Best Francine Smith Quotes

The Top Ten
1 You've been getting that Frannie fanny for almost 20 years

I think that's Stan's quote.

It’s Francine’s line just watched it last night

2 If your gonna masturbate do it where everyone else does it.

"In Steve's room." You forgot the funny part. - RalphBob

3 Shoot her! Shoot her in the face!
4 I said two fingers!
5 Klaus, you know I don't like that language Now put a quarter in the penis jar

She's a hypocrite.

6 I will never forgive you for this!
7 I said two fingers b*tch!
8 You b**tard!

That's Bonnie's quote

9 I may be blonde and have great cans, but I can be pretty smart after I have my eight hours
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