Best Formula One Seasons

The Top Ten Best Formula One Seasons

1 2000 Formula One Season

Lovely sounding V10 racing cars and a very close fight for the championship between Schumacher, Hakkinen and Coulthard. Pure glory for Ferrari as they win Constructors and Drivers championship for first time in 21 years. - HistoricalGuy

2 2012 Formula One Season

Had 7 different winners for the first 7 races, up until halfway through the season it truly felt like that any driver from about five teams could win the championship. Alonso outdrove his Ferrari spectacularly throughout the entire season but ultimately failed to win the championship in an unlucky turn of events at Brazil. Unfortunately though this was when F1 began to have too much regulations and frankly too much safety and safety cars for it to have been exciting all the time. - HistoricalGuy

3 2010 Formula One Season

4 drivers could've won at the last race. Schumacher also returns this season. - HistoricalGuy

4 2006 Formula One Season

A brilliant fight for the championship between Alonso and Schumi - HistoricalGuy

5 2005 Formula One Season

The only year where cars had to drive on one set of tyre and the results were tremendous, pretty much all the cars except cars with Bridgestone tyres drove flat out 100% of the time in the races which made it more exciting, more competitive and overall just more what racing should be about and not so much about conserving tyres, cruising and preserving fuel. - HistoricalGuy

This one is the most interesting part - BorisRule

6 1976 Formula One Season
7 2007 Formula One Season
8 1998 Formula One Season
9 1991 Formula One Season
10 2008 Formula One Season
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