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1 Love Ranger Love Ranger

The wings r god tier

Where is john wick

This skin isn't best. Omega is best skin ever and this skin looks like nazi warrior or soviet warrior or Joseph stalin or Adolf hitler. This skin rip offs nazi warrior, soviet warrior, Joseph stalin and Adolf hitler

I hate that I made this list. I don't even play Fortnite anymore. - DarthPhasey

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2 Raptor Raptor

Awesome skin

Raptor is a pretty great skin! The Raptor definitely deserves the Top 3 and the 2000 V-Buck, Legendary rating. Now, this skin also comes with the Raptor Satchel back bling. This outfit deserves this spot, possibly even number 1. I don't decide, you guys do... I guess I also can vote but you know... I need everyone's help! Make Raptor overcome Love Ranger and we are so close!

Not the best but still cool

Raptor is the best when see him I pee my pants

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3 Black Knight Black Knight

I do like the raptor a lot, but the Black Knight just looks so great. I actually like this more than the red knight just due to my preference on the color, black. - friday1365

I really like this skin it a 10/10 skin feel bad for people who did not play back when out

The Black Knight is the so-called "scourge of Wailing Woods," and a scourge is someone who causes suffering, so anyone who makes the worst drop spot suffer deserves top 5. Top 3... No. I'd say Black Knight has 4 at tops. Also it'll never be back so... Top 4! - KingColeB


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4 Crackshot Crackshot

The best skin in the game, considering that at the same time its one of if NOT the most rare skins in this game because of it coming out on the shop once. I'm fortunate to have it, and trust me, I'm hella glad I bought it!

This should be 2nd

His face resembles the people who made the game.

It's so cool

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5 Wukong Wukong

Best skin should of been tier 100 season 3

Super cool Skin, amazing back bling and comes in a sick set that is the lunar new year set

Wukong is 100% the best

The king of em all

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6 Dark Voyager

The Dark Voyager is a pretty good skin, but the thing that's bad about it is it literally has LED lights strapped to it. You can be seen from a mile away!

This is so bomb

Just plain boss


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7 Cuddle Team Leader Cuddle Team Leader

Is a good meme

One of the best skins ever glad I bought it

This is the best skin ever

I love it!

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8 Raven Raven

When I saw this in the store, I knew I had to buy it. It looks amazing and stands out from all of the other skins

AbsolUte best because he actually looks cool and like a raven. Why would love ranger be at one? People only like the wings

I don't play Fortnite, but I wish Fortnite skins were in Minecraft pe. I thought this was a teen titan because I'm a noob


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9 The Reaper The Reaper

All above except for dark voyager suck, especially Cuddle Team Leader

No one calls it "The Reaper", and the John Wick is the most amazing skin in FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE. - holdentiem

Its John wick this is the best skin!

I love the reaper

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10 Skull Trooper Skull Trooper

This should be 1st

It's amazing and it's ultra rare. So if you see someone with this skin there's only one thing to do... RUN

Best skin for sure - that's cause I have it

Should be 1st :D

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11 Rex

This skin is just sick

The back bling though

Your mum gay lol

The best scin

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12 Red Knight

This should be top 3.

Very good skin intimidates your opponents

Very good skin intimidates your opponents


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13 Leviathan

Its really retro-futuristic design is made really well! Well done Epic Games!

Leviathan is an amazing skin and deserves to be in top 5

It stands of the crowd the best and looks awesome

Best skin in the game better than tri era ops

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14 Omega

Max Omega just looks so cool with its colors. Definitely the best in the game.

New tier 100 skin season 4

Can't get a better skin than this.

Def best.

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15 Brite Bomber

Looks better in game compared to when in the item shop. A 'must have' skin.

This skins is the best

Best skin ever all try hard use this skin

must have

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16 Default Skin

I think that these types of skins are cool for two reasons:

1. They don't cost a dime, showing that you can have fun in this game without spending money.

2. People underestimate them. If you are a good player and you are using the default skin, there will at least be one person who will think you are inexperienced. They would be in for a surprise.

Best skin ever, way better than the John Wick skin

Better than any skin out there. Without it, what is Fortnite? - WorldPuncher47592834


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17 Tomatohead

Come on guys it's a tomato with a mustache!

Better be No. 1 in a week

No skin even comes close to my boy tomato

I can't wait till it comes back in store, I want it looks dope
it's a tomato with a mustache, it stands out

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18 Battled Hound

So rare I use it almost every game and I never see anyone else using it

This should be ahead

Bruh so majestic, better than 90% of skins

Very rare

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19 Omega Max Armour

Best skin ever and great idea with the armor. The mask is just god

Omega Max Armour looks sick

I have it and it is awesome

It's OP and it's cool

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20 Funk Ops

Seriously, funk ops is under the BASIC skin

It simply the best

Best skin ever


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21 Ghoul Trooper

Looks way better than the skull trooper, and you see it much less in game. I wish I had this skin

Best skin ever in the game so rare

One of the rarest skins

Its an og skin and is way better than the Skull Trouper in my opinion

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22 Burnout

I have this skin it always makes you locked in and ready to play and it looks totally cool.

I mean yeah man really cool

Bit of a God

so cool

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23 Rabbit Raider

Pretty godly if u ask a god like me

This guy is a like a scary troller

Best skin pretty scary

Honestly should be #1

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24 Dark Vanguard

Awesome skin

It is god like

It's the best so legendery love it


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25 Tricera Ops

Your mom gay lol

Best Back Bling, best skin & best Fortnite set in my opinion.

Great colors with sick back bling

Your mom gayer

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26 Rogue Agent

Really cool skin you look like a spy

It’s my favorite skin if you look at it and give it a chance you will like it

Its ok I guess its an awesome skin but not the best skin
is the best spy outfit that's for sure

27 Havoc

For a free skin it's dope

So beast.

He is Just sick he blends I. With mostly everything so opponents can’t realky see u from that far and he has a sick back being with that red backpack

28 Ginger Gunner

So rare I have skull trooper and ginger gunner but It is way worse then the merry murder 34 best skin

29 Brite Gunner

Backpack is sick

30 Merry Marauder

This is a remake of the skull trooper and its clean should be way higher

Best skin fortnite ever

Should be top ten


31 Power Chord

Great skin, back bling is awesome

I love her so much god skin 10/10

Backbling is flames

Looks dope

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32 Bunny Brawler

The best skin in the entire history of video game skins - SnuckleBerg

Your mum's ugly

so thicc

33 Abstract

Generally a badass

Love that skin


34 Sparkle Specialist

Sexy skin and is such a clean skin and is one of my favourite skins

Amazing skin and nearly good as black night


35 Valor


so good m8

36 Rust Lord

Like I mean his like the best skin he is pretty much the king of junk junction it should be 2nd

Better than rogue agent... how is that 25

37 Squad Leader

Military and badass looking, he'a perfect for battle royale

Too plain.

This skin is LIT out in TILTED TOWERS who agrees? he's my favorite all time Squad leader and the LeBron James ( Jumpshot ) skin are the G.O.A.T

38 Shadow Ops

Overall a dope looking skin

It's pretty good

39 Circuit Breaker

This skin can almost fit with anything

My personal favorite

40 Carbide

Carbide is omega just blue come on


41 Gimp



Best skin on the game I own it in stw would love to see it in the iten shop

42 Elite Agent

It's a agent

43 Special Forces

the best

44 Desperado
45 Assault Trooper


46 Basic Skin
47 Technique


When she is coming after me in game I straight up crap my pants💩

48 Scarlet Defender
49 Blue Team Leader
50 Battlehawk

He looks rugged I like hin

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