Top Ten Forgotten About Eminem Songs

The most forgotten about and underrated Eminem songs.

The Top Ten Forgotten About Eminem Songs

1 Careful What You Wish For

A super powerful song, more so than Lose Yourself, or anything else. You NEED to hear this song! - nicktrick96

2 Above the Law

Out of any song I've ever heard, Eminem's 1 minute and 4 second verse had the most emotion, speed and power. It's insane. - nicktrick96

3 Rabbit Run

I think if Lose Yourself wouldn't have been so popular, this song would have gotten the recognition it deserves. The fast pace keeps you on the edge the entire song. - nicktrick96

4 8 Mile

Same deal here as with Rabbit Run. Lose Yourself took away so much from this song. It tells an amazing story. - nicktrick96

5 The Warning

This was never released, as it was a diss to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. It puts savage in the word savage. - nicktrick96

6 Infinite

It's pathetic how nobody knows this song. The entire album of Infinite needs to be released everywhere. This song is awesome! - nicktrick96

7 Square Dance

I'm not sure why this is so underrated. It's a great, catchy song, that throws a diss at Canibus. - nicktrick96

8 Underground

This song has awesome lines, that just shows how sick Em is with the mic. - nicktrick96

9 25 to Life

This tells a great story, with a twist at the end that should be more recognized! - nicktrick96

10 Old Time's Sake

I honestly can't believe how underrated this is. This song is just plain awesome.

The beat and the chorus are amazing! This is a great song overall though.

This is one of Eminem’s best songs PERIOD

The Contenders

11 Devil's Night

Devil's Night is a song that proves that Eminem isn't the only person that makes D12 good. Not only was his verse awesome, but the rest of the group's verses were, too. - nicktrick96

12 Love Game

The most underrated, Em and Kendrick both killed it, DOPE"""

13 Scary Movies
14 Lose Yourself

That is actually one of his most well known songs.

15 You're Never Over

Probably the best song of Recovery. It's a tribute to Proof and Eminem pretty much saying goodbye to his best friend and thanking him for always being by his side. It brings tears to my eyes especially the chorus "The days are cold living without you, the nights are long I'm growing older".

Great song really lot underrated better than no love and love the way you lie

Its Underrated But It's Better Than Love The Way You Lie Its Great Song

16 Soldier
17 Hailie's Song
18 Medicine Ball

Wow. Easily Eminem’s most underrated song. It’s awesome just listen.

19 No Apologies
20 Love You More
21 Walk on Water
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