Most Heartbreaking Losses in NFL History

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1 Seahawks vs Patriots, Super Bowl XLIX

Seahawks looked to have New England on the verge of losing all they had to do was score and they win. Instead of using their star RB Marshawn Lynch No they decide to pass..? “Pass is.. INTERCEPTED AT THE GOAL LINE BY MALCOLM BUTLER!”

one of the best Super Bowls after a amazing catch it looked like the Seahawks were going to sneak a win but they made the decision to throw on the 1 yard line

2 Vikings vs Falcons, 1999 NFC Championship

One of the best teams in the league to not win it Minnesota had this game all but won. Just heartbreaking to see them collapse like that

it seemed like destiny 7 point lead with 2 minuets left to finally go to the Superbowl but then they do what every Viking team has done they choked

3 Rams vs Saints, 2019 NFC Championship

Saints got robbed big time we all know that. A big no call that truly played a factor in the outcome

now I think it was a bit of a over reaction having the NFL change the rules of the game but still the no call did hurt

4 Packers vs Cardinals, 2016 NFC Divisional Round

after 2 Hail Mary to take the game to over time all it took was 2 plays to Fitzgerald to end the game

5 Seahawks vs. Broncos, Super Bowl XXVIII

What should have been a good game turned into a bloodbath massacre quickly and Denver never truly recovered

probably one of the most hyped Super Bowls I remember in what could be Manning last Super Bowl turned into a massacre

6 Chiefs vs Colts, 2014 AFC Wild Card

after taking a 28 point lead it seemed like the game was over but then Luck came back and did not even have to take the game into OT

Ughh.. we do not speak of this game but yeah they went full Reid

7 Vikings vs Seahawks, 2015 NFC Wild Card

Come on guys you had an easy chip shot there’s no way you should have missed that kick.

well Vikings got up to the 28 yard line and missed the field goal you know Vikings

8 Lions vs Redskins, 1991 NFC Championship

the Lions first Championship game in the SB era it seemed like they could go all the way but the dream crashed by the end of the first half

9 Saints vs Vikings, 2017 NFC Divisional Round

the Saints just had to hold the Vikings for 9 Seconds but Williams hit his own teammate when Diggs caught the ball for a 61 yard TD

Saints has this game in the bag all they had to do was tackle Stephon Diggs

10 Giants vs Patriots, Super Bowl XLII

No this was glorious. You could say it was the UMBC over Virginia type upset. Nobody expected the G men to pull it off but Eli proves that he is Brady’s kryptonite

it was almost 18-0 thank you Eli

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11 Titans vs Rams, Super Bowl XXXIV

The Titans lost the Super Bowl by 1 yard.

Tennessee you almost had it you were so close only to come up ONE YARD SHORT

12 Buffalo Bills vs Houston Oilers, 1993 Week 16
13 Chiefs vs Patriots, 2018 AFC Championship

I know we had an awful defense but WE WOULD HAVE WON IF DEE FORD WASNT OFFSIDES!

14 Bears vs. Redskins, 1940 NFL Championship
15 Oilers vs. Bills, 1993 AFC Wild Card

This was the best chance for the Oilers to finally get over the hump and finally going to the Super Bowl. It was a 32-point lead and all the oilers had to do was keep going all out against the Bills like they did in their previous game and into the first half of their rematch.
2 quarters and 1 overtime later, it was the Bills not the Oilers that won and many Oilers fans even today are still asking WHAT HAPPENED?
Its Joeysworld

16 Patriots vs Falcons, Super Bowl LI
17 49ers vs Chiefs, Super Bowl LIV
18 Vikings vs Saints, 2009 NFC Championship
19 Buffalo Bills vs Arizona Cardinals, 2020 Week 10
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