Ht's take on Week 2 of the NFL

htoutlaws2012 New York Jets Vs Buffalo Bills: This was a pretty good game between two rivalries it's the aftermath of it which I thought was dumb by getting rid of the offensive coordinator who actually got you to 31 points in the first place ugh just dumb good game, but what cost for the bills or Darrelle Revis for that matter he didn't look like a winner.

New Orleans Saints Vs New York Giants: Very disappointing this game wasn't a high scoring affair nevertheless good close game with the Giants going 2-0.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Washington Redskins: Once again the skins found a way to lose at home what's the deal here? Is it the miscommunication? or just the coaching being portrayed poorly for this team. Meanwhile Prescott is having quite the time against that defense and somehow has a sub-par good game while Cousins whom didn't have bad game it was the final drive that counts so there you go one of the more surprising 0-2 teams to start like this.

Miami Dolphins Vs New England Patriots: Early in the game the patriots were looking so good and then Garoppolo gets hurt after playing tremendously the first half like what a unfortunate term of event for a guy who could of been the next Steve Young. Anyways they still win the game, but towards the end as Tannehill really put on a show with Landry and others for an effort to get a win proven unsuccessful once again.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: It was the game to watch intense rivalry and Pittsburgh comes out the winner with no big help from Antonio Brown at all in the game. Another top player in A.J Green also did not have that big of a game as the running carried the load for the most part with back and forth action of rush and catches.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Carolina Panthers: This was not a surprising, but the way they played the second half was just fantasy heaven for anyone who had any offensive starter for this, well unless your Jonathan Stewart, but still impressive squashing by Carolina.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Cleveland Browns: The bottom of the bottom of that division in the beginning it was interesting how the Browns got 20 points quickly until it hit rock bottom second and boom here is the Browns we know will have the 1st pick in 2017 (although I said it would be 49ers, but this team looks way worse now).

Tennessee Titans Vs Detroit Lions: I'll I have to say is 3 common letters for the Lions S.O.S is all I can say about this like seriously. This should have been an easy win for this team we all drank that koolaid believing this team would be different nope we were sucked again get ready for 1-2 come Lambeau. You looked great early on the game getting a safety and all that and then we come to reality that this team can't play all 4 quarters, if last week wasn't suspicious enough then this is evidence for what i'm about to see again and again and again all season. Oh and we have 2 Active Linebackers the whole game remaining so yes we were beat up, but who was to blame for the last play for the team enough said this team disgusts me.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Houston Texans: Man the Texans look like a much better team then last year sure Brock doesn't like the best QB's, but can get it done with goo weapons surrounding him here. As for Chiefs there were not bad well they were early, but hopefully not bad bad as the AFC West looks like the best division in football as we speak. Also that Watt extracted some revenge and tackle Fisher from the Playoffs.

Seattle Seahawks Vs Los Angeles Rams: I was getting ready change my pick for the Rams to be the worst, but they actually won here how odd, but you always get the better ace of Seattle every time since Wilson was the QB to start with. Can you say baseball game!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Arizona Cardinals: If the Cardinals looked furious here they sure did 40+ on what I thought would been a potential playoff team in Tampa Bay got literally annihilated couldn't barely anything going here. Not to mention Winston's worst game since for first game of last year as a rookie he went from 5 Td's to 4 picks in hurry unbelievable.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs San Diego Chargers: Who ever would of predicted the Chargers come killing the jags the way they did here man. Bortles was brutally awful, Both top receivers had a minimal game it was probably the most surprising one out of all of them honestly just completely destroyed by the team that did good, but still ended up losing week 1.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Oakland Raiders: Can you say the Raiders Defense is overhyped like seriously the corner area is atrocious there is no words to describe it's awfulness. When Matt Ryan is killing your back end then you got major problems. Sure they tried to comeback, but by the time they did The falcon offense would come smelling like roses and that's game folks. Fix that defense!

Indianapolis Colts Vs Denver Broncos: Okay coming into this game I expected the Colts to get absolutely creamed, but they didn't embarrass themselves badly which in a way is surprising considering they gave up 39 points a team that is not that much better then you after finding out earlier. Anyway yes the defense is so bad you can't but think how have they only given up this much points. In all seriousness Denver was the better and won congrats.

Green Bay Packers Vs Minnesota Vikings: So coming into this game I thought Green Bay was the better team that was not to be here. Minnesota's defense is slowly proven to have become truly of the elite class of the likes of Seattle, Denver, & Houston. So there are question marks on this team ultimately on Green Bay, but something tells that will change at home next week.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Chicago Bears: This 1st half was so dull and interesting, but Philly turned out the heat in the end with the easy win in Chi-town.