Top Ten Most Forgotten Kanto Pokemon


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1 Tangela

Tangela is really forgotten by most fans. But, come on! Tangela is amazing! It's grass type, but it is not full of flowers and leaves like most, and its color isn't green (only shiny version). Tangela surprises us and that's why I adore him - Palmeiras

These were based on my opinion, so if there is another Kanto Pokemon you think is forgetten a lot, feel free to add it to the list! - itz_izzy

2 Lickitung
3 Omastar

I don't remember seeing it after season 1

4 Farfetche'd V 2 Comments
5 Seaking
6 Dodrio
7 Pinsir Pinsir
8 Rapidash
9 Seel
10 Magmar

Magmar Should be Number 1 I Never Knew He Was in The Pokemon Roster He's My Most forgotten Pokemon Ever - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

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11 Exeggcute Exeggcute
12 Venomoth

Venomoth is a forgotten Pokemon. - nickdt

13 Porygon

It was never on the anime and yes I knew about episode 37 of the anime and the injured Japanese children

14 Spinda

You literally forgot how forgettable he is.

15 Kabutops
16 Muk Muk

Genwunners who complain about Garbador do not remember the OTHER garbage Pokemon! Muk is even worse. So why? - Ian61

17 Fearow

Most forgettable poke-bird ever! Who will want to have a Fearow, if Pidgeot already exists? Its design also sucks: it's ugly and dull. No one remembers that Fearow exists since 2002, and with good reason... - Palmeiras

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1. Tangela
2. Omastar
3. Lickitung
1. Magmar
2. Pinsir
3. Seel
1. Tangela
2. Lickitung
3. Omastar



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