Best Fortnite Battle Royale Tips

The top ten tips to being good at Fornite: Battle Royale

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1 Learn to build quickly

I learned this the hard way

Tip: Buy aimbot. - B1ueNew

It important

This the most important thing in the game

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2 Crouch when shooting

Especially helpful if using a sniper

When shooting, crouching makes you a harder target and increases your accuracy. - HyperShock

3 Jump and run when running through open areas

Everyone knows this - B1ueNew

When running through an open area, you are an easy target to snipers; running and jumping will make you a harder target. - HyperShock

4 Don’t collect the loot immediately after you kill a player

If you rush in as soon as you kill a player, and start collecting their items, you are a very easy target to opponents. - HyperShock

5 Don’t jump out of the battle bus right away

This happens all the time unless Tilted Towers is on the other side of the bus path

I always jump first either to paridise,pleasant and risky

eat ass

If you are jumping out immediately for a reason it’s ok. But if you wait a little while, you’ll be able to have a higher chance of living due to the fact that there will be less people where you land. - HyperShock

6 Use a shotgun in tight buildings

Shot guns are very affective up close; this, they are helpful in tight buildings. - HyperShock

7 Don’t use shotguns or pistols for long distance shots

Common sense people

It actually tells you in the menu that Pistols, SMGs and Shotguns are best at close combat

Shot guns and pistols ARE NOT good for long distance shots. - HyperShock

8 Learn the map really well

Things about the map:
Titled will always have people unless in the storm
Other popular spots include Retail, Salty, Pleseant, Frosty, Leaky, Fatal, Paradise and Lazy
A place in the map that is the most dangerous to be at besides Tilted is the Southern Valley
Heaps more...

Knowing the map well will allow you to get places faster, find items you want, have an advantage on opponents, and more. - HyperShock

9 Hide while drinking potions

Obviously, you don’t want to be standing out in the open, ready to be shot, when you’re trying to heal or protect yourself. - HyperShock

10 Always look for higher ground

If you look for higher ground and build up a sturdy base there, you can eliminate a lot more people!

The Newcomers

? Don't dance until you win the game

This is just gonna make you an easy target. People can hear you and you'll be easier to shoot for your opponent/

Save all your dancing for when you win.

The Contenders

11 Place traps behind doors and on ceilings

These places are harder for players to avoid. - HyperShock

12 Learn bullet drop and timing for sniping
13 Build a fort in the ring when there are about 8 people left

Make sure it's 8! if there are nine you're doing it wayy to early but if there are 7 people left and you haven't then you have already lost

14 Weapon grades make almost no difference

If there are is a squad surrounding a legendary minigun and you have an epic one, don't go for the kill. They both do the same thing in the same way. One just does slightly more damage.

15 Organize your loot inventory
16 Never take your eyes off an opponent
17 Wear headphones

Headphones are really useful to have since if you hear a sound you can actually hear where it's coming from. Also make sure to turn your volume up in those headphones. - MaxPap

18 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This is a movie dumbass

It is amazing

Wrong list. - MrCoolC

19 Build tall forts when there are few people left or when play zone shrinks

Don't make them too high or else people will just shoot it down - PeeledBanana

20 Always have your volume up

You need your volume up so that you can hear gun fire around you

21 Go to tilted towers to get better

It has the most action so you will have the most experience in a gunfight.

22 When sniping, wait until the person stops moving

So your opponent doesn’t see the shot and they start building to higher ground. And so you don’t waste ammo - Paaatttriiickkksttaarrr

23 Play Playground

Great way to have fun and get better at the game. Ask one of your better friends to help you with some things you are not good at.

24 Shoot the alive opponent first instead of finishing off the knocked opponent

Nobody waits for the knocked opponents to die anymore like people are not patient. Same as jumping off the battle bus right away because I see so many people not waiting for the good locations on the other side of the battle bus pathway anymore.
Shoutout to whoever made the tip for not jumping off the battle bus instantly

25 Paths and rivers are the death sentence.

Don't go there!

26 Kill everyone else

This is how you win.

27 Never stay in the open.

There could be snipers anywhere!

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