Top Ten Forza Horizon 3 Flaws

I know I missed a lot of other things wrong with the game, please put them on the list :)

The Top Ten Forza Horizon 3 Flaws

1 Broken A.I.

"Oh, so you passed me in turn X? No problem, I'll get the speed and acceleration of a Top Fuel dragster and pass you on a straight or take the next corner with the grip and speed of a Formula 1 car." - Every Driveretard.

"Oh, so you're gonna race me with an X class car? No problem, I'm going to upgrade my RX-7 FD to that class which is only possible because I'm a cheap A.I." - Every Driveretard. - CorvetteroZR1

2 Not being able to choose your session

Back in Horizon 1 you were able to choose the lobby you wanted to join, you could find sessions to cruise, drag race, drift, race or organizing a car meet. Now in Horizon 3 it's very difficult to find people that like to cruise or racing (not drag racing). - CorvetteroZR1

3 Predictable drag racing

Horizon 3's drag racing can be described with five words: V12 TT AWD swap everything. I mean, I can stand AWD in a 1/4 mile when it comes to V8's 'cause RWD cars rear wheels spin a lot and the fact that there's not a proper launch control in the game makes you swap to AWD. - CorvetteroZR1

4 Legendary painters and tuners

Not all legendary painters and tuners only want to sell cars for absurd prices like the Mazda RX7. Some do it because they're passionate about it, though I want to get legendary painter but I also want my liveries to be professional-looking. But some just exploit this status for their own benefit. In addition, you can just easily make profit off Horizon Edition cars in the auction house, if you know how to use the system right. - Kwaysar

This should be #1.

5 Broken duel drag racing

Just like the point above, but with an exception: low class cars get a headstart... so you can already imagine a ruined C class V12 (I don't know if TT) AWD Mercury Coupe winning every single time. - CorvetteroZR1

6 Broken auction house

Where are reclaim/relist all? Where's the gift option? - CorvetteroZR1

7 Most modifications don't have a visual effect

For example, if you 'strip' the interior of your car nothing happens, it still the same. - CorvetteroZR1

8 Not being able to paint brake calipers

Why Turn 10? Why? - CorvetteroZR1

9 Not being able to paint your rims as you want

You always have to use glitches to do that, but guess what? The Silvia S15 HE comes with that glitch and yet Turn 10 patches rims paint glitches... - CorvetteroZR1

10 Recycled exhaust sounds

I don't think an M4 sounds like a Skyline or a Supra. - CorvetteroZR1

The Contenders

11 Anna

Anna: *auto-directs me to the nearest Drift zone* you'll earn fans from completing PR stunts. I've sent you a route to the nearest-

(also, no option to mute her, even for just a few minutes. If I could choose between listening to a song that motivates me to go do awesome stuff, and hearing Anna basically voice-over it...I can't do so, because that last thing is always the case...) - Livirus

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