Best Former Fortnite Locations


The Top Ten

1 Greasy Grove Greasy Grove

Great dropper AND has the durr burger place

Still partially accessible in Season 7, but frozen under a lake... - ChuckLaunching

2 Anarchy Acres

Replaced by Lazy Links in Season 5. - ChuckLaunching

3 Tomato Town

Replaced by Tomato Temple in Season 5. - ChuckLaunching

4 Moisty Mire

Replaced by Paradise Palms in Season 5. - ChuckLaunching

5 Flush Factory

Replaced by Happy Hamlet in Season 7. - ChuckLaunching

6 OG Factories

Destroyed by the meteor in Season 4. - ChuckLaunching

7 Prison

Removed with the addition of the desert biome in Season 5. - ChuckLaunching

8 Dusty Depot

Partially destroyed by the meteor, renamed to Dusty Diner, and the entire area renamed to Dusty Divot in Season 4. - ChuckLaunching

9 Open Soccer Stadium

Replaced in Season 5. - ChuckLaunching

10 Wailing Woods

Replaced by Sunny Steps in Season 8. - MrSnuffleupagus

The Contenders

11 Dirt Track

Replaced by a real racetrack in Season 5. - ChuckLaunching

12 Lazy Links

Replaced by Lazy Lagoon in Season 8. - ChuckLaunching

13 Tilted Towers Tilted Towers
14 Container Yard

Destroyed by lava in Season 8. - ChuckLaunching

15 Tomato Temple

Partially destroyed by the Volcano in Season 8. - ChuckLaunching

16 Retail Row Retail Row
17 The Volcano The Volcano
18 Salty Springs Salty Springs
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