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1 34

Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell, and Walter Payton. Thurmon Thomas (college) - waterboy51

Lets not forget about shaq who had the Jersey number

Best out of west


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2 80

Because rice is baller you all should know that

What about Cris Carter

Really? Do I have to?


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3 21

Dieon Sanders, Barry Sanders (college), Bob Sanders - waterboy51

My no. 21 and just 21 is an awesome number to have

I think 21 is the best number

Andrea pirlo

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4 54

Brian Urlacher, Teddy Bruschi - waterboy51

Randy White of the Cowboys - htoutlaws2012

5 16

Manning's college # at Tennessee

Because my Jersey no. Is 16

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6 5

Because Chris judd from the carlton blues (AFL) and Kevin Garnett from Boston

Also Ladainian Tomlinson's college number - waterboy51

Reggie Bush (college), Paul Hornug - waterboy51

Donovan McNabb

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7 32

Magic Johnson of the past and Maurice Jones-Drew of the present

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8 4

Favre, Hanson, & Vinatieri - htoutlaws2012

10 10

Many favorites have no 10 on their Jersey like ronaldinho, Messi, rooney, benzema, ozil, zidane, zico, fabregas etc

10 number is the best because messi, rooney etc have 10 number who are best football players in the world

I think ten is the best number in the world

SHould be 1 it's had PELE MESSI greatest of all time by the way ANd MARDONA the top three best players of all time wear it.

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11 18

The one and only Peyton Manning - htoutlaws2012

Personally, to me,Payton manning is one of the best quarterbacks that I have ever seen play. And his number was 18

It's possible not the greatest but many great QB's like Manning

12 9

9 is the best number like torres suarez

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13 39
14 00

Jim Otto was the last player to wear #00, before the NFL changed its rules to 1-99.

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15 7

Is the best! 'mm mmm

Elway, Roethlisberger, & Andersen - htoutlaws2012

No.7 is the best. Ronaldo, David Beckham, Suarez have No.7.

Cr7,Di Maria, Suarez, Eric Cantona, George Best, Kevin Keegan su

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18 12

roger staubach, terry bradshaw, aaron rodgers, tom brady, and many quarterbacks in history

Don't understand why this isn't in the top 5.

Easily the greatest number of all time no doubt!

I used to love the number 4 because of Favre.
But twelve has a richer history of quarterback greats that goes back to John Brodie, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, Jim Kelly and the rest of the champions that wear 12 like men.

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20 51

Butkus! - htoutlaws2012

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