Ht's Analysis: Day 1 of the 2018 NFL Draft

htoutlaws2012 In previous years I have done draft grading in different criteria I may combine both concepts from both the singular pick to eventually overall how that team did in my view towards the end. Without further a do let's take a look back at the most unpredictable night that was the 2018 NFL draft on the first day.

First we start off with Roger Goodell getting the deserved heckled boo's despite having three Dallas Alumni's onstage still ineffective of lessening those boo's he gets every single year. After talking a good few minutes the draft begins!

Browns are on the clock, and likely to go in two different directions, I was hoping they would go for ''the generational back'' because I feel like he would of thrived in Cleveland just based on the future planning, but John Dorsey went all predictably unlike Sunny Weaver (Kevin Costner) who looks like a genius in comparison. Why does Cleveland not understand why Draft Day is what I feel is an accurate story on how you should draft correctly? Granted it was difficult o process who was worthy at number one after taking some to think about it carefully they end up draft Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma which is crazy to see considering that he was never projected to be there until the last minute thanks to Josh Allen's racist tweets when he was a teenager laying a big factor into the decision. Personally he ain't my top quarterback to plug in, and my one big knock aside from his really troublesome off field issues is his height is too small compared to the rest of the other quarterbacks they probably should of taken over him... Hello victim quarterback number 29 on the way. C-

Giants now take a stand, and go in a direction that was pretty predictable once we got closer to the week. They could of taken a backup where they were at, but going by best available Saquon Barkley being taken at two does make sense, but my big nit pick of ''The generational back'' is he's from Penn State which has produced some big time busts in the past, and second I would feel confident for this pick to really look good on paper is you must draft entirely everything offensive line invest in trust in Barkley it sound crazy, but that offensive line was god awful last season to the point please by your focus coming into the next two days that's the only path they have chosen to do. B

Jets have not taken an offensive player since 2009 its been so long, and overdue can New York be a legitimate contender with who they take at three in which they had to trade up with a hefty price just to get there thanks to the Colts set that up perfectly. There was also the possibility they could of maybe gone for a run for Chubb which really sounds great, but problem is your offense needs upgrades much more. Finally they did it taking Sam Darnold as the second quarterback to come off the board leaving the two josh's remaining in this thing, and the potential wild card emerging Lamar Jackson. B-

Browns are on the clock again, and stunningly enough they did not find any takers for them to trade back with anybody what happened here is what I want answers. Let me get this straight John Dorsey was suppose to turn this team around, and instead we see a repeat of 2014 essentially only backwards as they took the Quarterback first, and then they pull off the big swerve of the night and Take Denzel Ward from Ohio State ironically you can say its considered a ''Cleveland royalty'' move, but this came off really bad for me. This combination reminds me of both Johnny Manziel, and Justin Gilbert terrible night for the Browns in my strong belief that they could of gone in better direction than to repeat what they did in 2014 is completely insane big reach for a guy who was projected bottom of the top ten than as oppose jumps up to four. D

After that total stunner in AT&T stadium Denver takes the opportunity to take the guy that the Browns should of taken at four, and that's Bradley Chubb this is a great steal by Denver somebody who can really be put anywhere on that up front defense next to Von Miller look out I can't see how you can stop that two man outside force. A

indy is on the clock, and the first team to get the pick in right away without any hesitation. Seeing the colts take Quenton Nelson felt very good since Andrew Luck had been on crutches since having some terrible protecting over the years maybe this is the beginning of a slow turn around. A

Oh here we go Buccaneers trade away there pick at 7 just to move down at 12, and get two second round picks I considered that a win for the Bucs because what Buffalo would do was very stunning to see after all that news came out about this players tweeting offensive race related things I can't believe Bills would still have an open mind, and still take Josh Allen instead of Josh Rosen. I get Rosen has minor flags, but Allen should have dropped hard terrible decision. C-

Da Bears of the midway have come to perhaps dominate in this draft well they had two different ways to go with it A lineman, or a linebacker, and seeing Roquan Smith going at eight isn't much of a shock, and it really gives you that Bears tradition that have great care in there linebacker core. B-

With the 49ers at 9 it was best to believe they would find another linebacker for the very troubled Reuben Foster, but they went with more protection in the highest paid player in Jimmy Garopolo looks with a smile as both Joe Stanley, and now Mike McGlinchey probably being placed on the right tackle position that looks pretty good now those guards could use some help especially for the running game. C+

Oakland was getting ready to pick, but instead Arizona had one man in mind that was dropping, and in hindsight this looks like a good pick because I feel like Rosen is the best of the four quarterbacks, but unfortunately he must battle his way to the top of the ranks to two unworthy players signed the off-season. Granted they were a wild card to draft a quarterback, but they had many bigger needs I'd argue for at that point for Fitzpatrick or James. Don't get me wrong I had them taking a quarterback myself, but not Rosen, Jackson would fit this type of offense. My question is he MUST beat Sam Bradford, and Mike Glennon for that week 1 start otherwise this pick is gonna fail, and the trade will look bad for years. D+

Speaking of guys Arizona should of took for trading that High Miami hits a big home run getting some help at the secondary area of there flawed defense. Taking Fitzpatrick for me is not a surprise since I fought he would be the best safety on the board at the point the bigger unexpected surprise is seeing James fall from the board a pretty good chunk. He fits a great need for Miami and I feel they managed to have something promising to look to. B-

After trading down Buccaneers had the chance to get a guy like Derwin James to help out in that atrocious secondary instead they take a stud interior defensive lineman who remains me of both Warren Sapp, and Haloti Ngata. This looks like a nasty 4-3 defense we may be seeing come season start. B+

Washington to be needed to build more on trenches specially defensively since they had trouble stopping the run plugin in a guy like Da'Ron Payne fits right in around the mid teens I have no problem with where that stands compared to other picks that happened to that point in time. C+

This was a very interesting move by Green Bay to good ahead with and that's heading into possibly rumors many thought what Green bay were able to trade up that was false, but it was not that yes they traded, but went down as Saints pull up for Marcus Davenport which was amazing they were able to approach this draft with they wanna win right now mentality. I do admire the risk reward they wanna go here since tall guy who can get lengthy stretch on any quarterback finger tips. B+

Sure he was on my board as a round 2 type pick, but after inspecting the tape... he looks like an Oakland Raider who Derek Carr doesn't mind the pleasure of replacing an old washed up Donald Penn I say Jon Gruden may have done this one right. iller looks like a 7 footer mountain man that is a reliable lineman to have all 16 games. A-

Ozzie Newsome's final season as the GM was very off the wall I must say, and Buffalo gets to roll the dice one more time as this was probably the lamest of all the trades of the night. Awful the questionable Josh Allen decision where could they have gone next. Luckily they took Tremaine Edmunds who fell a decent chuck for a top 10 type linebacker. This is forgiven, but they need help on offense is the major concern I have for the Bills here on out. A

With the Chargers you weren't sure if they actually were going to take a nose tackle after seeing both Payne, and Vea gone early in the teens so Los Angeles's B team had other options that actually turned out to be the greatest steal of the first round in taking Derwin James. Chargers scored big here since they did have a big departure in Tre Boston, and now there answer has been chosen. A

To this point I fought the draft was going pretty smoothly, but the second was pretty weird how it went especially the later half were all guys I did not to see there that late.

Green Bay jumped back in the teens only to trade with Seattle who has a history of trading down with teams, and in a bit of a reach pick for me is selecting Jaire Alexander who would fit near at the max 25-32 than in the top 20. Not one of Green Bay's finest moments. C-

Dallas crowd comes alive they got all types of high schools coming out representing there local community, and in a shocking turn they do not draft a Wide Receiver instead they take the potential replacement for Sean Lee In Vander Esch not going late 20's, but sneaking in the top 20 in which the Dallas crowd seems to like it even if that was kinda reached at that point. C

My Detroit Lions are on the clock so much for trading down picks to get more because taking Ragnow is not necessarily a bad thing looking at what would happen with the later late picks came off as stunning that Guice, and Landry are still on the board maybe they'll make a move day 2 Come on Bob! C

Bengals could not go anywhere wrong with taking anywhere offensive line, however the interesting story is they were gonna take Ragnow, but in a quick turn of events they even pull off another shock as they take Price instead of Daniels. The pick does make sense in terms of the need, but again James Daniels was there for the taking. C-

Tennessee Trades up with Baltimore to take potentially a linebacker tackling machine in Evans who fits in immediately for the Titans perhaps. B-

The New England might be falling apart, and where would they go with there first selection exactly of course by giving father time his left tackle in Wynn. Clearly a solid pick, but then again Will Hernandez was still there at that point huh. Well his now apart of the Patriot way. B

Carolina had one clear need in this draft and there is no way they avoid that position starring right at him, but they took D.J Moore instead of Calvin Ridley which I find very interesting. Last few years there picks have been off the wall, but this one makes up for those odd choices on defense especially. C+

Baltimore wanted to drop down near the late rounds, and by so they took a Tight End which does make a lotta sense, but then again Hurst to me is not the best guy at that spot. Big concern is that his 25, while a more unique choice of Dallas Goedert to me is the best of a soso draft class of Tight Ends. D+

Atlanta is another team that could use another explosive speedy dominant weapon, and seeing that Calvin Ridley was there at 26 was a big steal since Julio was also from Alabama what a coincidence. B

Seattle trades all the way back down to 27 could they pull off getting out of round 1 no instead they take Rashaad Penny in a bit surprising since Derrius Guice was still available. While it is a need, I'd argue for some help protecting Russell Wilson more than anything. D-

Steelers coming on the board, and to be honest it was very great to see Ryan Shazier make the pick as he was of course really all messed up from his career killing spinal injury. They chose to take a guy I didn't see come anywhere near the 1st round and that is Terrell Edmunds the other Edmunds that many forgot about in this draft. C-

In terms of picks that absolutely make no logic when it came to the late last 5 picks this one still boggles my mind why Jacksonville took the fallout really badly when they selected Taven Bryan. He has game, but I feel like he is in a fit of a defense that's already set to win as a super bowl contender, and this is your first round choice? Bortles need some help getting young guys throw to somebody fresh like Courtland Sutton would of been an excellent choice, but instead we got a panic choice. E

Minnesota takes the stand now, and they only one option in my view take Will Hernandez that should boost your guarding positions a lot better, but for some reason they fought they needed a replacement for Trae Waynes. I'm not a fan of the Hughes pick, and I feel that they passed on Josh Jackson maybe there big regret moving forward. C-

New England second choice everyone thought would be where Lamar Jackson would end up falling to, and yet again the unpredictability of the draft continued, and needless to say we got 3 running backs taken, and no Derrius Guice was not taken instead it was Sony Michel of Georgia. Which means are people serious that even Nick Chubb could be potentially picked before a talented player like Guice unreal man the media is literally against this guy. Michel has an injury history that may be scare to say the least where i'm Surprised Belichick would take somebody like that. D+

The final selection had belonged to the Eagles,but of course there gonna trade out of that pick for Ozzie Newsome true farewell first round pick to be.. Lamar Jackson of Louisville which yes it started, and ended with Heisman trophy winners that is the way you end a unpredictable night with a ton of question marks in variously random spots. C

I say this was the most appropriate way to cap off the continuation that there is still some great talent to be had there were not picked up as expected where do they fall we shall see on Day 2.