Top Ten Forgotten Punk Bands


The Top Ten

1 Wipers
2 Wolfbrigade
3 Buzzcocks

Some might say there not forgot by punk fans but for what there where they lost a lot of there well deserved fame - donovanthorn

Yeah, I heard this band's name. Never tried though. But I read they were one of the earliest punk rock bands. - zxm

4 The Adverts
5 Dead Boys
6 Flux of Pink Indians
7 The Damned
8 The Undertones
9 X-Ray Specs
10 Wire

The Contenders

11 Flipper Flipper Flipper is an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1979, continuing in often erratic fashion until the mid-1990s, then reuniting in 2005. The band influenced a number of grunge, punk rock and noise rock bands.
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