Top 10 Predictions for the Sunday Games in Week 11 of the 2021 NFL Regular Season

The Top Ten
1 Dak Prescott and Patrick Mahomes combine for 950 yards and 10 touchdowns

Deja Vu folks, this time though this game is a big one to witness. You could argue these two are top 5 Quarterbacks right now, but most certainly top 10 respectively. In America's Game of the week should be an offensive showdown of greatness you cannot miss. Granted Cowboys' defense has been better than what the Chiefs have done. This one could be explosive go from the first drive.

2 Seahawks upset the Cardinals

Seattle is fighting for their playoff lives and a loss here. Means you can kiss them goodbye of a comeback. No Kyler Muray, No DeAndre Hopkins once again. You fall at home, there could be a changing of the guard in Seattle when the off-season comes around.

3 Bears rushing offense goes for over 200+ yards on the ground against the Ravens

Lamar Jackson is feeling ill again, Bears might have caught a break with how much they have been struggling aside from a Monday game you would argue they won with a blown ref call. I say they bounce back with a reeling Ravens team that isn't 100% right now, and that Lamar Jackson we have seen in the past plays terribly when sick. Nearly (well should have) gave the Lions a win that being one of his more disappointing showings of the season. Bears have a running game that can win them the game between Montgomery and Herbert should put the pressure on Baltimore's D-line.

4 Bengals offense puts up 500 yards against the Raiders defense

Bengals are fresh, and the Raiders are in a lot of trouble with a bad primetime loss. Things are setting into reality for Vegas, and the Bengals need to shake off some bad cobwebs of a 2 game losing streak they have been going on. I say they wake up and give a resurging performance on offense to showcase what they are capable of in the future as well.

5 Najee Harris runs for over 200 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Chargers

Najee Harris has had a nice showing so far. Steelers disgustingly take the tie last week. Why they are in the prime spot I don't know, but in that case whose been their best player offensively. Najee Harris of course. Chargers are bad against the run this season, and he should have a great one if they are to make this game close to the better team that needs to snap their losing streak.

6 Browns put up a 40 burger on the Lions

Baker Mayfield is gonna play all battered and bruised, I respect his toughness. He may not have to do a whole lot in this game just to crush the kittens who tied a week before to the rival they fell to. Browns have a much better offense to work with and look for the running game to rip and tear from the early get-go with Nick Chubb back in the lineup.

7 Dolphins shut out the Jets

Joe Flacco is officially in, and maybe that might not be a good thing as you would expect. Sure Mike White made the best of what he could, and John Johnston sure looked good for a game stepping in. Now comes the part of a trade that makes absolutely no sense. It will all come full circle with a Dolphins team desperate to stay in contention with a last-second gasp they are fighting for. The defense sure played their hearts out making Jackson look very inferior. I could see this with a former Raven himself way past his prime.

8 Titans defense forces 4+ turnovers by the Texans offense

Titans have been red hot mainly their defense getting the job in a month in play they have been hard to figure out. Texans might end getting the 1st overall pick seeing how bad they have played up to this point finding nothing to stay close. A blowout in this rivalry can be likely with how lopsided this game is on paper.

9 Mark Ingram runs for 100 yards and has 2 touchdown against the Eagles

Mark Ingram is missing most of his starting line in this game. It's bolder if he is able to make this one a close game. He played well last week, and while Philly is a lot better than many of us credit them for. They have a chance to upset New Orleans with the trench battle, but Mark Ingram could be the difference if you let him.

10 Panthers keep on rolling

The way Carolina found a new life found at hand the way they scored 31 points. Panthers do have the better defense over Washington, and that could very well put them out at least for this week. No Logan Thomas to worry about, and that is pivotal with how loaded Carolina is at the corner position gives them the edge here in their home turf.

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