Ht's Analysis: 2018 NFL Draft AFC Draft Grades

htoutlaws2012 Unlike having to go by all eight division i'll just combine each conference, and do this way thus space it out fairly done to the point you know i'm not having 8 posts quickly done like that let's get more advanced now shall we. The AFC conference for me was a bit interesting with the whole dynamic proportions of a mix of great to missed opportunities to get slipped up needs that may have be misfired completely on most. With that said let's take one more look back at the AFC conference 16 teams how they could fair well in the draft, and shape up in the regular season moving forward. Well go by alphabetical order no favoritism by any means.

Baltimore Ravens: ''The farewell season for the great Ozzie Newsome who has given Baltimore 2 super bowls in his legendary career as GM. This was a very up, and down roller coaster draft with a bit of huh to great selection building in the future case where they took Lamar Jackson at 32. You got another steal in Orlando Brown this tall tackle who had a bad combine fit right in with his father playing on the same team sounds like Baltimore royalty to me. I felt this was a draft that really was given its all, and that if all these new Flacco has needs up helping than Newsome deserves another hall of fame inductee as the GM for Baltimore.'' B-

Buffalo Bills: I feel very mixed about Buffalo's draft entirely where they have some good value, but man they better be right about that racist quarterback they took 7th overall despite the red flags that took place during that day. Tremaine Edmunds at 16 was a huge steal he was suppose to be taken within the top 10 that didn't happen Buffalo trades up to take him adds in more great depth at Linebacker. I like the selection of Harrison Phillips was a big steal where if Kyle Williams up leaving after this season at least you got somebody ready to take that roll perhaps as the premiere nose tackle. Then they add in corner, and wideouts who probably won't make the roster. It wasn't the worst thing I seen that whole process, but if Josh Allen ends up being not that Matthew Stafford type guy then its back the the drawing board for Buffalo. C+

Cincinnati Bengals: ''Cincy had a weird draft entirely where I only felt like they got some studs that could pan out like Jessie Bates, and Malik Jefferson. Than you get the bizarre selection of guys like Sam Hubbard, Auden Tate, & Andrew brown all picks that are probably unlikely to start at all because that's there strength, and how they beat there last two opponents last season just doesn't seem right to me.'' D+

Cleveland Browns: ''Oh my god did they blow it with ease. There was many speculations where they could of gone with the first pick I guarantee you nobody on mock draft boards had Baker Mayfield actually go number one overall is insane. Undersized of the four in the top 10, and another concern is the pattern in which yes his infamous off field issues from Oklahoma. Makes me wonder why draft Johnny Manziel 2.0 for when you have Tyrod Taylor as a pretty decent quarterback you just signed this off-season? Then to make things worse you slightly overreached on a corner who was projected near the bottom of the top 10 in Denzel Ward. You're telling okay yes Secondary was terrible I won't deny that, but it is unacceptable that you chose him over Bradly Chubb in which that combination of he, and Myles Garrett would of been a great consideration to look up to in Cleveland now that is no more as we are seeing 2014 all over again great job Dorsey. After a miserable round 1 disaster, they decide to take Corbett over Will Hernadez, Nick Chubb over Derrius Guice, and in the end of day 2 draft a defensive end in Chad Thomas of the U how disappointing. Oh, and the receiver they took hardly played in college so why does Cleveland love having players who have major red flags for? Where's Sunny Weaver where you need him?'' D-

Denver Broncos: ''John Elway played everything out brilliantly seeing what mistakes other gm's would do Browns took an overreached Corner instead of Bradley Chubb the best defensive prospect of this draft Chubb, and Miller oh that looks like a tough pair to defend against. At first I didn't get the Courtland Sutton move until remembering oh yeah Cody Latimer was not really a miracle spark plug #3 Wide out they hoped for... his freakishly tall, and could be a difference maker for Case Keenum. Even better they addressed getting a tail back to put pressure off of Case Keenum in Royce Freeman who a lot of people on here suggests was extremely undervalued in the draft over other tail backs chosen over him, I do like the Viadom pick from Boston College maybe not gonna be as good as Talib, but next to Chris Harris Jr. that orange crush is getting some young inexperienced guys to learn fast in that secondary. My one big concern is that yes they'll improve, but one think I'd feel confident is how well can this team mange to hold up with a terrible offensive line will be the testament to there future season in a difficult division.'' A-

Houston Texans: While they had to wait until the 3rd round to get somebody... boy did that somebody end up being Justin Reid who fell hard, and outta round 2 just come right t him. Now he'll play side by side with honey badger that secondary needs more young players anyway. They took a center afterwards where they bigger weakness is at tackle since trading away Brown to Seattle Houston has shown that after a ton of hits, and that Watson ends up being out for the year the team is toast. I appreciate they took Two Tight Ends late in the draft that's how you should do it, and not waste your time with it early on it ends up being a waste of somebody valuable still on the board, and also a guy that could come into his own if in the 6th round chose Duke Ejifor of Wake Forest who looks very undervalued, and may fit right into the system with Clowney, and Watt. For the little they could do it was a very fair draft for Houston much more than Dallas was. B-

Indianapolis Colts: ''I like the strategy by the Colts in this draft going after big body players that can fit from both sides of the football to then add in some extra weapons for ''If'' Andrew Luck returns to the field in time than lookout this could be a sleeper team.'' B

Jacksonville Jaguars: ''You gave Bortles one weapon who granted looks like a great steal, but that's all I can say positively about Jagaurs's draft because taking a nose tackle in Taven Bryan makes zero sense, and Ronnie Harrison of Alabama makes zero sense these are going to be backups by the time the regular season starts. Unfortunately Tanner Lee is not gonna get the battle for the starting job since they treat him nothing more than 2nd stringer.'' C-

Kansas City Chiefs: ''The Chiefs mindset was all defense which I don't mind, but you gotta at least draft some offensive lineman to help Patrick Mahomes really prove to be the quarterback they got high in the draft a year ago, but a hard schedule awaits this team in 2018.'' C+

Los Angeles Chargers: Chargers had a very okay draft overall it was great, nor terrible they were in the middle addressing basically all there needs finely not being ridiculous. What is proven of this is having Darwin James fall in their lap at 17 is a steal now they got a massive upgrade in the secondary. I do feel they had a sub-par draft with only ting that kinda lacked in, and that's extra depth at offensive line. This team is gonna make some noise this year, but in order for that to happen stock up on guys to protect Rivers, and Gordon vise versa. B-

Miami Dolphins: ''Don't get me wrong the first few picks I didn't mind the way they went down, but everything after though I questioned. Baker is a bit undersized for somebody from the Ohio Sate University. Than the take more Tight Ends okay let's get to like the Ravens now, another undersized linebacker late in the draft, and even more disappointing they didn't draft a backup quarterback just in case Ryan Tannehill goes down again to perhaps an ACL injury.'' C-

New England Patriots: ''Not a great draft, fairly decent picks... the big payout however is that they set themselves up with a grand number of picks in the 2019 draft oh man that's where will find answers if Tom Brady can continues or even Gronk fort that matter a win for Robert Kraft with questions raising if the Patriots may ever come back to the Super Bowl again with young talent building even more.'' B

New York Jets: ''I'll be honest taking Darnold great pick, but everything after that does not cut it with Jets having a good draft in fact you don't even bother giving him some offensive line help at all, and assume he'll be able to handle that. Two nose tackles making it seem like a 4-3 defense style, and late tail back with a Tight End ugh... they probably could of been better off with those extra picks in this case Indy looks like a genius trading down.'' C

Oakland Raiders: ''A lot of people thought the Raiders had a terrible draft I disagree with all those football experts that pan Jon Gruden's approach building a very interesting set of tench picks early on. Sure Miller was a bit of a reach, and yeah Hall was overreached quite a bit, oh and yeah taking another tackle too. Once they picked guys like Arden key, and Maurice Hurst as low as they were made me go wow this may look like a contending team if all things work out great.'' C+

Pittsburgh Steelers: I do love there day 2 selections I will say that, but overall this was a very okay draft with some things I need to address. I feel like they massively reached for a safety with their first pick I never would of thought I'd see both Edmunds fall round 1. You have some high expectation if you are going to be anywhere the level of Troy Polamalu. During day two they finally let Martavis Bryant go to Oakland, being outshined by Juju Smith-Schuster having a pretty good rookie year. They immediately took a receiver right after that deal was announced which made a lot of sense in a way. One thing that we may see in the next few Years is when Big Ben may put up his cleats for A young rookie named Mason Rudolph who could be the biggest steal at where he was in day 2. I have a good feeling he will fit in well with that explosive offense. Another sneaky good pick is taking a tackle near the end of the round insurance policy in case of Marcus Gilbert decides to not be active for some strange coincidence. Day 3 picks I was very soso I'm just like okay it is what it overall not the worst draft, but could of been better for sure. C

Tennessee Titans: Last best not least the Tennessee Titans who only had four picks large part thanks to trading up early on in day 1, & 2 of the draft. I gotta say though that defense may have gotten some better looking improvements I like that they got Evans, and Landry the edge rusher to give the sense Tennessee wants to win now mentality just another team from the NFC who traded way early in Day 1. I gotta say they did give up a lot for these guys, but if the payout ends back firing oh man that's gotta suck big time, and yeah you got a depth corner, and quarterback okay. I wouldn't say the big winners since there was two notable interesting moves they got just to climb up twice to get a heavy price. C+

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