Best Fox Kids Shows

Here are the shows from Fox Kids that we all loved and grew up with.

The Top Ten

1 Batman: The Animated Series Batman: The Animated Series is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics superhero Batman.

Why is Oggy and the Cockroaches number 1? That show sucks - 445956

This should be number 1.

2 Animaniacs Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs is an American animated comedy television series produced by Amblin Television label in collaboration with Warner Bros.

This show doesn't come on Fox Kids anymore. It later moved to Kids' WB!

Nowdays, cartoons are stupid so this cartoon is 10 times better!


3 The Tick The Tick: The Animated Series is an American animated television series adaptation of the New England Comics satirical superhero The Tick.

The Tick was a really great show, but I can't stand the episode "Armless, but not Harmless".

4 X-Men


5 Oggy and the Cockroaches Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated comedy series produced by Xilam and Gaumont Film Company.

This show was very funny and reminded me of Tom and Jerry.

I love Oggy and the Cockroaches so much! Oggy is such a cute little kitty cat. I want reruns of it on T.V. NOW!

It's Back On Nickelodeon(Unfortunately And Hell No! ) And Now It Sucks!
But When It Was On Fox It Was Amazing!

6 Taz-Mania Taz-Mania is an American cartoon sitcom produced by Warner Bros. Animation from 1991 to 1995, broadcast in the United States on Fox.
7 Space Goofs Space Goofs is a French animated series produced by Gaumont Multimedia, and Xilam for France 3 that first aired in 1997. It also debuted at the same year in Germany on ProSieben.

I want more Space Goofs!

This Show Is So Boring!

I absolutely love Space Goofs. I want to see more of it. In fact, yes. I may want Jetix back, but I also want Fox Kids back. I admit. Space Goofs and Oggy and the Cockroaches are a lot better than the Wacky World of Tex Avery.

8 Dog City
9 Goosebumps Goosebumps is a Canadian-American horror anthology television series based on R. L. Stine's best-selling Goosebumps book series.

I am a fan of dark humor, and this show is awesome.

I wish this show was on Fox Kids again.

10 Los Luchadores

This show, I actually liked this one. It was really good.

This show was way better than mucha lucha.

The Contenders

11 Tiny Toon Adventures Tiny Toon Adventures is an American animated comedy television series that was broadcast from September 14, 1990 through May 28, 1995 as the first collaborative effort of Warner Bros.
12 Toonsylvania

Nice Job, DreamWorks. Thanks.

13 Power Rangers

I love Power Rangers. They later sucked, when airing on Nickelodeon.

The nick shows suck

14 Eek! The Cat
15 Spider-Man

Spiderman was one of my favorite heroes.

16 Ned's Newt

I do like this show. It was kind of decent

17 Digimon “Digimon” is a term commonly used to describe a variety of Japanese anime series based on the Bandai virtual pet brand “Digimon” (Dejimon). As of 2017, there are 7 series: “Digimon Adventure” (1999), “Digimon 02” (a.k.a. “Digimon Adventure 02”) (2000), “Digimon Tamers” (2001), more.

I liked this show more when it was on Fox Kids.

I think it's a good show, but I will say, I guess it is kind of a rip-off of Pokemon.

This should be Top 3.

18 Angela Anaconda Angela Anaconda is a Canadian–American children's television series created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose, the latter of whom who also voices the title character.

My Son Darius At Age 6 he almost died watching this but my wife did CPR On him. He Said 2 years later to me Dad I Hate Angela Anaconda. And I Said I Know you do son it sucks doesn't it.

I love this show, and still do. This show was funny, and yes, it's a Canadian cutout animated show from Teletoon.

GOD loook at this show! It is weird I mean who likes this show?! This is the worst fix kids show EVER! 😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬

19 Pokemon Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.

That's not from Fox Kids

"Probobly the most addictive show at the time"

My favorite 90s show.

20 Alvin and the Chipmunks Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated television series featuring The Chipmunks, produced by Bagdasarian Productions in association with Ruby-Spears Enterprises from 1983 to 1987, Murakami-Wolf-Swenson in 1988 and DIC Entertainment from 1988 to 1990.It aired from 1983 to 1990 on NBC and is more.

I love Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

The chipettes are adorable!

21 Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong Country is a Canadian/French computer-animated television series. It is based on the Nintendo franchise Donkey Kong as portrayed in the Donkey Kong Country video game series by Nintendo and Rare.

This show is so AWESOME!

22 Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry is an American animated series of comedy short films created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Best known for its 161 theatrical short films by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the series centers on a rivalry between the title characters Tom, a cat, and Jerry, a mouse. Many shorts also more.
23 The Ripping Friends The Ripping Friends: The World's Most Manly Men! is a Canadian animated television series, created by John Kricfalusi, who was well known for creating The Ren & Stimpy Show on Nickelodeon.

This show was actually pretty funny. Uh... Thanks, Spümcø.

24 The Magician

I wish to see this on Fox Kids again.

25 Stickin' Around

GOD! I love this show. I miss Stickin' Around.

26 Medabots

Another great show from Nelvana. It was the best!

27 Power Rangers Turbo
28 Bobby’s World
29 Ozzy & Drix


30 The Spectacular Spider-Man The Spectacular Spider-Man is an American animated television series based on the superhero character published by Marvel Comics and developed for television by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook.

Best Show Ever

31 Sonic X Sonic X is a Japanese anime television series created by TMS Entertainment and based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega.
32 Looney Tunes Looney Tunes is an American animated series of comedy short films produced by Warner Bros. from 1930 to 1969 during the golden age of American animation, alongside its sister series Merrie Melodies.
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