona and plays with Germany one of the best teams in the world right know

He is the best youth goalkeeper ever born. People say Thibaut Courtois is the best youth goalkeeper but he is not the player the best player is Marc-Andre' Ter Stegen nobody can can take triumph goalkeeping with him in youth not even Thibaut Curtois

He is young, talented goalkeeper. He will rise soon

This guy is SO underrated. Basically, this guy's a BEAST!

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123 Amer Shafia

Great versatile goalkeeper known mostly to AFC and after his resilience in the qualifiers. Definitely best goalkeeper in Asia.

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124 David Marshall

18 clean sheets last season.

125 Helmuth Duckadam

Undefeated for 104 matches thanks to him.

126 Diego López Rodríguez
127 Frank Swift
128 Jung Sung Ryong
129 Andoni Zubizarreta
130 Costel Pantilimon

He is a kind of a good keeper

He is kind of a good keeper

131 Simon Mignolet Simon Mignolet Simon Luc Hildebert Mignolet is a Belgian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Liverpool and the Belgium national team.

Up Liverpool with SIMON! !

132 Farizal Marlias
133 Raïs M'Bolhi
134 Roman Weidenfeller
135 Ivo Viktor
136 František Plánička
137 Lukas Fabianski V 1 Comment
138 Ben Amos
139 Hans van Breukelen

Keeper of the 1988 champions leaguewinners (PSV) and European cup winners (the Netherlands). He was a great keeper.

140 Brad Leno
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