Top 10 Most Forgettable Pokemon

Through time Pokemon games have had some awesome and memorable Pokemon... and... some others that are not.

The Top Ten

1 Lumineon Lumineon

I hope you all realize none of these Pokemon are the most forgettable because you remembered to post them on this list

This Pokemon isn't forgotten anymore. Now people remember it as the most forgettable Pokemon.

No one ever used this one. What even was the point of it?

What...this is my second favourite of all time I never forget it - AsianBlood

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2 Maractus

I Sucks Because I Actually like Maractus, I Think it's Cute, & It's not the Worst Battler (But it Does Suck Still) - ChiefMudkip

We already have 2 cactus Pokemon. Why create another cactus Pokemon that nobody is gonna use? - CarlosGLara13

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3 Uxie Uxie

I'm sorry if you are fan of this legendary trio, I just keep forgetting they exist when I make lists of all the legendary Pokemon, nearly anyone uses them in battle and they are not that tough. - CarlosGLara13

I did not know this thing even existed until I read this

I didn't know what this was until I read it

Each are too similar and underused

4 Stantler

I forgot this thing existed until I read this

Stantler is pointless. enough said

I'm surprised stantler hasnt been mentioned yet. Stantler has pretty boring stats, I don't really use it myself, and I... don't think I saw it before in games. I can't even remember the generation its in. 3? 4?

5 Qwilfish

I never see it on anybody's teams, and there could be better water Pokemon. It seems like nobody wants Qwilfish around.

I've been a Pokemon fan my whole life and only just found out this thing existed.

6 Vullaby V 1 Comment
7 Leavanny

This thing doesn't suck too much I've used one on my team before

Hey kids, did you ever wanted a Mantis Pokemon that is not Scyther and has four 2X and two 4X WEAKNESSES?! Me neither - CarlosGLara13

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8 Druddigon

How?!?!? I love Druddigon. An awesome generic dragon, the only other being Salamence, and since I dislike the Mega for Salamence a lot, I turned to Druddigon. Hope it gets a evo line sometime soon!

I would watch the black and white anime all the time and I forgot this thing is exists

9 Ariados
10 Volbeat Volbeat Volbeat are a Danish metal band which was formed in Copenhagen. They play a fusion of rock and roll, heavy metal and rockabilly.

Let's make a firefly Pokemon weak as hell, I'm sure people will remember it. - CarlosGLara13

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? Furfrou Furfrou V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Persian

Come on, no one forgets Gen 1 pokemon but it is pretty forgettable

I swear! 99% of my friends completely forgot Meowth has an evolution! It's just forgettable. - CarlosGLara13

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12 Finneon V 1 Comment
13 Chingling
14 Elgyem

Is this even a Pokemon

15 Hoothoot Hoothoot
16 Mismagius

I never see this Pokemon ANYWHERE. It's moves aren't that good, it's stats aren't amazing, and we already have Gengar, why do we need another ghost that no one will use?

Later,I am gonna put out a Granbull on GTS,for a Mismagius Female so please give me it

17 Charizard Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

How do you forget this thing. It's like one the most popular Pokemon in existence

Why? It's a very famous Pokemon! Come on guys!

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18 Purugly V 1 Comment
19 Granbull Granbull

When your pre-evolution (Snubull) is more popular than you, you know you are really unpopular. Besides not having good stats. - CarlosGLara13

20 Camerupt

You have to fight this constantly in Gen III and the OR/AS games. How could it be forgotten?

It's only use is to get the 3 regis, it has no other use. One of the slowest Pokemon ever. - CarlosGLara13

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