Top 10 Predictions for the Sunday Games in Week 5 of the 2021 NFL Regular Season

The Top Ten
1 Vikings put up a 50 burger on the Lions

The Lions have ZERO pass rush in this one. Young inexperienced bad secondary, there's so much wrong on this defense that it needs more work clearly. Vikings have an offense that can challenge opposing defenses to the core. Kirk Cousins will have a rebound game here as he always does against the Lions. Not to mention one for Dalvin Cook is likely as well. Big day at home to take down a lifeless rebuilding Lions team today. No kneecaps are needed today, just an ugly massacre we could witness today.

2 Kyler Murray has a 500 yards, 5 touchdowns against the 49ers

Kyler Murray is outright putting his name in the MVP category. This will really be on full display against a bad secondary. he can shred the secondary with 4 capable Wide Receivers. No chance they can cover all of them. Their only hope is if Nick Bosa showed up big in the pass rush. Otherwise, another loss is coming up to 30+.

3 Kyle Pitts comes up huge today in London

No Calvin Ridley, No Russell Gage even. This means Kyle Pitts has to contribute big if the Falcons are to win today in London. Pitts will have to be the big benefactor of this very foreign like Arthur Smith offense.

4 Patriots win even without 4 of their starting O-Lineman

I mean yeah the Texans could do it (If Tyrod Taylor was in I could definitely see it). The problem is with Davis Mills this could be an ugly field goal game the way I see it. Mac Jones could have an ugly rough finish while coming out with a win. A loss here, and I'm sure the Patriots fanbase would be on the fence of giving up with Buffalo having locked up the division this early needing a win to keep pace.

5 The Jekyll and Hyde trend for the Saints continues with a 30+ point victory against Washington

Saints are the weirdest team in football right now. They can play unreal football, and then the next week they just disappear. Expect this trend to continues against a team that has given up at least 30 points a game the last 3 weeks. Wouldn't be too shocked if the Saints flat-out wins seeing this pattern is more and more unusually uncommon.

6 Jags Remain Winless

Urban Meyer has lost the team. Which leaves many to wonder how bad this could turn out with a Titans team reeling up next at the worst time? A.J. Brown is back off the injury report and a heavy load for Derrick Henry to hand off to. Can't see another stunner happen with how bad the Jags situation has turned out off the field.

7 Cowboys defense gets at least 2+ turnovers in victory against the Giants

Cowboys have at least had been fortunate to have the turnover differential favor them well on the field. Danny Daimes is a turnover machine, maybe not as much so far this season. Don't worry folks it's going to happen. Cowboys are playing with huge confidence. Sure Giants are coming off their best game. He won't be enough to save them on the road in a tough environment they have not won since 2016.

8 Khalil Mack gets 2+ sacks in his revenge game with the Raiders

While some might be tempted to take Da Bears. Keep in mind that if Da Bears were to somehow win the game it would probably have to be a heavy hand in stopping anything from Derek Carr. Damien Wilaism might have to be the hero in this one for this to happen. The pass rush will be on the field for both sides in this one surely.

9 Bills and Chiefs combine for over 60+ points in tonight's game

The Sunday night game should be a great one folks. The best defense in football vs one of the best offenses in football. Mahomes might struggle in this game, but then again he finds ways to within the game win or lose. Buffalo could be shaky here, but it's hard not to see it otherwise with how bad the Defense of the Chiefs has been giving up quite a number of points since the season started.

10 Baker Mayfield throws 3 interceptions to the Chargers secondary

No Jarvis Landry and all he would have to throw to would be mainly Kareem Hunt, and Odell Beckham it would appear to be. Will this be enough to go in the middle or trusting your top guy to fix things up? I say it blows up big with a team playing incredibly confident football the last two weeks thanks to its improved defense being one of the biggest reasons.