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1 Bloo Bloo Bloo is one of many lovable and eccentric characters in Cartoon Networks "Fosters home for Imaginary Friends".

Bloo is awesome he is so funny I do a good impression of him he's a jerk sometimes but he suffers a lot when he suffers it makes me wanna kill the person who tortures him bloo is an innocent guy he's awesome!

The Definition Of A Very Lovable Jerk
He's My Favorite Character

Nah,too mean spirited and self obsessed. - DapperPickle

He can even...MOONWALK!

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2 Cheese

He Doesn't Make Sense That's Probably What's Making Him So Darn Funny, Plus He's More Funnier Than Coco And She Doesn't Make Sense Either.

Awesome, but you spelled cheese wrong

It's fixed now, though I'm pretty sure I made this comment before I made my account. - RalphBob

he's hilarious and doesn't make sense at all at the same time


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3 Mac

Who Wouldn't Wanna Give Him A Hug? There Really Isn't Anything Wrong With Him, Other Than The Fact That He's Allergic To Sugar, And Speaking Of Which I Kinda Wanna Give Him A Hug Too, Or Even Hold Him Like I'm Doing To A Teddy Bear.

Personally my favorite character I don't like bloo he's annoying

He's really cool and nice.

he's raw like Michael Jackson

4 Wilt

Awesome character from appearance to personality

Wilt should be higher than idiotic overrated Cheese, I hate Cheese!

*movie trailer voice* The Baller...

Should be first

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5 Frankie

I love it when she yells.

Thank you!


6 Eduardo Eduardo

*movie trailer voice* The Rich Brawn...

He reminds me of ord from dragon tales

7 Coco

*movie trailer voice* The One Who Always Has Everything When She Needs It (in a positive way)

I would kill to have a palm tree-headed friend.

8 Madame Foster

*movie trailer voice* the crazy and timid granny



I can’t fathom how this lady is not number 1. She has the rebellion of Bloo (Ex: Blowing a raspberry at Mr. Herriman in Busted), the energy of Mac (Throwing off her clothes in World Wide Wabbit without even needing sugar), is warm and welcoming to everyone without it coming across as fake like Frankie, and brings out humility in the stuffy, pompous Mr. Herriman. My goal in life is to be like this lady when I am her age.

9 Mr. Herriman Mr. Herriman

You Know Maybe If He Had A More Positive And Perhaps A Better And Less Bossy Attitude He Wouldn't Have To Be In Last Place, Frankie Is Better Than Him Even Though She May Be A Little Bossy Herself Sometimes.

*movie trailer voice* the boss who won't be quiet for 5 seconds

While I pour acid into my eyes and ears so I could NEVER see this again.

10 Berry

Nuh-uh! Berry does NOT belong on this list!

She's A Psycho

*movie trailer voice* the creep...

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11 Goo

*movie trailer voice* the optimistic and imaginative one

12 Jackie Khones

*movie trailer voice* the pretty chill guy

13 Terrence

Funny ass character

14 Bendy Bendy

*movie trailer voice* The snitch the majority of the fan base hates

Ok, why the Bend is Bendy here? I wish like other Bendy yes the Ink Demon and also Bender from Futurama along with Bloo decide to murder him at night and he be gone forever he is such a jerk!

The guy whom is hated by most of the fanbase

I oughta bend him alright, then blood shoots out everywhere.
Bloo be like: YESSS! That snitch is gone forever!

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15 Uncle Pockets
16 Dylan
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