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21 Spyro the Dragon

It's a huge shame what happened to him. The only good game with him these days is Skylanders, and that's not even really about him. I hated Enter the Dragonfly, I hated A Hero's Tail, I cried when I played the Legend of Spyro series. The only Spyro games I ever will play is the first three. Those were amazing. Spyro, please come back to your normal self.

*Cries* I miss the classic series so much!

22 ToeJam & Earl

Loved this game as a kid!

23 King of Fighters
24 Banjo-Kazooie

Would be more popular, if it wasn't for Nuts & Bolts.

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25 Klonoa

I didn't know about this until I saw a youtube video about how the series died out. - Skullkid755

Truly an underrated series that deserved much more. - Fatalinger

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26 Chrono

Best game ever made.

27 F-Zero

How is Pokemon forgetful Everybody remembers it by heart - Jake09

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28 Bubsy

Actually, many know about this, just not in a good way. - Skullkid755

Some things really are better off to be left alone.

I don't think anyone wants another Bubsy game.

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29 Plants vs Zombies
30 Contra

Arguably the best game series on NES platform, nobody even tried producing it for PC or above.

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31 Mafia

The best game I have played yet...excluding mafia 2 and 3 of course they truly fail to capture the unique essence of this kickass game. i

32 Pokemon

Everyone plays that dummy

BEST SERIES EVER... But is still not ment to be in this comment.

Pokemon GO has brought it to everyone so stfu

Ha, Pokémon's are not forgotten.

33 Mega Man

If only Capcom wasn't treating it like trash. - shawnmccaul22

Best series ever

34 Monster Rancher

I must admit this game was one of my favourites - whatsitsname

35 Earthworm Jim

All I know is that the cartoon series is amazing and needs to be brought back. - xandermartin98

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36 PaRappa the Rapper V 2 Comments
37 Shenmue

I miss this game so much look at the graphics
People say that Shenmue had the best graphics ever on a game console
This is long before god of war

38 Pikmin

Isn't there Pikmin 3?

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39 RollerCoaster Tycoon

Old school stuff that's still fun to play!

I like seeing people die on my coasters

40 Conker

Haters can go trow the great might poo ass. This game is fantastic!

There are only 2 reasons that it is still known by some
1. Pewdiepie revived it
2. It was voted one of the most controversial video games
Other than that, it doesn't exist

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