Top Ten Most Forgettable Disney Songs

Disney has an almost neverending library of music, from the classic "Heigh Ho" to more recent hits such as "You're Welcome". But with such a vast collection of great tracks and pleasant melodies, there will always be those ones in which you forgot ever existed, whether it be too short, maybe it didn't progress the story at all...or maybe it's just a plain bad song in which you can barely remember. There are many reasons why a song can be forgotten.

I've tried to make this list one song per movie, otherwise we would only have maybe 10 songs from 3 or 4 movies here.

So, let us dig deep into the Disney vaults, and discover some hidden tunes in the corner with DapperPickle's Top Ten Most Forgettable Disney Songs!

The Top Ten

1 Higitus Figitus (The Sword in the Stone)

Basically a discount bippity boppity boo - DapperPickle

2 What Made The Red Man Red (Peter Pan)

I thought it was infamous not forgettable - Pieclone

This whole Native sequence in the film is dull enough, but maybe this song will enlighten it a bit?

No, it's the worst song in the movie.

It's incredibly racist, which I really don't need to explain as if you just watch it, it is very obvious. Obviously this was around the time when the films were a lot more racey than nowadays. What's also just a bad song too, it's boring, repetitive and predictable. - DapperPickle

I remembered it - iliekpiez

I don’t actually remember this song from watching the movie. That may be because I haven’t seen it in a few years. - PackFan2005

3 Say It With a Slap (Fun and Fancy Free)

Do bears actually mate like this? I'd not be surprised either way, it seems possible. Anyway, package films are great for filler spots in Disney lists so have a song about bears...slapping eachother. - DapperPickle

4 Rescue Aid Society (The Rescuers)

The Rescuers strong spot never really was music, the soundtrack doesn't have anything remotely memorable in it, you could substitute this song with nearly any other one from The Rescuers. - DapperPickle

5 I'm Still Here (Treasure Planet)

It may not be very memorable, but it's still a pretty good song.

6 Where the Dream Takes You (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

From the equally forgettable movie, this song was it's 'big one'...and it was bad, who would of thought.I'm in the party that thinks this movie is just okay, but I still dislike this song for not being very unique or special at all, it just sounds generic. - DapperPickle

7 Never Knew I Needed (The Princess and the Frog)

I nearly jumped out of my seat when this one played, it's so unfitting and...bad! Was this recorded for an entirely different movie? This comes straight from the realm of "This Doesn't Belong Here", it does not fit for what the film is going for in terms of music and it ruins the whole experience for you if you stay long enough to hear it. - DapperPickle

8 A Huntin' Man (The Fox and the Hound)

Honestly this movie has many underrated classic musical numbers in it - RustyNail

There isn't much to say about this 19 second little tune, it just exists and is not very memorable. - DapperPickle

9 Someday (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

This is the same as the above entry, it does not fit this at all, especially since it's placed right at the conclusion of this gritty and dark movie. We don't exactly need All-4-One right now in this soundtrack. It doesn't feel right. - DapperPickle

Somehow, we're gonna make it All right, but not right no-ow.

10 The Clown Song (Dumbo)

It's just clowns asking for a raise. I don't see the purpose of this songer other than to display that. I forgot that most of Dumbo was just clowns. - DapperPickle

The Contenders

11 Let It Go (Frozen)

Now you're just being silly... - truckturner

This song? Forgettable? No. More like STUCK IN MY HEAD FOREVER! >:(

12 The Siamese Cat Song (Lady and the Tramp)

Everyone remembers this one, they just wish they didn't. - truckturner

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