Top Ten Forgotten Gaming Consoles of All Time

There are many video game consoles in the past but sadly they are forgotten while people focuses on the new generation.
We will count down with Top Ten Forgotten Gaming Console of All Time
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Not to be confused with cancelled video game console

The Top Ten

1 Coleco Telstar

The design are ehh and there are few games. It was the second generation console, the Telstar is simply outdated

2 Action Max

Cool name heh?!, the games are fun to play and it uses VHS

3 Bally Astrocade

Many people are curious about the old video game console let me introduce the Bally Astrocade. It was one of the second generation consoles and the remaining of this console are unknown

4 APF TV Fun

A cool name isn't it?! It's the APF T.V. Fun a simple pong clone and it was one of the first generation console

5 Super Vision 8000

Many people not knowing this and let me introduce you to the Super Vision 8000 a cool name heh?!
It has few games for this console infact it was the second generation console

6 Dreamcast

Had the company have not gone bankrupt, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft would be begging for mercy because of this console

Sega never went bankrupt, they just couldn't keep up with the PS2.

7 Casio PV-1000

One of Casio consoles this console was forgotten and become a curious piece of video game history and the remaining are unknown and its one of the third generation console

8 Epoch Cassette Vision

The console that uses cassette to insert on the console but it died out too quickly and it was the second generation consoles

9 VTech Creativision

There's nothing much about this console but this console is from the second generation

10 APF-MPF1000

Many people are not familiar with this console yeah it has few games and it's the second generation console

The Contenders

11 Casio Loopy

One of Casio consoles and has a small library of games many gamers are not impress with it making it forgotten and abandoned and its one of the fifth generation consoles

12 Philips CD-I

This console deserves to be forgotten

13 Original Xbox
14 Atari 7800
15 Neo Geo
16 Nintendo 64 Disc System

Only 9 discs were released for that thing.

17 Vectrex

I loved Minestorm!

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