Top 10 Most Forgettable SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes

Here is What I Think the Most Forgettable Spongebob Episodes Are, Keep in Mind I Will NOT Include Very Recent Episodes From Season 9. These Episodes Can Be Good or Bad, All Depending on The Forgettablility The Episode Has

The Top Ten

1 Gary In Love

If Your Looking at This & Thinking, "Wait, This is an Episode"? Then It is The Most Forgettable Spongebob Episode, And You Know What? It's Actually Pretty Good! It's Very Sweet. Now a Theory I Think People Don't Know this Episode is Because the Episode Before One Coarse Meal (I Hate u Mr. Krabs) Is So Horrible that People Turned off their T.V. After it Finished And NEVER Saw This Episode - ChiefMudkip

2 Chimps Ahoy

I Never Hear People Talk About This Episode, But Like Gary In Love, It's Pretty Decent. The Song is Nice & Has a Nice Ending - ChiefMudkip

3 Porous Pockets

It's sister episode was awful and very forgettable. This episode is kind of forgettable. But is not very bad, not funny either.

I haven't seen this episode yet

Unlike Chimps Ahoy or Gary in Love, This One is Just Kinda Meh, But at Least it Teaches a Good Moral - ChiefMudkip

4 The Good Krabby Name

This Episode is Very Ok, But I Just Don't See it Being Very Rememberable - ChiefMudkip

5 The Masterpiece

Overrall Ok, But Again, I Just Don't See it Being Remembered By a Lot - ChiefMudkip

6 Scaredy Pants Scaredy Pants

By Far, The Most Forgettable Spongebob Special - ChiefMudkip

7 New Leaf

I don't see the issue with this one.. It's actually a great episode! - Kaylow34

I Used To Always Enjoy This Episode, But Now That I've Seen More, It's Just Kinda...There - ChiefMudkip

8 Squidward's School for Grown Ups

I Really Can't Say Much, Other Than I Never Liked This Episode - ChiefMudkip

9 20,000 Patties Under the Sea

Mr.Enter Says This Episode is Debatable Wether or not It's Good or Not. Honestly I Think It's Great, But Unfortunatly It's Just Never Memorable - ChiefMudkip

10 Band Geeks

Really? Band Geeks is a cartoon sensation, never forgettable - ChiefMudkip

Band Geeks isn't really forgetful. It's more like the best episode in the whole series.

What? I don't even remember this episode, it's so forgettable

Oh just shut up trolls.

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The Contenders

11 Grooming Gary

I honestly do not remember this episode. - anonygirl

I didn't even know this one existed... - Kaylow34

Hey Look, Another Gary Episode! But Unlike Gary In Love, This isn't That Good I.M.O - ChiefMudkip

12 The Paper
13 Walking Small
14 A Friendly Game
15 The Pink Purloiner
16 Pizza Delivery
17 Krusty Towers

How is this episode forgettable? It’s honestly the best season 4 episode

18 Other Patty

This one had potential, but fell flat.

19 SpongeBob Meets The Strangler

This episode does get talked about very much.

20 That Sinking Feeling

This is just a really bad episode that is much like all of the other squid ward torture episodes.

21 The Play's the Thing
22 Nice Try
23 Wigstruck

This episodes never airs

Kinda forgettable

24 Patty Hype
25 Gullible Pants
26 Suction Cup Symphony

What? This is one of the better post-Season 5 episodes! - Kaylow34

27 Bucket Sweet Bucket

What even happened in this episode?

28 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom The Sewers of Bikini Bottom

Such a stupid and gross episode. - Kaylow34

29 Grandpappy the Pirate

One of the most underrated episodes of all time - ChiefMudkip

30 Rodeo Daze
31 Chocolate with Nuts

What?! This is the funniest episode, no one forgets this episode - ChiefMudkip


32 One Coarse Meal

My Worst Episode forgettable? bahahaa - ChiefMudkip

33 Sand Castles in the Sand
34 Sleepy Time Sleepy Time

I don't remember anything from this episode other then "I see you. ZAP. (MY LEG! )"

35 A Pal for Gary
36 Krabs a la Mode
37 Spot Sai
38 Patrick's Coupon Patrick's Coupon

Kinda forgettable.

39 Doing Time Doing Time
40 Accidents Will Happen
41 InSpongeiac
42 Help Wanted

But this was the first episode

43 The Wreck Of The Mauna Loa

This episode is so underrated, I think it's brilliant.

44 Picture Day

I honestly don't remember this episode.

45 Le Big Switch
46 The Clam Whisperer
47 The Curse of the Hex
48 Slimy Dancing
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