Ht's Analysis: Day 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft

htoutlaws2012 In previous years I have done draft grading in different criteria I may combine both concepts from both the singular pick to eventually overall how that team did in my view towards the end. Without further a do let's take a look back at the most unpredictable night that was the 2018 NFL draft on the first day. Also I wanna say that i will not cover day 3 picks because it will take way too long... instead I will skip ahead to the overall team grades on who did well, and who faltered.

Once again Goddell comes out for Day 2, and presents all the special guest picks for every team. Cleveland immediately takes a lotta time up like the first night as they would have the great Jim Brown make the calls. They end up taking Austin Corbett from Nevada who at first it sounded like a typical Browns move, but after looking at some highlights he is the most versatile offensive lineman in this draft. This can work if he can play effectively in that fashion then this is a sneaky underrated player who crawled high second round on a interesting note. B

They got there generational back who I feel was the greatest player on the board, and now you must help Eli, and newest draftee in order to have an effective offense they get the hispanic mauler from UTEP that has round 1 talent far early second round to a team that really needed it most. B+

Like Michel he poses injury problems from the past if so they didn't need this Chubb rather the other they should of got almost like a sad joke since Carlos Hyde, and Duke Johnson are the main guys in the tail back position where Nick Chubb is a big question mark where does he lie in this Cleveland offense? C

I'll combine both Indianapolis picks since they were literally side by side quickly said by Joseph Addai who had flashes where he looked like a decent running back in that brief period, but he didn't waste any time saying the two names both in which are names nobody expected to see fall that early on day 2 are both guys that are capable day 1 caliber can count on playmakers in Darius Leonard, and Braden Smith another Guard among men if you will. This team may have a much better time to run the ball effectively, but they will struggle in the passing game by not improving in tackle. B-, B+

This is a great pickup for the buccaneers that absolutely needed somebody in the tail back especially with the departure of Doug martin, Can Jones the II be the answer for the pressure to be off of Winston? A-

Da Bears go from defensive tradition to going into the deep hole trench the sole piece in James Daniels to protect in honor of young Mitchell Trubisky in the effort to be a sleeper offense next season. A

John Elway looked like a pro taking Bradley Chubb thanks to the hard to figure out Browns, and now in the second round they have decided to take a 3rd option weapon in Courtland Sutton that maybe what they never got outta Cody Latimer. B-

Oakland backs away from 40th to regroup meanwhile Vrabel strikes again trading up for somebody in mind. Unfortunately for Detroit, and others that man was Harold Landry that edge rusher could be a key player for the Titans to really take it to the Jaguars in the future. I love the mindset where Tennessee isn't afraid to come up, and get those guys, and say we wanna win now mentality. A+

Makes sense that the Tight ends would start getting taken near this point, and if he can did a mixture of pass, and block than maybe Gase did a good job getting Gesicki from Penn St who did have his moments when he was given chances. B

New England was on the board, and got that second rounder because they traded Jimmy G to San Fran almost forcefully like. Than all of a sudden former partner of the organization Bob Quinn of the Lions mutually agreed to move, and take not Derrius Guice like I initially believed all this time, but Kerryon Johnson of Auburn. It was clearly a need the Lions got, but I felt very disappointed it was Johnson, and not Guice, and I fought to myself this is Bob Quinn here are you kidding me! C+

After that stunner well for me at least we get San Fran trade up with Washington to get Pettis of ironically Washington, both funny, but a super reach of a receiver pick. C-

Green Bay is on the clock, and presenting this pick is the newest inductee Jerry Kramer... says they have select wait a minute on your reactions... another cornerback in the secondary that was Joshua Jackson of Iowa who I believed was the best corner in this draft has slid almost mid second round, and Green Bay was fortunate enough to get more help in the defensive backfield great steal value. A-

The first time today we find the Kansas City Chiefs draft somebody today, and that somebody ended up being Breeland Speaks a nose tackle from Mississippi which might be quite a reach for somebody whose an early day 3 pick. C

Arizona was off to a not a totally surprising start, but more an interesting future being built to their offense taken Josh Rosen who I felt was the best of the four Quarterbacks taken in the top 10, and now with 47th pick presented by Aeneas Williams took Christian Kirk of Texas A&M at first I'm like yeah they got a potential future replacement for Larry Fitzgerald until realizing that his short in that comparison where Larry is a humble dominator when you give him the ball he can still play. Not sure if Kirk is up to that task yet. C+

LA's B team take the stage once again, and doing so grab a very interesting pick in taking Uchenna Nwosu of USC, a somewhat small-ish linebacker that could be a start, but has some red flags where he shows some inconsistency. C

I gotta say I did start to really love day 2 of the draft thanks to David Akers who really stole the show with his way of delivery against Dallas. Talking, and confidently trash talk America's team saying Dallas Goedert in an attempt to block exactly what Jerry Jones was gonna do with his next pick made him get thrown off the rails to think what could he do next was quite a stunner. A

The top 50 is nearly filled, and one more to just make that top 50 group is Dallas royalty choice of Connor Williams... A tackle going to Dallas really isn't needed especially when the great wall has been doing its job for the last four years why even take an offensive lineman at that point is beyond me. Apparently he is suppose to move into Guard which again how will this work its gonna throw off Dak, and Zeke more than anything not liking what the Cowboys have in store once the season starts. D

Chicago struck some serious check in gold upgrades in a Lance Briggs type guy in Roquan Smith, and getting James Daniels a steal Center in the high second round, and than we supply Trubisky with another deep weapon in Anthony Miller of Memphis. I'm surprise they did pick Miller over Washington, but nevertheless this Chicago team looks pretty excited on preview, but will the hype surpass low expectation? B-

Indy has been hitting pretty well so far I do think the style there going is brilliantly constructed, and now they go back into the weakened trench with a defensive end from Rutgers Kemoko Turay with some raw ability of his size even if its from a college like Rutgers he has NFL like abilities to do well with a defense that could use some improvements to show. B

One thing I noticed as the picks had already happened that only one player from the secondary was pick so far in round 2, but that was going to change once Tampa Bay had selected M.J. Stewart of North Carolina. Stewart being picked that high seemed weird to me especially when it comes to Tampa Bay that does need help in defensive backfield heavily dead last in stopping the pass. C-

Cincinnati having a ton of picks on Day 3 I find to be both generous, and fascinating they have not drafted guy with red flags to this point as they add in a safety to help out Goerge IIoka on the other side. If only the secondary could get slightly more younger. B-

Carolina has a weapon for Cam, and than we see them take a speedy corner, and one that slid fairly enough, but nevertheless a second round draft pick that fell right into Rivera's hands at the right moment to replace Daryl Worley, and good timing to since that whole changing teams didn't work with Philly very long meanwhile Carolina can start to develop youth in the secondary like what Tampa just did, and Tamp Bay to an extent. B

New England is up, and they have two Patriot alumni's in Deion Branch, and Ty Warren to say this selection in Duke Dawson. His more of a hard hitting corner than a shut down corner which made me go really Belichick. C-

Thing get more strange as they take a what looks like a lesser downed Malcolm Butler the Raiders of Jon Gruden decide to go with P.J Hall of Sam Houston Sate which wow never knew something like that existed, but very nimble for a nose tackle who can be beaten quite easily to a tough nailed center chucky I don't know about this one. D-

Atlanta comes on the board as we are greeted with number one overall pick in 2001 none other than the infamous dog killer Michael Vick to say the pick which ended up being Isiah Oliver of Colorado. A corner that can be argued as a steal in the sense that he was picked above others like Dawson, and Stewart whom I felt were overreached quite a bit for where they were sitting at that high up near the mid portion of round 2 even. B

Washington trades up with New Orleans to take perhaps one of the biggest steals of the entire draft I kid you not they literally stole Derrius Guice of LSU. I might be overhyping the kid very much, but man did I want him so badly in this round, and now that I see he was snatched by the Redskins oh man is he gonna light up the league with that offensive line, Sleeper fantasy pick anybody? This is like seeing the Cowboys pick Zeke Elliott 4th overall He literally earned his way to starting week one by beating two other backs who also fared well in the running game in McFadden, and Morris. He enters a Redskins team that can run effectively with Chris Thompson who is more of a receiver check down back, and Perine who had a good run last year, but could be overshadowed by Guice I just know he is gonna be that zeke Elliott type guy show will show you should of not of passed on him that hard. A+

Terrible towel time Pittsburgh started off day 1 with an odd approach where yes its the Tory Polamalu belief, but then again I didn't expect to see two Edmunds fall in day one of the draft, but here was where I started to like Day two of steel certain's pick in James Washington from Oklahoma State he might be undersized, but they found their replacement for Martavis Bryant who they dealt off to the black hole meanwhile no worry of a Le'Veon Bell type replacement anywhere. C+

Jacksonville is on the clock and after a wasted first round pick in Taven Bryan (pulling a Mel Kiper) which I could still argue they could of needed extra help with weapons for Bortles they finally addressed the need in the passing option with a pretty big steal that of a 6'3 beast in DJ Chark of LSU. He has all the potential to be that dominant player in the NFL that Jacksonville has not had since Jimmy Smith. While Allen Robinson was solid Chark can transition into that role, but even better. A

Minnesota back on the clock, and after a missed chance at grabbing some offensive depth up in the first... they realized their big mishap and took Brian O'Neil a tackle from Pittsburgh a big raw protector for either depth, or starting lineup who knows come the start of the season, but a more pleasant pick than taking Hughes who may or may not getting the start come regular season. B-

Tampa Bay once again in the late second round grab another corner in Carlton Davis who is a lot like another player in Dawson, but actually fits better in a team that could use a lotta help in the secondary where in New England they already did address what they could in the off-season. The much better pickup than the overreached Stewart way earlier. B

The final pick of the draft goes to Indy, and interestingly enough they got a different presenter for this special occasion as they took not Hubbard, but Tyquan Lewis of the Ohio State University. Surprising he got picked before Sam Hubbard who many thought was solid up front for the buckeyes. C

(Round 3)

Nothing to indicate that the third had officially began as everything started to slowly change as the presenters faded away, and the pace really quickened as the night was young what more can we build off of this round as Oakland takes the stand evermore.
They go after another tall tackle, but after searching through the Raiders current roster its actually a pretty good pick since again Donald Penn is not nearly what he should be at 35, and now with Miller on the opposing side Carr looks comfortably good with his new surrounding cast of offensive weapons at his disposal. B-

The New York football Giants are doing extremely well in the draft with there first two picks going as how I like that to be, and while I'd argue for a tackle to come right after they chose to go in the defensive side in Lorenzo Carter of Georgia who has the Lawrence Taylor ability to become that leader to gain controls from a team that could use a leadership guy in the middle. B+

The Cleveland Browns are back, and this time they take a defensive end with their 5th pick of the draft take a position they could of had high up the draft. He is a monstrous presence to him, but it fills the help next to Garrett if it actually ends up working effectively than the Browns might get closer to the playoffs. C+

First time we see the Texans take a crack at a best available board in which case one name that didn't come off of two rounds that were finished was that of Justin Reid the brother of Eric Reid. A high second round safety that had a potential outlook to be there for anybody that wanted it ends getting it with a team that made its first long road time getting to Reid in the process a steal choice for the taking. B+

G-man are back on the clock only to grab some more defensive line depth okay nothing wrong with that I suppose getting B.J Hill who looks good for that situational depth guy in case of Harrison going down or maybe a switch of a 4-3 rather than a 3-4. B-

Well... John Lynch waited long enough to address the biggest need being linebacker after what looks to be a very troubling Reuben Foster this off season they have finally take one in the form of Fred Warner BYU territory, a bit of an edge rusher guy, but could be put more focused into that linebacker position than he would be up front. C+

Now that Denver has found some new life into this more interesting looking Denver squad... John Elway really gets the fans excited when he took Royce Freeman of Oregon with his third selection. C.J Anderson out, Royce Freeman is in play to make some noise in mile high. B

This is usually where you stop taking the Jets seriously is when you get to the overall choices they combined, and oh hey what do you know a predictable defensive lineman choice of Nathan Shepard of Fort Hays which is unknown to the casual expert, and i'm not even gonna bother because it sounds like a super reach pick coming from somebody who belongs in round 7 than in round 3, and plus why not keep going on offense in this case. D

Back to back defensive players from both the AFC East division as Miami took an undersized linebacker in Jerome Baker in the Ohio State. I know Ohio State has great transitions in the NFL, but in this case i'm least convinced that Baker will be the immediate start by the time we get to regular season. C-

Washington is up, and after hitting two home runners there decide to enter back into the trench for an offensive lineman tackle in Gernon Christian of Louisville this helps pretty well if it in case that line does get banged up again like it did last year things keep getting better for Alex Smith, and the tail backs. B

I might repeat myself on some of these because I feel basically the same on remixes sorry for repetitiveness, but its the perfect way to sum it up. ''I don't get the mindset they needed to take another nose tackle after taking the better one. Unless they intend to switch to a 4-3 defense which we be insane sense you have 4 quality linebackers than really this would not fit the mold too well with few picks taken to this point.'' C-

This a great value pick for upcoming years just in case big Ben retires sooner than later. Rudolph will have enough time to develop into that explosive offense to take over the controls by the time its all said and done literally a prodigy of Rotherlisberger the irony is both stunning, but in the end this payout in the third should be big. A

''A good player with a team that already has a great defensive line established. I don't know if he'll be a starter right away or not since that 4-3 is staying the way it is, and Hubbard is the odd man out in this case as nothing more than depth slot rotator.'' They picked side by side in this case as their second pick was a lot better at getting a potentially backup linebacker for the troubled Vontaze Burfict who I can't believe didn't leave with Pacman Jones honestly. C-, B-

Well with Cliff Avril approaching his tail end career, and an emerging Frank Clark its time for Seattle to build in a new young defense, and seeing they took Rasheem Green of oh what do you know USC looks real good to me. B+

Houston Second choice comes from the offensive line, but the problem how I got confused with this is was that Rankin was advertised as a Center rather than the tackle which they did the same thing with Connor Williams way earlier with saying Guard which again how is that going to work well? A very unnatural pick where its unclear what Houston can do with a raw protector of this size to be placed in a moment in time. C

Dallas has a ton of pressure to grab somebody from offense for Dak to have any hope to throw to, and in this case getting Michael Gallup outta Colorado in a very unique choice since he was a mid 2nd round selection falling pretty hard in the draft landing to america's can't be a coincidence though since he fits a badly targeted need. B

My apologizes folks I pulled another Me Kiper moment with this angered move by my Detroit Lions ''I hate this pick so much because you had the chance to add some defensive line depth, but you take a secondary in the third round? Safety was one of the stronger suits of the defense last year why are we doing this? I was was pretty disappointed that they passed on Guice, but at least the running back pick made sense, but this is inexcusable.'' E

''Yes he had a terrible combine, but man the tape of this sooner he looks like a tremendous steal for Baltimore, and a pretty good looking pick by Ozzie Newsome that can help have Flacco be more upright, or even Lamar Jackson perhaps.'' A-

Not sure why it took this long to finally find a power nose tackle L.A's B team certainly needed to addressed that one immediately, but were blocked by Washington, and New Orleans thus they went in other directions.. doesn't mean you could still do that in round two. C+

''I hate this selection because A. you just took a Tight End in the first round with an age concern, and B. now you take another one in the third come on Ozzie man what are you trying to pull.'' E

''This guy was a first, and even a second round talent of a defensive trench guy you can't go wrong with. I love how the Raiders are getting bashed for all of their picks in the trench do they know football, or do they know the difference of how to get better quickly? Jon Gruden is looking pretty good right now I love the approach.'' A+

Green Bay has been all defense as that continues in them taking an interior linebacker which can trick any opposing quarterbacks named Matthew Stafford, Kirk Cousins, and Mitchell Trubisky lookout because don't get napped by the man they call Oren Burks outta Vanderbilt. B

Not sure I get the portion where the Rams needed a tackle in Joseph Notebloom outta TCU. Whitworth, and Havenstein have been great at what there doing if anything they should of took a flyer at Guard more than anything. First pick of the draft, and its a tackle unbelievable after building up a tremendous looking team that off-season of free agency was amazing. D

Atlanta comes on out again with a depth nose tackle choice of Deadrin Senat in which frankly can be used as a rotator inbewteen with Grady Jarrett Most likely going to be limited snaps it sounds like. D+

With not sure where the Saints were gonna go with a more defensive minded approach they take a wide receiver fro Brees to have which is brilliant to have since losing Cooks, and Graham they need some more guys to make plays as Drew lights the fireworks like he always does. B

Steel certain comes back on with a backup offensive lineman in which Marcus Gilbert more less the answer to if he intends to make any terrible mishaps like he pulled last year than this is a good move. C+

This is the same thing how I felt about the Lions taking Tracy Walker, I absolutely o not get it Jacksonville's secondary is the best in football right now why take a safety in round 3? I get it Ronnie Harrison of the great Alabama gang, but i'm sorry I feel like other teams need safeties that aren't ungodly loaded with them already. E

Oh hey offensive line selection finally Buccaneers take Alex Cappa a guard let that be the focus of Day 3 please than Tampa Bay can really do some damage there way too talented to be that bad. C+

Hmm.. let's see here he ain't gonna be a starter from day 1 Moore will be a backup safety if an injury comes up. C

Speaking of depth not outside of it more like inside the front lines as Buffalo swarms in on Harrison Philips who looks like a good replacement insurance policy for Kyle Williams. C-

Oh look another another offensive lineman moving to center all of a sudden well what more can Arizona do wrong now after taking the best quarterback with water down support. C-

Its anybody guess if Jordan Akins dude can have a winnable stretch to the Tight End position sense Houston is virtually in limbo with him which might not be bad if he ends being decent. B+

Denver picks one more time on day, and its the answer everyone was waiting for Cornerback, and that survey said.. Isaac Yiadom of Boston College long arms made for a tackling machine in hot pursuit okay I guess. C+

''This is a stud linebacker who was on my board to go somewhere within the second, instead it the last pick of day 2. Chiefs at least got some really great linebacker depth to be proud even if they took way too many nose tackles during that portion.'' B-

Hope you enjoyed that, and we will reached all verdicts of each respectable conference next time when we go into another analysis of each team.