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21 Chingling
22 Camerupt Camerupt

You have to fight this constantly in Gen III and the OR/AS games. How could it be forgotten?

Guys, it has a Mega now!

It's only use is to get the 3 regis, it has no other use. One of the slowest Pokemon ever. - CarlosGLara13

23 Mismagius Mismagius

I never see this Pokemon ANYWHERE. It's moves aren't that good, it's stats aren't amazing, and we already have Gengar, why do we need another ghost that no one will use?

I love Mismagius, it's my favorite ghost type - ChiefMudkip

Later,I am gonna put out a Granbull on GTS,for a Mismagius Female so please give me it

24 Mothim Mothim
25 Makuhita Makuhita

Not bad Pokemon considering their attack, but otherwise their other stats are awful! No surprise nobody use them in battle. - CarlosGLara13

26 Purugly Purugly


27 Spinda Spinda

I remember this thing. I always got really pissed off seeing this drunken panda as I tried to make my way through Route 113.

What the heck even is this thing

28 Carnivine Carnivine

Remember the venus fly trap Pokemon? Neither do I

James had one but no one remembered it

29 Charizard Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

How do you forget this thing. It's like one the most popular Pokemon in existence

Why? It's a very famous Pokemon! Come on guys!

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30 Tyrogue

In my opinion, he's not forgettable, just very, very, VERY underrated

31 Frillish

If you forgot this is Jellicent's basic form. I just always forget it's name!

32 Skarmory Skarmory

I didn't know this thing existed until last month

I don't really see this dude often.. I miss this bro.

33 Paras Paras
34 Furfrou Furfrou V 1 Comment
35 Xatu Xatu

Pokedex Entrie: "It stares all day at the sun"... well that explains where it has been so far, because other than his name, there's nothing memorable in this Pokemon. - CarlosGLara13

36 Slugma Slugma
37 Clamperl

We already have cloyster, I mean why do we need another oyster Pokemon. I don' t even know what gen this thing is from and I don't care about it enough to research

38 Tropius Tropius

I think there was a banana or something

So forgettable - 1507563

39 Furret Furret

Wasn't it a ground type (pokemon anime mistake)

But it's Adorable - ChiefMudkip

so cute

40 Forretress Forretress

I Always get this One Mixed with Generation 5's, Ferrothorn - ChiefMudkip

Didn't Brock have one of these?

Pineco's evolution. I remember it from the TCG but most people probably forget it.

I completely forgot about Forteress

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