Top 10 Football Managers of 2013


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1 José Mourinho

Jose is the best

Jose is the best manager in the world for what he did in his time at Porto, Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid

Real Madrid Manager - soufyan11

Jose is the best in the World

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2 Alex Ferguson

Jose mourinho at number 1 has the world gone mad everybody keeps saying he did such a great job at Chelsea well with a £300,000,000 transfer kitty he should build a title winning squad good manager maybe great manager he is NOT...

Look at his success

The best in the history of football ever

He is believer in superior football philosophy he did impossible most things with a team that wold did not care bekham ronaldo cantona scholes giggs are all his discovaries na other have enriched the football world so much

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3 Arsène Wenger

He is a fantastic manegeger. The amount of things he did for arsenal is incredible. He got Arsenal in the top four for the 17 years so far of how long he was in the club. He has great history for example, he made arsenal the invinibles in 2004 and being the only arsenal maneger to take Arsenal to the Champions League final, and lots more. He still is doing a great job here.

He is the best... Look at the money he spent compared to others

You are a good manager
Please you buy Ronaldo and Messi

4 Pep Guardiola

14 trophies in 4 years is no joke. Mourinho is a disgrace to football. Pep is the best. Those who do not accept this either do not understand football or are Real Madrid fans.

Bayern Munich manager for next year. - soufyan11

Pep is the best

I think pep is the best

5 Roberto Di Matteo

He won chelsea the european cup and fa cup in his first season

6 Jürgen Klopp

He has improved borussia Dortmund and made them runners up in champions league and win the German super cup!

Coach of Borussia Dortmund

Simply quality best attractive football in Europe and high pressing

I'm a gunner. Klopp is better than wengy, he should be the one replacing wengy for arsenal after his days

7 Vicente del Bosque
8 David Moyes

David will become the best manager in the world in time because he needs some time at mancheser united and I think he will start doing well next season and mancheser united will get top four football this season and win league cup because manchester united are the best football club in the world and David moyes has the biggest management job in world footy.

9 Roberto Mancini

Man city manager good manager, uses his super power all the time to get great teams out of qualifications as they won the title last year and beat man utd away great manager just needs to work on his temper

10 Carlo Ancelotti

He has made madrid best than 10 years ago.

Thank you for coming to real madrid

The Contenders

11 Andre Villas Boas
12 Joachim Löw
13 Brendan Rodgers

He had an average first season, but he's gonna win a Premier League this year

14 Fatih Terim

Champions League Quarter Finalists, was even qualifying the semi finals if a goal of Drogba was not repealed.

More than just a manager. A true legend and a father figure to his players.

15 Frank de Boer

Became Ajax's manager two and a half year ago, since then he has won 3 league titles and learned the team to play good football. He also set up a good policy choosing players from their own acadamy before buying others.

16 Jupp Heynckes

I hope this site dies soon because this guy should be #1 how is he 16?

Best coach of 2013 by far. Won the champions league, bundesliga and the German cup last season with bayern Munich.

17 Vahid Halilhodžić

Algeria manager. - soufyan11

18 Franciszek Smuda

He is the best menager, I have ever seen

19 Roy Hedson

Some sike mangager for england

20 Harry Rednapp
21 Walter Mazzari
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1. Arsène Wenger
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1. Vicente del Bosque
2. José Mourinho
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1. José Mourinho
2. Alex Ferguson
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