Best Formula One Drivers of 2015

The Top Ten

1 Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a British Formula One racing driver from England, currently racing for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team. V 2 Comments
2 Sebastian Vettel Sebastian Vettel

The best driver ever.

Took over from Dan Ric as the underdog for 2015.However,I felt that Vettel had done a better job that Dan Ric as an underdog to Mercedes.Vettel had beaten Mercedes 3 times where they did not have any reliability problems.(Some people may argue that Rosberg lost a win at Hungary, but I felt that had Raikkonen not had car troubles Nico would have problems passing him first).He made no mistakes except for the one day off in Mexico,proving to be one of the most consistent throughout the year.Nearly beat Rosberg in the championship in an inferior car. - 10monostal

3 Max Verstappen

Good driver but has become an arrogant punk this year.

4 Fernando Alonso

My favorite driver. Does well even when his car is crap.

5 Sergio Perez

Very underrated

6 Nico Rosberg
7 Valtteri Bottas
8 Carlos Sainz Jr

Lots of potential in him.

9 Romain Grosjean
10 Daniel Ricciardo

The Contenders

11 Kimi Raikkonen Kimi Raikkonen Kimi-Matias Räikkönen, nicknamed "The Ice Man", is a Finnish racing driver currently driving for Ferrari in Formula One.

Why is the Iceman this low?

12 Felipe Massa Felipe Massa
13 Felipe Nasr

Give this guy an audience.

14 Nico Hulkenberg

Most underrated in F1. Great driver but always overlooked by the top teams.

15 Will Stevens
16 Daniil Kvyat
17 Pastor Maldonado
18 Jenson Button
19 Roberto Merhi
20 Marcus Ericsson
21 Alexander Rossi

Being an American, I support him.

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