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1 White Coats

Suspenseful, thrilling, and classical... The perfect type of song!

2 Youth

This is my favorite song since it came out... One of the best!

3 Echo
4 Clarity

This is the best song I've ever heard.

I don't know foxes before I hear this song - ComelCumil

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5 Count the Saints

The perfect touch of rhythmic variance in a song or better yet... This the PERFECT song!

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6 Let Go for Tonight
7 Body Talk

This is the song that got me interested in Foxes' music. It is such a perfect song, I can't even describe it using words because not a single word can describe how amazing this song actually is. It is an immense pity that it went to sadly underperform. I was in fact surprised that it did not manage to catch the public's attention. It just loudly screams...big hit. I guess it's another hidden treasure in this big musical industry full of commercial and shallow songs. But that's just the world's big loss.

Anyway, I strongly believe that this is probably the best song Foxes has released so far. I was shocked when I first listened to it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know Foxes' debut album is pretty amazing too but I did not expect this kind of sound. It is different from her previous stuff -this is an excellent thing- and it is also different from bascially everything you hear on radio nowadays...or most of it, in any case. - DissolvedGirl

8 Glorious
9 Warrior
10 Home

Cute, sweet song mixed with a little pain and beats.

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11 Cruel
12 In Her Arms
13 Just One Yesterday

Love her voice on this FOB track

14 Beauty Queen
15 Holding Onto Heaven
16 Don't Stop Me Now
17 Feet Don't Fail Me Now
18 Scar
19 Wicked Love
20 Talking to Ghosts
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