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1 Dovewing x Tigerheart Dovewing x Tigerheart

The super edition TigerHeart's shadow is really sad and joyful at points. Their love really cannot be bound not even by the chains of StarClan.

Well, I haven't exactly gotten up to this book yet, but Dovewing seems nice...I don't really like Millie either...Or Daisy for that matter...

Tigerstar/heart 's corpse got dumped in the moonpool by his girlfriend (Dovewing)
Should you do that to your boyfriend? - Murphypaw

Dovewing and Tigerheart are best. Stupid cats belong with each other. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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2 Graystripe x Silverstream

Gray stripe x Silverstream is the first forbidden romance that you learn about in the series therefore the original and stormfur and feathertail are the best

To be honest, this is one of the only "forbidden romances" in Warriors I actually enjoyed. That's probably because it was the first one. Now, I'm really sick of all the "forbidden romances". Basically, if it's a main character nowadays, they're gonna be in some sort of forbidden relationship. It was nice at first, but now it feels really old and cliched.

This is definitely my favorite one it should be the top one

Graystripe and Silverstream loved each other so much. Even after fighting there own clans. Graystripe is loyal to Silverstream and slilverstream is loyal back they however, can't be together because of warrior code. That does not stop the fact that they keep on bonding until Silverstream dies.

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3 Crowfeather x Leafpool

So in my opinion, this ship is absolute trash, and I will tell you why :) So first off, this ship came absolutely out of nowhere! Like at first, he hates her, and all of a sudden, he loves her? Like Vicky, What's up with that? They made no bond except him saving her. At least Nightcloud and him had been in the same clan and they knew each other and Feathertail and him went on a long journey together (Crowtail 4 life) Crowfeather also seemed to not act like himself around Leafpool, like he was far off somewhere all the time. I almost think he was using Leafpool as a replacement for Feathertail, like he saw nothing in her, only that she was someone who he could take care off. They got in fights way easier than Feathertail and Crowfeather. It's like Vicky was a little desperate to find someone for Crowfeather to mate with, and was desperate for Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf to be born. I just found it a little weird and I liked Crowtail way better so yeah. Just my opinion but yeet.

Take this couple, crumble it up and throw in a garbage can.

Crowfeather and leafpools relationship had a lot to do with the plot of the third series and was actually very important to the story..

I hope he chooses Leafpool in Starclan... (by the way, if you're reading this and they ARE a couple in Starclan, I wrote this in March 2019, The Broken Code series has not come out yet. So you have to be from the future to know that.)

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4 Oakheart x Bluefur

This is my second favourite. It was like Oakheart and Bluefur were so happy before they had kits, and they were so loving and playful. Then they had kits and the sadness came in rolling waves! - Aquastar_of_DewClan


I agree this one was adorable

I love this! Their personalities work together so well! Oakheart teasing Bluestar, Bluestar unable to hold back her feelings for him, the relationship was tragic, but they had three wonderful kits. - MelancholyMist

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5 Firestar x Spottedleaf

I like Spottedleaf but Firestar X Spottedleaf...uh? - Aquastar_of_DewClan

I think that they could have been a good couple if it had worked out, but still, I like sandstorm and firestar together too though

Really? Firestar x Spottedleaf? They barely talked! Sandstorm is a sweet cat and his actually mate while Spottedleaf being just a childhood crush.

So sad this didn't happen - Snowpelt

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6 Cinderpelt x Firestar

For the people who say that they were only friends, look again. It was confirmed in the books. At the very end of (SPOILERS) River of Fire, even Cinderpelt says it herself.

I think they were meant to be together because in the books it says she was never meant to be a medicine cat, and she was reborn because she never got the life she was supposed to have- being a warrior and having a mate (who looks suspiciously like Firestar)

I don’t usually like that forbidden stuff, but Firepelt is so cute!

I truly think that they were so meant to be but the only problem with it is how heart breaking it was that they did not get together!
But as a pro warrior cat D.T.W ( deep thinking warrior) I think that it would be a bit to award for them both because when Firestar was Fireheart he was, then known as Ciderpaw was her mentor.
trust me every bone in sadly my human body is crying out to ship them but I need to put this in a mentor/student point of view and say it would be to award for them.
to come to a conclusion even if Ciderpaw became a warrior it would still be a bit (by a lot) award. I see them as a D.T.W that they would probably have father and daughter relationship.

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7 Jayfeather x Half-Moon

When Jayfeather wasn't with Half Moon, he was just a serious, grumpy medicine cat. When he met the ancient tribes and got teased, Half Moon was there for him. When he got doubted by the other cats, Half Moon was the only one who completely trusted him. She was always there for him, and her affection for him got rid of Jayfeather's angry attitude. They started playing together, and Jayfeather finally started showing love and having fun. When he had to leave, he got emotional about another cat (which never happens) and never wanted to leave her. I nearly cried my eyes out when they said their goodbyes in Sign Of The Moon, it was so sad and touching that I had to take a thirty minute break before reading the next chapter about Lionblaze's ridiculous training. And the saddest part was when Half Moon said "I will wait for you forever, Jay's Wing! "

BEST SHIP EVER Jay x Half-Moon forever

My favorite couple Jayfeather was so happy with her!

This should be replaced with Jayfeather x Stick >

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8 Ivypool x Hawkfrost Ivypool x Hawkfrost

Oh my gosh yes this is my favorite ship of all time! I always tell people about these two but they are all like nah ivy and fern. But I can just picture it if hawkfrost didn't die and if became good and they had a forbidden ship and they had two little tom cats spikekit and flurrykit and hawk died protecting ivypool and his kits! Sorry I started fantasizing. I think I really started loving this ship when ivypool was an apprentice and hawkfrost took net her in a meadow in her dreams when she first started training in the dark forest. Why did hawkfrost have to die?! Thanks so much for recognizing this ship!

I hate/love this for no reason.. - Murphypaw


I don't know how to feel about them... but...
*spolier warning* Ivypool is ambitious and manages to leave the path she's been taking, realising she does wrong. Hawkfrost on the other hand... I think he regets following Tigerstar after all. We all know Tiger is great at making cats fall into darkness, he tricked Bramble for example. Of course Tawnypelt was smarter than her brothers for staying out of the drama and, even if at the beggining we all thought she'll join ShadowClan and become a villain, she didn't. I think Hawkfrost needs a way to understand he's wrong. If Ivy did, maybe she can help him step into the light... But of course, now that's impossible. Hawk is dead, dead forever and he won't come back... ever. ~ Dusk

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9 Briarlight x Jayfeather

Love it briarlight is my favorite cat besides micah (moth flight's vision) AND Y DID BRIARLIGHT HAVE TO DIE

So adorable. The best ship. JayxBriar is so sweet, and so adorable, and so funny, and so perfect, and so beautiful that I just want to die, I ship it so hard. WHY IS THIS NOT CANON?!

10 Tigerstar x Sasha

They made hawk frost EVIL!

It's not forrbiden

( Read le Comics ) - Snowpelt

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11 Jayfeather x Stick

I laughed so hard when I read this. This pokes fun at the entire power of three series. This is hilarious. Whoever put this here is the smartest person ever. -Stormshard

Yes. Best ship ever.

Ship it because it is medicine cats

This is the best couple of ever! #Jayxstick4ever - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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12 Yellowfang x Raggedstar

They would have been so cute

I ship it but I still think Yellowfang deserves better

YeLlOwFaNg Is BeSt CaT

Hate how Raggedstar treated Yellowfang after she chose to be a Med cat. - QueenOfRacing

( father of Brokentail/star ) - Snowpelt

13 Fallen Leaves x Hollyleaf

This ship is accurate. Fallen Leaves helped her and gave her his life, I believe. After she left with that fox, she came back, she didn't want to leave Fallen Leaves after what he had done. Fallen Leaves being a rude boi -3- but then forgiving her. They also acted like they were a Clan, that isn't needed but, yeah

YAY! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Not really forbidden since Hollyleaf wasn't technically a clan cat anymore, but it was a cute couple.

Yup but if Jay x stick was on here I would choose that

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14 Leafpool x Crowfeather

I LOVVE THIS COUPLE! my second fave is firestar x leafpool!

I'm surprised this is so low. - RisingMoon

There's another Leafpool x Crowfeather here and they're in the second place - cassiabez

Suprised this isn’t higher on the list. I wish that Leafpool ran away with Crowfeather! He didn’t deserve for is heart to be broken for a second time. 😩

15 Tallstar x Jake

I just... yeah... I love it... Its... yeah...

This was actually said by the erins that this was a cannon couple. not mates just a couple. and OH MY GOLLY GOATS they are so CUTE together! I so ship it, I mean... such a cute couple. HOW IS THIS FORBIDDEN! I'm really suprised that this is so low.

It's just amazing.. just... amazing..

I ship it! In the books he thought about Jake again and said “No, the cats I love” confirmed! :3

16 Feathertail x Crowfeather

This was the first romance I ever read about and crowfeather and I clicked but feathertail and crowfeather are two cats I love!

Better than Leafpool or Nightcloud one all the way. Nothing more to say really. She literally DIED for him. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM HER CROWPOOL SHIPPERS?!?! Plus, if Feathertail hadn't helped him come out of his shell, the Crowpool and Nightfeather ship wouldn't of even happened.

Featherfeather is so cute! Crowfeather literally named himself after her. I don't care about Crowpool - that wasn't *true*. No, Feathertail was the one to break Crowfeather (than Crowpaw) out of his shell.

17 Brightsky x Mudfur

This isn't forbidden love; Mudfur was a warrior before he became a medicine cat; and he had a mate and kits; Brightsky, Leopardstar, and three other kits that died.

It's so sad! She had FOUR kits, and three of them DIED, and she DIED. Mudfur was so heartbroken! Now you know why Leopardstar was so reluctant to leave when the twolegs destroyed the forest; her father was about to die! It's was so sad! (in Crookedstar's Promise)

I didn't remember this. Was it in a Super Edition? - RiverClanRocks

Ya, it was. He kinda was fallin in love with her... But it was hard to tell. - SpiritStar

This isn't forbidden. They were mates until Brightsky died then Mudfur became medicine cat.

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18 Clawclaw x Duskfur

Lol. I love this one for some reason.


Wow this is a terrible list

I never thought clawclaw could be a name

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19 Cinderheart x Lionblaze



Even if Honeyfern liked Lionblaze first, they were never meant to be together. Imagine them being mates. Cinderheart and Lionblaze would never connect, and when Jayfeather tells Cinderheart that she is actually Cinderpelt, Lionblaze wouldn’t of told Cinderheart that she WAS Cinderpelt, and she is NOW Cinderheart. Then she would have her medicine cat ceremony,and then the whole story would of been jank. I think Cinderheart and Lionblaze were a special couple with beautiful kits. They are my #1 couple!

20 Alderpaw x Needlepaw

Wow Thunderclan Medicine cat x Shadow clan apprentice... that's BREAKING A CODE TWICE AT ONE TIME... but yeah - Nightkillo

I love this one! they should so be together

Technically Alderheart and Needletail... I never actually thought of this as a ship till my friend told me she shipped it. I still think of them as friends, honestly. I guess it could work out if Needletail wasn't dead. I kinda shipped Alderheart with Twigbranch until Finleap came along...

I’m not a fan of forbidden couples, but this is one of my favorite Warriors couples EVER (aside from Jay x Stick and Fire x Sand)

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21 Leafpool x Mothwing

NO. She shouldn't go to the Dark Forest for not dating Mothwing lol. She has a right to date whoever she wants. If she wants to date and love a trash-bag, let her love a trash-bag damn it

Leafpool should go to the dark forest for dating crowfeather and not mothwing

One of my favorite ships

I love these two! Crowfeather and Leafpool isn't nearly as good as these two.

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22 Bramblestar x Jessy


Squrrflights jeslous! Squrrilflighta jeslous! :3 (by the way sorry for the spelling)

They were cute together, it's not really forbidden but still... she was a kittypet. She led him away from his true love, but she taught him stuff too. I think they were really cute...

23 Sopttedleaf x Firestar
24 Moth Flight x Micah

(almost my favorite ship)

Even though I think Moth Flight was a little marysueish, I love this couple.

They were so cute! Micah was a Skyclan cat and a farm cat, whilst Moth Fight was Windclan.

I love this couple sooo MUCH!


25 Stargleamstar x Jazzpawstar

You men Glemastra and Jazpwstra - RoseWeasley

26 Darkstripe x Tigerstar

Tigerstar never loved anyone but himself, I'm pretty sure. I felt bad for Darkstripe and even more if Darkstripe did love him. This counts officially and with AUs. Darkstripe at least looked up to him (though he was a poor role model) and that can turn into love. Sadly it'd always be one-sided. Tigerstar was a huge jerk. I didn't like Darkstripe at all (Sorrelkit! ) but I did feel bad for him at least a little.

I swear I looove this! he always followed him around because he liked him! erins confirmed it!

27 Bluestar x Oakheart

I feel like we should have got a book or seires that takes place before bluestar becomes the leader of thunderclan

Bluestar and Oak heart do go great together that they had MistyStar and Stonefur who was killed for no reason.-ThunderFur P.S they totally 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 each other.

28 Ashfur x Scourge

Let me ruin this ship for you...
Jake quince and had firestar
He also mated nutmeg and had scourge
Firestar mated sandstorm
Sandstorm's father is retail
Retail mated brindleface
Brindleface mated white storm
They had ashfur...


NO - RoseWeasley

yes - Willowfur

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29 Mapleshade x Appledusk

I had to vote for this :( I know shes evil but poor mapleshade

Appledusk didn't deserve Mapleshade. - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Guys. this is #1 in forbidden ships so sad

Porr mapleshade... She gets her kits killed, rejected by two clans, and the only cats she loves. NO ONE CAN BLAME HER FOR BEING A LITTLE CRAZY! 😾😾😾😾😾

30 Scourge x Firestar

No! I hate Scourge!

THEY (clap) ARE (clap) HALF (clap) BROTHERS! - RoseWeasley

31 Lionpaw x Heatherpaw

They were adorable together, young cats in love not even caring about the clan borders. Until one day they realized they could never be together...

I never really liked Heathertail. She became a total jerk to him after he broke up with her. - RisingMoon

32 Gorsetail x Hollyleaf

Both extremely loyal to the warrior code; I wouldn't put ahead of Fallen Leaves and Hollyleaf; but they are pretty cute.

Both are she-cats, from different clans, huge age gap, AND don't even know each other. Wow. Just wow.

Who in the world is Gorsetail?

Okay, just saying' that the person who commented before me is sick. what's wrong with them both being she-cats? just because the erins completely ignored lgbtqia+ doesn't mean that we can't ship cats (gay warriors ships are the best ships, by the way). I think this ship is fine, though didn't get enough airspace so nobody knows what it is.

33 Palebird x Sandgorse
34 Firestar x Sandstorm

It's not forbidden

One it happened
two it's the best
i love sandstorm I mean sure she was a meanie to firepaw but she learns a grows as a character learns that

(and personaly I never really liked the ships between firestar x spottedleaf or firestar x cinderpelt I mean you can like it if you want this is just my opinion so don't bite my head of for saying this)

35 Featherstorm x Hal

They were so cute before Hal dissed her, Raggedstar, and Scorchwind. There's no denying it, people. Their personalities fit. She can soothe and tolerate him and he can bring her back to earth. Don't hate me, I have a right to an opinion, just like you.

What book is that?

36 Raggedstar x Yellowfang

I love this couple but Raggedstar needs to treat her better. #Treatherbetter

37 Starstar x Clawclaw

Clanclan cats

They're born to each other.Literally - cassiabez

Hi Starstar how is it leading Clanclan? Your dep is Clawclaw and med is Furfur. Warriors? Oii, I bet they are Heartheart, Peltpelt, Leafleaf, Splashsplash, Gingerginger, Mistmist, I guess that is all. Goodgoodbyebye

38 Featherfeather x Stormstorm

yes - Willowfur

39 Willowwillow x Maplemaple
40 Streamsilver x Stripegray

We the hell with these weird things?

Streamsilver and Stripegray of ClanBackwards. Other ships include Featherjay x kcitS, Starfire x Stormsand, Feathercrow x Tailfeather, Feathercrow x Poolleaf and Starstar (leader of ClanClan) x Starleader (leader of ClanBackwards). - Willowfur

41 Tigerstar x Scourge

Oh god not this again it’s based off an awkward, and non kid appropriate warrior cat animation about gay cats

Oh no don’t look this up it comes up with weird perverted things that you will never unsee. ~Galaxy Meowth

42 Pebbleshine x Hawkwing

I feel bad for them... STUPID TWOLEGS AND MONSTERS! - Nightkillo

43 Longtail x Rabbit

The rabbit loved him so much she scratched his eyes out! - sydneyhelget

44 Fallowtail x Reedfeather
45 Dustshine x Willowflower

Who are they? - Spottedtail

46 Leafstar x Billystorm

Leafstar changed the warrior code to be together. - Spottedtail

47 Cloudtail x Daisy

I don't care what you say, they may not be a couple, but still ship them. Second, Daisy never tried to steal him. Read the wikia of "Daisy" (way below)

48 Ryewhisker x Cloudberry
49 Alderheart x Violet

I don't know for sure if its Violet :3

50 Winterwinter x Frostfrost

yes - Willowfur

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