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41 Widodo Cahyono Putro

Widodo Cahyono Putro (born in Cilacap, Central Java, 8 November 1970, age 40 years) is a football coach and legendary player Indonesia. His position is a striker currently playing. Widodo contemporary with Rocky Putiray, Joko Susilo, and Aji Santoso.
In the United Arab Emirates in 1996, Widodo Cahyono Putro scored a spectacular goal which later was named the best Asian same year.

42 Ramang

Ramang began to strengthen PSM Makassar in 1947, when it was still called Makassar Voetbal Bond (MVB). Through a club called Persis (Sulawesi Parent Association football) he joined the PSM competition. In one game, he scored most of the goals and made his club won 9-0. Since then he proposed to join the PSM

43 Maulwi Saelan

Maulwi Saelan (born in Makassar, South Sulawesi, August 8, 1928, age 81 years) is one of the legendary football player, playing in the 1956 Olympics and also the Indonesian freedom fighters. He also served as one of President Sukarno's personal aide. Besides, he is also known as the founder of the Student Park Makassar.

44 Yudo Hadianto

Yudo Hadianto (born in Solo, Central Java, 19 September 1941, age 68 years) is one of Indonesia's legendary footballer 1960s and 1970s. At his time he was recognized as Asia's best goalkeeper. Besides, he had studied at the Faculty of Economics UI period 1960-1963 but did not finish.

National Team (1961-1976):

Merdeka Games champion in 1962, 1969, 1974 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
King's Cup champions, 1968 in Bangkok, Thailand
Winner of the Aga Khan Cup 1970 in Bangladesh

45 Kurnia Sandy

Story successor in the national team. PSSI Primavera upbringing, Kurnia Sandy has also joined the team a year to Italy, Sampdoria, although no time to play. Returned to Indonesia, Kurnia Sandy strengthen Pelita Jaya, Persik Kediri, Arema Malang, Persebaya. Such as Story, known as goalkeeper Kurnia Sandy who has the ability and skill above - average.

46 Listianto Raharjo
47 Yandri Pitoy

Post Hendro Kartiko era, Jendri Pitoy had to fill the position of national team goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is also known Persipura Jayapura good at reading the ball and tough.

48 Markus Haris Maulana

His name stuck when defending PSMS Medan, goalkeeper who currently plays for Arema Malang, known tough in ball - ball on. One of the best performances are when the 2007 Asian Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia although eventually losing 0-1, awe-inspiring performances, to date Markus Horison, which now has become a Muslim and changed its name to Markus Haris Maulana, the top choice in senior national team.

49 Sumardi Hajalan

Last but not Least, Sumardi feasible given the title of one of the best goalkeepers Indonesia, strengthening the National Team of the 90s era, known for his loyalty to defend Sumardi PKT club, last year had strengthened Sumardi Deltras Sidoarjo, and this year re-turned to PKT Bontang FC. Burglarized tough opponents, is his trademark ponytail hair.

50 Bambang Nurdiansyah
51 Risdianto
52 Tio Him Tjiang
53 M. Basri
54 Surya Lesmana
55 Nobon Kayamudin
56 Zulkarnaen Lubis
57 Herry Kiswanto
58 Encas Tonif

Encas Tonif is difficult to pass a tough defender. Together Risnandar, Ganjar Nugraha and Sukowiyono, they are the best generations born before the era Adjat Sudrajat. Encas Tonif an Arsenal star in his era. Unfortunately, he's playing well at the wrong time. Encas Tonif incorporated in the Arsenal squad were relegated in 1978.

59 Sobur

One of the players who are members of the 'golden generation' in the era of Arsenal in the 1986 revival. Sobur who guard the Arsenal goal when United won that year. Bobotoh thirst over the title and trauma always lost in two finals before finally relieved by the union diboyongnya title to Bandung. And that success can not be separated from the contribution Sobur in guarding the goal. He is a legend and Arsenal goalkeeper of the decade.

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