Best Fortnite Battle Royale Tips

The top ten tips to being good at Fornite: Battle Royale

The Top Ten

1 Learn to build quickly

Building quickly will allow for you to defend yourself quickly if in need, and will help you to get places faster. - HyperShock

2 Crouch when shooting

When shooting, crouching makes you a harder target and increases your accuracy. - HyperShock

3 Jump and run when running through open areas

When running through an open area, you are an easy target to snipers; running and jumping will make you a harder target. - HyperShock

4 Don’t collect the loot immediately after you kill a player

If you rush in as soon as you kill a player, and start collecting their items, you are a very easy target to opponents. - HyperShock

5 Don’t jump out of the battle bus right away

If you are jumping out immediately for a reason it’s ok. But if you wait a little while, you’ll be able to have a higher chance of living due to the fact that there will be less people where you land. - HyperShock

6 Use a shotgun in tight buildings

Shot guns are very affective up close; this, they are helpful in tight buildings. - HyperShock

7 Don’t use shotguns or pistols for long distance shots

Shot guns and pistols ARE NOT good for long distance shots. - HyperShock

8 Learn the map really well

Knowing the map well will allow you to get places faster, find items you want, have an advantage on opponents, and more. - HyperShock

9 Hide while drinking potions

Obviously, you don’t want to be standing out in the open, ready to be shot, when you’re trying to heal or protect yourself. - HyperShock

10 Place traps behind doors and on ceilings

These places are harder for players to avoid. - HyperShock

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11 Learn Bullet Drop and Timing for Sniping
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