Best Fred Astaire Songs

Dear Fred Astaire was so much more than a dancer. He had one of the friendliest singing voices I've ever heard. Whenever I play his songs, I always imagine a beautiful smile on his face.

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1 Cheek to Cheek

Yes, Britgirl, indeed, this song is very very sweet. It's awesome that you made this list. I love both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. I liked a lot both of your lists. Bravo girl!

This is such a sweet song; innocent, warm and pure. A beautiful song to dance the American Smooth to while in the arms of someone gentle and kind. - Britgirl

You are so sweet, anonymous. I find your enthusiasm over my lists simply adorable!
I just love the golden age of Hollywood; the music, films. The romance of it...everything! It sweeps me away to an era I feel I belong... - Britgirl

2 I'd Rather Charleston

Absolutely love the Charleston! - Britgirl

3 My Eyes Adored You
4 Isn't This a Lovely Day
5 Life Is Beautiful
6 Shall We Dance
7 Let's Face the Music and Dance
8 Night and Day
9 Steppin' Out With My Baby
10 Top Hat, White Tie and Tails

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11 The Way You Look Tonight

Greatest love song ever.

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