Top 10 Most Forgettable The Loud House Episodes

As the title suggests this list is all about some of the most forgettable Loud House episodes though I'm not saying there all bad but there mostly episodes that aren't really memorable.

The Top Ten

A Tale Of Two Tables

I complete forgot this episode even exists and its not hard to see why as its mostly about Lincoln wanting to prove he's mature enough to sit at the grown ups table only to find just how boring sitting at the grown up table really is. - egnomac

Its not forgettable for me it was the first loud house episode I ever saw - Pieclone

Pets Peeved

Boring episode
Crying Loud kids
And stupid humor
Need I say more

They will all be forgotten when the show is over

It sounded like a good idea for an episode about the Loud pets but what we got here is pretty weak material and a pretty predictable story line, I could hardly remember anything about the actual episode. - egnomac

Boring and dumb butt humor - BreakFastBeast2005

Spell It Out

It was pretty boring and predictable. - egnomac

This episode and "Cheater by the Dozen" are the most forgettable in my opinion - Spongehouse

Hand me Downer

Another really weak episode that's really forgettable. - egnomac

No Place Like Homeschool

I never really liked this episode I could barely keep myself invested in the actual story. - egnomac

Everybody Loves Leni

Leni's friends are super annoying and childish acting jealous with both sets of friends wanting Leni to only hang out with them and not the other all while Leni tries to remain neutral and bring both sets of friends together though it does work out in the end its still a pretty weak episode. - egnomac

I do love Leni but not this episode - BreakFastBeast2005

Teacher's Union

I never really cared for the episode. - egnomac

Breaking Dad

Though the idea of Lynn Sr. worrying about Lily thinking of Mr. Grouse as dad after he has him babysit may have sounded good enough for a B plot it just isn't enough to carry an 11 minute episode. - egnomac

Missed Connection

After having a misunderstanding during a call both Lori and Bobby worry that them being apart is threatening their relationship so they decide to have a day together but nothing goes right for them, while this premise does have potential its not executed very well and it's a pretty meh episode. - egnomac

The Waiting Game

The only part of the episode I liked was the ending with Lincoln and Lori the rest of the episode is pretty forgettable. - egnomac

The Contenders

The Green House

This episode isn't forgettable. Though I wish it was because it's one of the worst episodes of the show. - Drawbox

Cheater by the Dozen
The Whole Picture

I didn't even know this episode existed until a few days ago. - SanicWantsHisSandwich

Along Came a Sister
No Such Luck
Loudest Yard

I'm sorry, what? This episode just make bad image of Lincoln. SURE! Its good to make exercise but FORCING him to do is not the best way. I just wanted that the episode had a rewrite or in max, a better plot

In Tents Debate

Lincoln was a jerk in this episode and I pretty much hate this episode. all they just do is fight over where they go and lincoln doesn't decide so that leads to his sisters fighting

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