Top 10 Football (Soccer) Leagues of 2015-2016

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21 Football League Championship

2nd Tier England still belongs in the top 20 somewhere

One of the most unpredictable leagues in the world, and one of the hardest to get out of.

22 Saudi Professional League

One of the best leagues in Asia. Great stadiums, great fans specially for top teams in the league, also the performance is great spesficlly for those popular teams in Saudi Arabia such al hilal, Al Nasser, Al ittihad and Al Hali! Worth watch

23 Iran Premier League (IPL)

This league must be in top 10 list... Great quality football is shown in this league...

One of the best Leagues in Asia, With the 2 most popular clubs in Asia (Esteghlal & Perspolis)

TRACTOR TABRIZ is the best team in Iranian league with its passionate supporters. Really great team, long live TRACTOR

24 Champion League

It is not a league and it doesn't have teams only the teams who win their respective leagues and a few other leagues get the top 4 3 and 2 teams into it

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25 Jupiler Pro League (Belgium)

A contender for one of the top leagues in europe, it should make the top ten

26 Nigeria Premier League

It has one of the best youth systems in the world cause who just won the U17 world cup in 2015 and 2013 and winning it the most times

27 Iraqi Premier League V 2 Comments
28 Serie A Ecuador V 1 Comment
29 Belgian League
30 Australian Premier League
31 DAT Polish League

Deserves to be in the Top 15 definitely underrated! All the teams are level the difference between the bottom team and the top team is 25 points or less while in the English Premier League its easily 50+ points

Way too underrated! Top ten! What's Indian league doing up so high

Is it really called that polish league


32 S League
33 Danish Superliga
34 K League Classic

A great league. It is very exciting and is interesting to see such skill in a league. You never know who is going to win.

35 A-League

I live in Australia and this is a bad league. But's in only in it's 11th season and is rapidly getting better. Anything's better than the Indian Super League

Great league great crowds n good quality conceding it's only in its 11 year. This league shouldn't be close to the leagues it's close to I think it's in the top 15.

36 Chinese Super League

Has great player should be added to FIFA 17

I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords

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37 J League

Japan league is worth noting for me! In that league there are many teams (maybe 60? ) which is competing.In near future, J league will be most strong league in Asia " absolutely".

38 Azerbaijan Premier League
39 Liga Adelante
40 Morocco Premier League

One of best African leagues, it has 16 clubs join in the competition. the most popular clubs in Morocco is WEDAD CASABLANCA AND RAJA CASABLANCA.

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