Top 10 Football Trick Plays

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1 Driscoll Middle School Trick Play

My favorite trick play ever! A middle school used it. The QB went up to the C and asked for the ball. The C handed him the ball. The other team thought he was taking a timeout. He walkes right past the other team and runs for the TD! At first I thought it was an illegal play, but the C handing him the ball is considered a snap. Oh my goodness, I love this play. look it up on YouTube. It's hilarious! "Discroll middle school trick play"


2 Fumblerooski

My son playing right guard (as well as LB) at High School scored 6 TD's during his Varsity years with this play. Then the play was made illegal by the CIF. On no occasion did I know the play had been called and was as confused as everyone else as to "what was going on".

It's the best trick play

3 Fake Spike

When your by the end zone, when you catch the ball, fake a spike then throw it, or hand it to any open man. It's easy.

4 Statue of Liberty

The C snaps to the QB, The QB holds the ball back like he's going to pass. Then the RB runs up to the QB and snatches the ball out of his hands. What looked like a pass turned into a run.

5 Fake Handoff

When your catching a kick return, before you get tackled, fake a handoff to a nearby player, then while the defenders are sitting there wondering why he doesen't have the ball, run and pick up a first down.

I like it

6 The Play

I watched the video with Stanford and California playing. It was funny! A Bears player got tackled, the Stanford band thought the game was over and came onto the field. What they didn't know is the ball was handed to another player. The player ran for the TD, knocking over a band member.

7 Hidden Ball Game

This is one of my most favorite college plays. The C snaps the ball to the QB and the QB hands the ball to like four people and they all start running. The defense then does not know who has the ball and when they finally figure it out, your dancing in the end zone!

8 Coach, Wrong Ball!

The C hands it to the QB, he walks up to the coach telling him it's the wrong ball, then he sprints for the TD! Verry effective.

The best trick ever


9 Flea Flicker

I really like this play and I think that the defense will get confused and the ability will throw the ball and the wide receiver will be dancing in the end zone

The oldest trick play in the book. QB hands off to RB, he runs like three yards, then he flicks it back to the QB. Easy as pie.

10 Flapjack Toss

It's fourth down. They line up for the punt. The C snaps the ball to the kicker. Soon as the kicker catches the ball he throws, what looks like a hookshot, to the WR or TE. It's brilliant!

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11 Attemting to Decieve

It's a really good play. The QB pretends to call an audible then quickly hands it to the RB for the TD. I think this is an illegal play though. So don't attempt it if your on a team. You can use it in some good old backyard football!

12 Jet Sweep

It works very well

it help d

13 Hook and Lateral

I did it in football

Center hikes ball to QB, QB throws pass to open receiver, receiver then laterals to passing teammate. Made famous by the Miami Dolphins in 1981

14 Foundation

This helped me win the superbowl.

-Tom Brady

Your amazing

15 Rat

The patriots use it the qaurter back says a Random word so the reciever comes in to the back field then goes back to his original spot if the guy follows him it's man coverage


16 Zavier reverse slant screen
17 Turn Around

This is how I broke my neck

-Peyton Manning

This is for a 2 on 2 match. Have wide receiver line up on the right side have receiver run on the other side of the Qb have QB pass back make receiver run up have him pass back for the touch down

18 False 9


19 Rex

I was trying to do this on the last play of the Superbowl.

-Russell Wilson

2on 2 have receiver on the left side
Make him go to the other side wile that QB fake pass back make receiver run straight Qb throw over the head pass to receiver

20 HB Toss 43 Dive Counter 67 "Omaha"

QB runs through the 7.5 hole for a touchdown.

21 Philly Special
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