Top Ten Best Fortnite YouTubers

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1 Lazarbeam

I mean who doesn't love a good old Lazarbeam video. We get to watch gingy rek kids. Use code Lazar. Watch all the memes that he does with Mr Fresh. And of course YEET! But the only downside about Lazarbeam is that he barley had any non explicit videos. But still Lazar does many things that you can imagine and still is a hilarious guy.

YEET Lazarbeam keep up the work your an awesome gamer and a even better memer I look up to you and I want you to know your an awesome person keep up the vids bro YEET YEET

YEET THE COMPETITION! He's by far the funniest YouTuber possible, his mood is perfect for his content and he doesn't allow his ego to blind him in games!

He is da best I've watched lannon for as long as he has been doing fortnite. I can watch his videos over and over again it is my dream just to hear him say the name "andrew".

2 NoahsNoah

Disappears very often but still amazing

He is great overall

Has the best builds

He is super funny.

3 Ceeday

Yes! He is just the funniest and I always laugh watching his videos!

Funniest fortnite youtuber with gifs in the videos too which makes it even more funnier

Best combat pro player

Him and noah are the best but where my boy cleggy and maximilianmus at?

4 FaZe Tfue

He is a god and better than ninja cause ninja is a hacker

He is a no skin but that dose not mean he's awesome

He's a sweat as is ninja bot

The best

5 Muselk

I love Muselk but he needs to start making a couple of non explicit videos

Definitely the best youtuber for me. He is so funny and mega hilarious!

Funny nice really good at the game

So good at any games

6 Daequan Loco

Hilarious and a legend and would love to meet him

SO funny he always make me day

Really funny streamer

Give me them toes!

7 Maximilianmus
8 KingRichard

What about his delivery guy king Richards loot

9 Cleggy

He deserves 10m subscribers

10 JackSepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, born February 7, 1990, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs. His most popular series include Happy Wheels, Five Nights at Freddy''s and Fortnite.

Just because he’s actually himself and the other YTbers seem like a fake version of themselves, Sean is also much more entertaining because he pays more attention to his audience rather than the game

Jacksepticeye is dah best yutuber in dah world top of the morning to you ladies

JackSepticeye is the best fortnite youtuber

Way too Funny top of the mournings laddies

The Contenders
11 Joshy

Him and memeulous are awesome

12 Lachlan

Because Lachlan has been my favorite youtuber for years, yet I have never actually been able to get a Microsoft account and sub to him.

Such a good youtuber (my favorite! ) and he hangs out with other youtubers I like. Also a nice guy.

He is cute and funny

He's good at gaming and anything

He is my favourite Youtuber on earth

Lachlan is the best fortnite gamer and he is rely funny and cool and he is better than ninja and can we be friends on fortnite
am rilly good and my name is voicingprince19

13 King Richard's Loot
14 Fe4RLess

Funny youtuber way better than all the you tubers you listed here

Fearless is amazing and I love his videos

Funny content and best fortnite player

Best big year old ever with best content

15 Mr Fresh Asian

Mr. Fresh Asian is my fortnite idol.I stated watching his videos since season one and let's just say he is the second funny youtube I know.

I'm in a clan named MiNi and I'm MiNi mrfreshasian

Oceania sweatiest fortnite player

Mr fresh is the best player in the world for his trickshots

16 Hamlinz
17 Ninja

Ninja decent player cool streamer but dude go practice with fresh sometimes tbh

Ninja is good
He is one of the most best Fortnite player

I love to watch him play with sypherpk and he is the best in general

The best fortnite player is Ninja

18 Nick Eh 30

Nick your awesome keep up the work

Nicest guy in the world

Really chill dude

great person and great at the game

19 Memeulous

What a lad he is

20 Ssundee

My favourite Youtuber and the best overall
Foot Dab lit mommy foot cheese curds

He's the best ever mommy foot

SSundee dab lit foot mommy

A funny guy in general

21 Ali-A Alastair Aiken, better known by his online alias Ali-A, is a British YouTuber known for Call of Duty and Fortnite commentaries and vlogs.

AliA is da best. can't believe he is 18. should be 1st! I am a humongous fan. He is, like, the only fortnite youtuber who does not swear. He deserves to be #1. He is also amazing at the game. He is epic ate call of duty, too. I even have an AliA scuf gaming controller, with the same pc he has!

Loved the battle between you and lannan keep up the work


ali a please friend me I'm your biggest fan and I've killed you once

22 FaZe cLoak

Not in FaZe anymore but Dennis is so nice

23 Jelly

Jelly is a really cool guy and is good at Fortnite and Minecraft

A nice guy but also good at gaming

He has a great adatude and is supa funny

24 McCreamy

Really good content

His content is nice

super coll also tres funny

25 Joogie

Good at the game


thx for spending half of your life on 10 hours lazar challenges

Na na na na na getting joogie with it
(repeat last sentence)

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