Top Ten Former Countries and Civilizations


The Top Ten

1 Soviet Union Soviet Union

Good military, but garbage economy. - TeamRocket747

Communism managed to spread through over 11 different countries and forged a superpower. The only country that has ever been able to be a match for the USA. Tensions with it and the U.S. created the Cold War and countries like East Germany, North Korea (Which still exists), and is really the reason Vietnam is still Communist.
Wether you’re American, Russian, or neither, you can’t deny the amount of influence this country had was enormous. - Whywhat

2 Greek Empire

A VERY progressive empire for its time. They did many things, like figuring out the earth wasn’t flat, and being one of the first ever democracies. Without the Greek Empire, who know what would’ve been of the rest of the world. - Whywhat

3 Roman Empire Roman Empire

The most powerful nation, ruling from Great Britain to Baghdad.

A very powerful empire in our history, is there really much introduction needed? - Whywhat

4 Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

A really big Empire that managed to stay afloat for 700 years, hats off to you, Ottoman Empire! - Whywhat

Stayed around from before Christopher Columbus arrived to America to 4 years after WorldWar1 - O0812528

5 Czechoslovakia

A peaceful country with a good economy until Nazis and Soviets invaded, after that, it was all fine until the Slovaks wanted independence. Then, Czechoslovakia vanished from existence peacefully. - Whywhat

6 Holy Roman Empire

Since it’s founding in 800, it managed to stay fairly powerful and vast until it’s eventual dissolution in 1806, which is 1000 years worth of the pope making a bunch of emperors which worked really well. - Whywhat

7 Zulu Kingdom

Although not nearly as influential to the rest of the world as some of the other civilizations on this list, it was very notable for it’s military tactics, horns in the front to surround the enemy, the head just behind to attack, and the reserves to finish off the rest. It managed to fight off England for a while, but eventually the militia got too weak to fight any longer. - Whywhat

8 Austro-Hungarian Empire

A big and powerful nation until the loss of World War One, then it split off into many different countries, like Austria, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. - Whywhat

9 Hawaii

Although you may know it as the 50th state of the USA, it used to be an independent kingdom dating back hundreds of years. It actually was being recognized as a sovereign state for a while in the early-mid 1800s. Then, for manifesting destiny, the US decided to annex it. It was then just a territory for a while before being admitted into the union and became state #50 - Whywhat

10 Tibet

It managed to break away from China for a while, but it didn’t last for long. They’re very culturally separate from China, so I see why they would secede. - Whywhat

The Contenders

11 Western Roman Empire
12 German Empire German Empire
13 Yugoslavia
14 Republic of Texas
15 Prussia
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