Top Ten Best Fortnite YouTubers


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1 Lazarbeam

He is a god and his videos make me laugh and a BLOODY LEGEND and I'm your mate I love you and I want to play minecraft with you.

Great videos

He makes me laugh with all his videos and does the best challenges.

There goes my idea - Gtastic05

2 Ceeday

Ceeday should be #1

Funniest fortnite youtuber with gifs in the videos too which makes it even more funnier

Best combat pro player

100% funniest fortnite YouTuber

3 NoahsNoah

Has the best builds

He is great overall

Good memes - PeeledBanana

This YouTuber sucks - iliekpiez

4 Daequan Loco

Give me them toes!

SO funny he always make me day

Say give me them toez

Hilarious and a legend and would love to meet him

5 FaZe Tfue

He is a god and better than ninja cause ninja is a hacker

The best


Bugha is better than him.he killed him pickakes

6 Muselk Muselk

So good at any games

I love Muselk but he needs to start making a couple of non explicit videos


Muselk #1

7 Maximilianmus


8 KingRichard

What about his delivery guy king Richards loot - B1ueNew

9 Cleggy

He deserves 10m subscribers - B1ueNew

10 Joshy

Great gamer

Him and memeulous are awesome - B1ueNew

The Newcomers

? Praxze

Super sweaty

The Contenders

11 Fe4RLess

Good funny content

Funniest YouTuber. Upload more please!

What why isn't he 1

Funny youtuber way better than all the you tubers you listed here

12 King Richard's Loot
13 JackSepticeye JackSepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.

Weird in a good way

Overrated - iliekpiez

14 Hamlinz
15 Lachlan

Favorite you tuber. He needs to upload more though

The best Fortnite player funny and entertaining

Such a good youtuber (my favorite! ) and he hangs out with other youtubers I like. Also a nice guy.

He is cute and funny

He's good at gaming and anything

He is my favourite Youtuber on earth

16 Nick Eh 30

Nicest guy in the world

17 Memeulous

What a lad he is

Wagwan piffting can I have your BBM ting innit fan ya get meh fam

18 Ninja

He is a literal GOD at fortnite

One of the best FORTNITE players of all time

LOVE ninja great fort nite player!

Come on ninja

19 Mr Fresh Asian

One of the best

I'm in a clan named MiNi and I'm MiNi mrfreshasian


He is a god

20 Ssundee

A funny guy in general

SSundee dab lit foot mommy

Foot dab lit mommy mom

Dab lit foottest lit dab foot dab lit

21 FaZe cLoak
22 Ali-A Ali-A Alastair Aiken, better known by his online alias Ali-A, is a British YouTuber known for Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries and vlogs.

He help me get good at fortnite he real good at the game he tell me that I'm he special friend and my mummy should not no bout us

Troll item 2 - B1ueNew

AliA is da best. can't believe he is 18. should be 1st! I am a humongous fan. He is, like, the only fortnite youtuber who does not swear. He deserves to be #1. He is also amazing at the game. He is epic ate call of duty, too. I even have an AliA scuf gaming controller, with the same pc he has!

You're kidding me - B1ueNew

23 Jelly Jelly

A nice guy but also good at gaming

Jelly is a really cool guy and is good at Fortnite and Minecraft

24 Tbnrfrags

He is great at fortnite
he also has great content and kid-friendly


He is SO! funny

25 McCreamy

His content is nice

Mccreamy is ass

26 Joogie

For the boys

€�Get Joogie with it”

27 DrLupo
28 Little Lizard

Troll item 3 - B1ueNew

They don't play the game, they make weird films about fortnite skins dating - B1ueNew

Than what else do they do? , they made a film about the panda teddy bear wanting to become lesbian with the cuddle teddy bear - B1ueNew

Cringe thumbnails - MrCoolC

29 TSM Myth

he is good

30 akaformula
31 Vikkstar123

Underrated talented player. Awesome at sniping and shotgun plays!

32 RiceGum RiceGum

He should be last

Troll item number 5. - B1ueNew

He is just so funny! He is only Fortnite Youtuber who is actually funny

33 Whos Chaos

His content is amazing!

This guy is so hilarious. I'd recommend to check him out if you haven't. He's pretty entertaining. - B1ueNew

34 JaKesh creed

My favourite of all time. Ninja? Never heard of her

35 Crainer
36 Loserfruit
37 SSSniperwolf SSSniperwolf

20 cc thick - Yee3eeet

38 MrTop5 MrTop5

He is like the worst yt I ever seen.For example, he said there will be s face reveal, but it's a scam, I like him at the same time.And also doing bad things on his friends like calling cops, embarrassing moments.People are aftering him because he do bad things.

39 Bifflewiffle


40 JeromeASF
41 CDNThe3rd
42 Sgreene

He has the best stats

43 Rageelixr Rageelixr

He is a click-baiter! He is da worst. No one even knows him. ALiA is infinite times better than him. He sucks.

44 Samuel78

The beast

45 Jake Paul Jake Paul Jake Joseph Paul is an American actor and YouTube personality who rose to internet fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. Paul is known for playing the role of Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.

Jake is the best but Logan is uh okay

46 Slogoman

Epic creative videos

47 AlexACE AlexACE
48 Nicovald

Sweaty cheese curd

49 Newscapepro
50 Geerzy
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