Best Frankie Valli Songs

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1 Can't Take My Eyes Off You

It's certainly been a while since a list like this was created. Definitely my favourite song of his. You did so well crowning this as your #1
Super list, what! - Britgirl

Broke a lot of hearts

2 Sherry

Hi, anonymous creator of this list, it's great to see someone else is into Frankie Valli and '60s music. I have added Walk Like a Man. - PetSounds

Sherry baby

Hi PetSounds. You did so well and you added that! Yes, '50s had indeed such a pure and heartfelt sound. Britgirl, I'm pleased that you got some satisfaction out of this list, and Animerockstar, the soundtrack makes the movie unforgettable, really. I was glad to find out that you also commented on my Terry Reid list, you must really love rock, Terry Reid is relatively unknown to the new generation, but you know him! That's awesome!

3 December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night!)

Rather amusing that my favourite song by the band isn't even sung by Frankie Valli (for the most part). - PetSounds

4 Walk Like a Man

I love this song and it's the first four seasons song I knew. - Beatlesboy9

The Broadway Version is even better - MusicalPony

5 Big Girls Don't Cry
6 Rag Doll
7 Raven
8 Let's Hang On
9 Beggin'
10 Grease

I love grease it the best love movie ever created I thank you the creator of this movie - Animerockstar

Grease is the word, its got groove its got meaning.

The Contenders

11 My Eyes Adored You

Best song ever!
17 yrs old when it came out, but a fan all my life.

12 Candy Girl
13 Stay
14 Dawn
15 Working My Way Back to You

The verses are amazing. - markleo

16 Who Loves You
17 Tell It to the Rain
18 Comin' Up In the World
19 I've Got You Under My Skin

My favorite version of this song

20 Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)
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1. December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night!)
2. Can't Take My Eyes Off You
3. Let's Hang On
1. Sherry
2. Big Girls Don't Cry
3. Rag Doll


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