Top Football (Soccer) Stadiums In the World

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1 Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium


The best stadion in Indonesia

International siccer stadium in indonesia, with a best quality and quantity

Great Stadium

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2 Camp Nou

Never heard of the number 1, gonna guess it's some Indonesian, Turkish or Indian stadium that nobody outside their country will have heard of.

Camp nou is the best football stadium, more because it holds the best soccer team in the world, and the worlds best players

I want too see a Fc Barcelona match in Comp Nou

Cause it's better

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3 Old Trafford Old Trafford

Old Trafford is the home stadium of populare team MANCHESTER UTD.

Old trafford must be one of the best stadiums in the world, it surly is a dream to watch and play football in such a awesome stadium

It is the theatre of dreams manchester united rules - ofor

The theatre of dreams for a reason

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4 Wembley Stadium Wembley Stadium

Camp Nou? Nothing special. Just a huge bowl.

Wembley is perfection. The architecture, the atmosphere, it's legend. Nothing beats it.

Can't get any better!
Top of my list!
Wembley stadium is the head of English football
Has hosted the Fa cup, the league cup and even the champions league

The best football stadium I have ever seen with history and tradition

London stadium is beautiful but not better than Barcelona

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5 Santiago Bernabéu

Classic design
82000 capacity
1982 FIFA world cup final
Euro 1964 final
4 Champions league finals

Simply it's THE BEST

The amazing atmosphere here humiliates that of camp you

Santiago Bernabeu is the best stadium off all time and the fans there support their team so much. Real Madrid is awesome

Beautiful stadium and big also

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6 Azadi Stadium

The largest stadium in Asia

Largest even in the world!

It is perspolis stadium and 100000 people isn't not very wonderful see they games but for kise kesha(esteghla) is a dream becouse people who watch they match in down 5000

Great stadium capacity wise bigger than santiago bernabeu

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7 Allianz Arena

I love Allianz Arena, Allianz is the most beautiful stadium

I LOVE ALLIANZ ARENA especially for the guy that talks after every goal got scored this stadium is amasing just watch it and hear the fans singing the song "STERN DES SUDENS" and you will remain speechless and the music in here is awesome

The best stadium of world to best team of world Bayern Munchen

One of the most beautiful stadium in the world.

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8 Anfield Anfield

Well a Great Stadium is not just about its size it is also about the playing environment there and the history.
The crowd in the environment makes a significant impact and well the glory also matter.
And Anfield its easily top 3 stadium (arguably the best) when you consider all the aspect.
It can be compared to none when a loud and energetic crowd sings: YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE.

Anfield is a very historic stadium, despite its small stadium but there contain a lot of history in it.. You'll never walk alone Liverpool

The atmospheres the best in football! Nothing else compares!

I think Chelsea stadium is better than Anfield

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9 San Siro

The theatre of football. It is elegant, historical and very passionate at the same time. It is home of 2 giants such as inter and ac Milan. Amazing when the 2 teams play each other in one of the most spectacular derbies worldwide

I think San siro deserve a 4th position in this ranking because it was large and beautiful stadium

10 Maracaná

The stadium of football

The atmosphere is great and now newly built it is stunning

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11 El Monumental
12 Westfalenstadion

No stadium got the southern stand like Signal Idunna Park. Definitely the best.

Signal induna Park is just phenomenal. I went there to watch the game against Mönchengladbach in the 2015-2016 season and I literally felt an earthquake in the stadium because of the crowed. And the stadium itself is just so beautiful. - 12cc

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13 Juventus Stadium

New stadium, new spirit and new history

The best stadium appear in the financial problem

Hands down the best stadium in Italy

The Modern stadium in europe

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14 Emirates Stadium

Even Tottenham fans admit that the emirates stadium is the most beautiful stadium in England. not only that the atmosphere and the support that is provided by every single fan there is immense, and I don't mean the sort of atmosphere you get at West Hams stadium were everyone you see has a criminal record I mean the sort of atmosphere were you can hear families with young children enjoying themselves just as much as the adult 'die hard' fans are. All in all it might not be the biggest stadium in the world (which most people voting in this list think that's what this list is about) but its by far the most advanced and easily the most beautiful stadium on this list.

I go here every week and I honestly think it is a benchmark for top league stadia. It is seriously advanced and sophisticated and against common belief has a fantastic atmosphere. There isn't a bad seat in the house!

PS Why are so many Persib Bandung supporters voting?

The most advanced & sophisticated stadium in england with a superb ground

Best stadium in England

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15 Stamford Bridge

The fans, the passion, the atmosphere

Home of never give up until 90 mins

The atmosphere is locked in, and it's home tongue best football club in the world - cfc_adesina

Blue in my blood

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16 Jalak Harupat Soreang Stadium

Has character, has atmosphere
Its the only one in the world - holigan

Stadium which has a very strong history with culture

This Is Home Persib Bandung Two!

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17 Estadio Alberto J. Armando
18 Siliwangi Stadium

Best of the best

This Is Home The First Stadium

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19 Estadio Azteca

The Azteca stadium!

It may not be a modern architecture but definitely it's one of the greatest place to watch a game. The vibe you feel in there it's impressive, all those chills you get when people scream, you really feel the passion for football. Not to mention the famous "Wave" in the crowd and the song "Cielito Lindo" every time the National team plays a game there.

It definitely blows your mind.

Capacity: 105,00
Hosted two world cup finals
Recognized as one of the most iconic stadiums in the world
Home of the Mexican national team and local team club América

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20 Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón
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