Top 10 Most Forgettable SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes

Here is What I Think the Most Forgettable Spongebob Episodes Are, Keep in Mind I Will NOT Include Very Recent Episodes From Season 9. These Episodes Can Be Good or Bad, All Depending on The Forgettablility The Episode Has

The Top Ten

1 Gary In Love

If Your Looking at This & Thinking, "Wait, This is an Episode"? Then It is The Most Forgettable Spongebob Episode, And You Know What? It's Actually Pretty Good! It's Very Sweet. Now a Theory I Think People Don't Know this Episode is Because the Episode Before One Coarse Meal (I Hate u Mr. Krabs) Is So Horrible that People Turned off their T.V. After it Finished And NEVER Saw This Episode - ChiefMudkip

2 Chimps Ahoy

I Never Hear People Talk About This Episode, But Like Gary In Love, It's Pretty Decent. The Song is Nice & Has a Nice Ending - ChiefMudkip

I only Remeber this episode for Mr. Doctor Professor Patrick. LOL - NikBrusk

3 Porous Pockets

I haven't seen this episode yet

Unlike Chimps Ahoy or Gary in Love, This One is Just Kinda Meh, But at Least it Teaches a Good Moral - ChiefMudkip

4 The Good Krabby Name

This Episode is Very Ok, But I Just Don't See it Being Very Rememberable - ChiefMudkip

5 The Masterpiece

Overrall Ok, But Again, I Just Don't See it Being Remembered By a Lot - ChiefMudkip

6 Scaredy Pants Scaredy Pants

By Far, The Most Forgettable Spongebob Special - ChiefMudkip

7 New Leaf

I don't see the issue with this one.. It's actually a great episode! - Kaylow34

I Used To Always Enjoy This Episode, But Now That I've Seen More, It's Just Kinda...There - ChiefMudkip

8 20,000 Patties Under the Sea

Mr.Enter Says This Episode is Debatable Wether or not It's Good or Not. Honestly I Think It's Great, But Unfortunatly It's Just Never Memorable - ChiefMudkip

9 Squidward's School for Grown Ups

I Really Can't Say Much, Other Than I Never Liked This Episode - ChiefMudkip

10 Grooming Gary

I honestly do not remember this episode. - anonygirl

I didn't even know this one existed... - Kaylow34

Hey Look, Another Gary Episode! But Unlike Gary In Love, This isn't That Good I.M.O - ChiefMudkip

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? Help Wanted

The Contenders

11 Band Geeks

Really? Band Geeks is a cartoon sensation, never forgettable - ChiefMudkip

What? I don't even remember this episode, it's so forgettable

I hate this episode

12 The Paper
13 Walking Small
14 The Pink Purloiner
15 Patty Hype
16 Gullible Pants
17 A Friendly Game
18 Suction Cup Symphony

What? This is one of the better post-Season 5 episodes! - Kaylow34

19 Bucket Sweet Bucket

What even happened in this episode?

20 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

Such a stupid and gross episode. - Kaylow34

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